A week in the life near Church and Wellesley


There is no place quite like Church and Wellesley Village. Home to the hip, the happening and the “what the heck?!”. From great food and bars, to world class theatre, games rooms and much more. You could say there is an almost overwhelming list of options for a night or day out in the neighbourhood. To help you make the most of your good times in the village, we have some fun ideas for a week in the life near Church and Wellesley. Enjoy!


Mondays can be a little dreary. When you need a beginning of the week escape plan, head to Riddle Room (579 Yonge Street). Riddle Room is a live escape room and board games cafe, all in one. An escape room is a live action game you play with your friends. Participants are ‘locked’ in a room and must solve puzzles, find clues and use their wits to escape before the clock runs out!

Riddle Room is also a no-cover board games cafe. They only ask that you buy a drink, then you can hang out and play a selection of over 200 board games and video games with your friends for as long as you like. They’re open daily from 2pm until midnight (10pm on Sundays). Find out more about Riddle Room in our feature article and interview.


Credit: @BuddiesTO


Let the good times roll at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street). This black box theatre is a great choice thanks to its ever-changing program of experimental and envelope-pushing theatre in the heart of the Village. Buddies believes that “theatre plays a vital role in the educational, social, and economic health of a community.” It’s hard to disagree with that! Rush tickets are available during the week, as well as Pay-What-You-Can shows every Sunday.



Credit: elmspa


Even with all the fun you’re having this week, it’s possible that by Wednesday, you’ve got some stress knots to work out. Ease the tension with a midweek trip to Elmspa (557 Church Street). Treat yourself to a selection of massages including Bamboo, Deep Tissue and Siam Herbal Massage. They also offer a variety of facials, as well as manly mani and pedi options in a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Learn more about Elmspa in our feature article.



Credit: CAA Theatre and Mirvish.com

Living at Village Green means you’re always only a hop, skip and jump from world class theatre and musicals at CAA Theatre at 651 Yonge Street (formerly the Panasonic). With a new season of shows just announced, it’s the perfect time to plan a grand night out. Learn more about special dinner and show packages, to save money while you celebrate.


In a landscape of constantly changing clubs and bars, Woody’s (465-467 Church Street) has managed to remain a favourite since 1989. A lot has changed in the world since they first opened their doors, but Woody’s keeps on top of things with a great roster of special events. There is something for everyone at Woody’s. They feature 5 different bars, each with a different vibe, so there really is something for everyone. No special occasion is required, stop by and see what all the fuss is about.


Credit: @StrykeRange


Burn off some steam, and set your sights on pure fun this Saturday at Stryke Target Range (738 Dundas Street East). It’s more fun than you can throw an axe at! Your group can choose from a list of super fun and surprisingly stress-relieving activities, including archery, axe throwing, knife throwing and air guns.



It’s been a super fun week, and you’ve earned some serious down time! Sundays are designed for getting cozy at home with your favourite Netflix shows. You’ll need to keep your strength up for all this lounging around, so why not take a walk around the corner and enjoy a great brunch at Lola’s Kitchen (634 Church) before you commit to some couch time. Learn more about Lola’s in our feature post about them. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you won’t go hungry in this joint.

There is so much to do in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood that trying to fit it all in can be the hardest part. We hope these fun activity ideas get you excited about a week in this awesome neighbourhood you call home.

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Check out New Ideas Festival


It’s been a long winter. Many of us are slowly coming out of hibernation, but cozy evenings spent on the couch, catching up on our favourite TV shows, is still status quo. If you’re looking for some new ideas for how to spend some time now that winter is drawing to an end, let New Ideas Festival draw you out of your den.


Credit: Alumnae Theatre and The New Ideas Festival


This year marks the 30th anniversary of New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley Street) — which marks its Centennial season this year. Come and experience this time tested tradition of bringing new and experimental theatre to Toronto.


New Ideas Festival


The New Ideas Festival is a juried, three-week theatre festival of new writing, works-in-progress and experimental theatre. Each week, from March 7th to 25th, a new group of four plays will be presented, plus a Reading Series of new work. The shows run Wednesday to Saturday nights at 8pm, with weekend matinee performances at 2:30pm. The Reading Series takes place each Saturday of the festival, at 1pm. Come and experience all of the New Ideas, with three evenings (or matinees) of original plays, plus Saturday readings. You can even give the playwrights your feedback. Tickets are available now.


