Toolbox Basics for your Davisville Apartment

Transforming an apartment space into your own takes time. Whether you’re putting up pictures or assembling furniture, it’s important to have all the right tools to help it all come together. Tools are a relatively cheap investment that will pay off for years to come. Greenrock Property Management has pulled together a list of all the handy items you’ll need to assemble a basic tool kit for the small projects around your Davisville Apartment.


Measuring Tape


A measuring tape is one of those things that you think you’ll never need, but once you have one around you’ll be surprised by how often you pull it out. A 25-ft tape will work for most small jobs around your apartment. This is an especially essential tool if you’re considering redecorating or relocating.




Resist the temptation to get a huge set. For most of your at-home needs, two basic screwdrivers will work. Purchase a flat head screwdriver and keep a Phillips head handy and you’ll be all set.




Hanging up pictures or setting up a new purchase from Canadian Tire? I bet you wish you had a hammer! This is one tool that will come in handy for almost any unexpected job around the apartment.


What do you need with a hammer and screw driver? A prepackaged set of nails and screws is a practical option to have around the home and will only set you back about five dollars.




You can skip out on purchasing a level and download an app instead, but we think the real thing is the better option.


Duct Tape


Stereotypes have to come from somewhere, and duct tape really can be a fail-proof easy repair solution. Keep a few rolls handy in case there comes a time when you need to channel your inner ‘Red Green’.


Extra Ikea Pieces


Flat pack furniture from Ikea is a trendy and inexpensive option to furnish your apartment. However, they can be a pain to put together since there are lots of small parts and keys necessary for proper assembly. Next time you’re at, Ikea stop by the customer service desk and pick up a few extra assembly keys and pieces.  Ikea also has a 17-piece tool kit, Fixa which is a great deal at $8.99 and contains a hammer, adjustable wrench, and combination pliers




While it’s important to have the basics tools, it’s also key to have somewhere to put it all. The tool kit is supposed to be handy around the home, not added clutter that creates a mess in your drawer. Keep your essentials together with a small tool box; we’re partial to the classic red metal model or a simple tool bag.


What are the essential tools you keep around your apartment? We’d love to hear your suggestions on any key pieces we’ve missed.


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