Winter storage solutions for a furnished apartment

Looking for easy storage solutions that don’t take up a lot of space in your furnished apartment? Give our top storage ideas and recommendations a try. Greenrock’s 166 Eastbourne Avenue Community offers a variety of furnished and unfurnished suites in the bustling Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto.


Folding Ottoman


For a storage solution that also acts as a quick bed for last minute guests, a folding ottoman is the perfect space saving solution. It’s minimalistic, quick, comfy and enhances your décor. By day the ottoman functions as a footrest, extra seating or a little bit of storage and by night it becomes an instant bed. Three thick foam cushions provide comfortable sleep support, with most folding ottomans are capable of holding up to 250 pounds. Folding ottomans are available at a number of furniture and department stores, including Walmart, which is a 35-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s 166 Eastbourne Avenue Community.


Vinyl Shoe Organizer


A vinyl shoe organizer is an incredibly inexpensive and practical storage solution that everyone should have. Not only does this collapsible and space-saving item store shoes, it’s also fantastic for jewellery, makeup and other small knick-knacks. Hang one on the back of a closet, bedroom or bathroom door and use it to stash an endless assortment of goods. You can pick up your vinyl shoe organizer at Homesense, located less than a 15-minute transit ride from 166 Eastbourne Avenue.




Rustic baskets in a variety of different sizes, materials and shapes make both lovely display pieces and handy storage solutions. They look great on top of dressers and in bookshelves and can hold everything from towels to clothing items. Luckily you can find baskets in a number of different sizes that can slide perfectly onto bookcases, kitchen cabinets and armoires to tuck your goods out of sight in a stylish way.


Storage Bins


Clear plastic storage bins are fantastic for cutting clutter, especially when they can be rolled underneath a bed or couch out of sight. They are durable, inexpensive and guarantee maximum space conservation. They are also incredibly handy when moving as they offer closed storage space that can be taken anywhere. Under-the-bed storage bins are especially handy for things like seasonal items, extra bedding, gift-wrapping supplies and other items that you only use occasionally. Canadian Tire is a 15-minute transit ride from 166 Eastbourne Avenue and is a great place to pick up storage bins for your apartment.


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