Week 1 (March 7th – 11th)


Week 1 of the The 30th Annual New Idea Theatre Festival opens on Wednesday, March 7th, and runs until the Sunday, March 11th.


See F*CK L*VE by Rosemary Doyle. This piece examines the importance of timing in a relationship. What happens when soulmates meet each other twenty-four hours too early? The show is directed by Brittany Miranda.


Next up is THE DANCING MAN OF MACKLIN STREET, by Andrew Lee. A woman tells the story of her childhood, her family and the impact that the mysterious Dancing Man made on them. It is directed by Cassidy Sadler.


GOVERNING OURSELVES by Stephen Near is a discussion between a student teacher and her advisor that takes an unexpected turn. It is directed by Lori Delorme.


The final play of the evening is ORACLE JANE by Vicki Zhang. It tells the story of Canadian data scientist who returns home to Beijing, witnessing the disturbing and destructive power of the machine learning tool she created – Oracle Jane. The secrets the tool digs up unleash calamity on her and her family (directed by Donald Molnar).


The Saturday Reading Series selection will be WATCH ME DROWN by Liam Salmon.


Week 2 (March 14th – 18th)


Return to the Alumnae Theatre’s Studio Theatre for Week 2 from March 14th to 18th, for four new plays and new ideas.


Week 2 begins with SWEET MAMA AND THE SALTY MUFFINS by Ciarán Myers. It’s the story of Mamma, recounting the loss of her child, a tragedy which occurred years earlier. Mamma says she knows where the child wound up – if only someone would believe her (directed by Kendra Jones).

Donna Langevin makes you contemplate what you would risk to make your dreams come true in her play IF SOCRATES WERE IN MY SHOES. It’s the story of a daredevil, persuading a writer to go over Horseshoe Falls in a barrel, in order to earn money to self-publish a manuscript. It is directed by Carl Jackson.


STARS by D.J. Sylvis, is the tale of two lovers who have never met. It’s directed by Gillian Armstrong.


The fourth play of the evening is MOVING ON, written by Elmar Maripuu and directed by Helly Chester. A visionary software designer finally finds an investor that can turn their idea into a reality — but at what cost? And where did the money come from?


The Saturday Reading Series for week 2 is MIRAGE: THE ARABIAN ADVENTURES OF GERTRUDE BELL by Laurie Fyffe.


Week 3 (March 21st to 25th)


The final week of New Ideas runs from Wednesday March 21st to Sunday March 25th.


Week 3 opens with THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA by Natalie Frijia and is directed by Kay Brattan. Set in 1882, a monster lurks in Lake Ontario. Thirty-nine people have drowned and a reporter bent on getting to the bottom of it gets more than she bargained for.


Next up, is MARTY AND JOEL AND THE EDGE OF CHAOS by Camille Intson. Estranged lovers learn to navigate love and fate in this tale of broken time and space. Directed by Lorna Craig.


THE OFFICIANT by Francesca Brugnano and directed by Paige Foskett takes two young lovers prepare to wed on a moonlit night in 1938, but they are not prepared for the revelation of what their vows really mean.


MOURNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE by Chloë Whitehorn and directed by Heather Keith will close out the series. Lucy doesn’t know who she is anymore. Everett is falling in love. Drew has lost so much already. Fenwick is just trying to keep her family afloat. And Pippa, well Pippa is drowning.


The final entry in the Reading Series will be ANIMAL by Romeo Ciolfi.


As we make our way into a new season, why not make some time for New Ideas?! Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to connect you with all the incredible culture and new ideas that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street, please visit our website.

Dinner and a show at CAA Theatre


One of the major upsides of living at Village Green is being surrounded by fun, food and culture. The 2018/2019 season of Mirvish productions is heating up at Mirvish Theatres throughout Toronto and new subscription packages and lineup of shows will be announced very soon!


Dinner and a show, especially a world-class show like those performed at Mirvish Theatres,  is perhaps the perfect way to spend an evening with friends, family or that special someone. Several neighbourhood restaurants have teamed up with Mirvish to offer special discounts to subscribers, as well as prix fixe menus for those of us without season tickets.


Brownstone Bistro

Credit: Brownstone Bistro


Brownstone Bistro (603 Yonge Street) is a 2 minute, 2 block walk from CAA Theatre at 651 Yonge Street (formerly known as Panasonic Theatre). The restaurant offers great food in a great atmosphere. Housed in a heritage building that dates back to 1888, Brownstone has been serving the neighbourhood fine Italian-inspired casual fare for over 20 years.


Brownstone Bistro offers 15% off for Mirvish subscribers. If you’re out for a special evening of dinner and a show, their 3 Course Prix Fixe ($32) dinner is the way to go. Start with your choice of Caprese Salad or Caesar Salad. There is an entree to suit your palate, no matter what mood you’re in. Their take on Chicken Marsala is a pan-seared chicken breast with wild mushrooms and Marsala wine, served with roasted potato and sautéed vegetables. It’s a great choice, as is the Steak & Frites — a classic New York striploin served with Yukon Gold fries and chipotle mayo. It’s classic meat and potatoes, simple and perfect. The Grilled Atlantic Salmon served with sautéed vegetables, quinoa and kale salad, drizzled with balsamic reduction, is a delicious and healthy option. The homemade Butternut Squash Ravioli with a light rosé sauce topped with lemon-dressed arugula, is a tasty and satisfying vegetarian option. Be sure to save room for dessert! Learn more about Brownstone Bistro in our feature article.


Bumpkins Restaurant & Lounge

Credit: Bumpkins Restaurant & Lounge


Bumpkins Restaurant & Lounge (21 Gloucester Street) is an elegant, yet easy-going eatery. The food and the building itself is beautiful. The rich purple accents on the white table cloths is a nice touch that compliments the building’s almost ornate exterior. Mirvish subscribers always get 15% off here, but even if you’re not a subscriber and are just enjoying a one-off theatrical experience you can get a voucher with your ticket for their 3-course Mirvish Dinner Menu. Start with the soup du jour and your choice of house or caesar salad. Move on to the main course with your choice of Filet of Sole baked in lemon juice, butter and paprika, Chicken Parmesan with Chef’s Béchamel sauce, tomato sauce and cheese, or Penne Pasta with mixed fresh vegetables or diced chicken and your choice of Rosé, cream or tomato sauce. For dessert, a Créme Caramel Custard or Tartufo Ice Cream awaits you! Book your table today!



Credit: Focaccia Restaurant



In addition to the 15% discount offered to Mirvish subscribers, Focaccia (17 Hayden Street) also offers a 2-course ($18) prix fixe menu. Start with a house salad, Caesar salad or soup of the day, then choose an entree. Entree options include Spaghetti Marinara (with clams, shrimp and calamari in a spicy tomato sauce), Chicken Pizzaiola (a chicken breast topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce, served with pasta and vegetables), Veal Parmigiana (a breaded veal cutlet with mozzarella, served with penne rose and vegetables), or the Basa Fillet (served with quinoa and vegetables). You’re sweet enough, who needs dessert.


Artful Dodger Pub

Credit: The Artful Dodger Pub


If your Mirvish subscription has you feeling fancy enough and you’d like to keep dinner laid back and super casual, you can head to the The Artful Dodger Pub (10 Isabella Street). They offer a 15% discount for subscribers. This old fashioned and authentic British pub is the place to go if you want to enjoy a properly poured pint before the curtain goes up. There are also pool tables, dart boards and jukeboxes. Dig into classic pub fare like a Scotch Egg (a hard-boiled egg wrapped in hot Italian sausage, deep fried and served with mustard mayo), or a plate of Bangers and Mash, an order of Fish and Chips, or a 10 oz New York steak (served with peppercorn sauce, roasted red-skin spuds and Caesar salad). Whatever you choose it’s sure to stick to your ribs and keep you satisfied until curtain call and final bows at CAA Theatre. Learn more about the Artful Dodger in our article about the best pubs near Church and Wellesley and our other article about the best late night eats near Church and Wellesley — we’re big fans of the place!


Having so many choices for cuisine and culture right in your neighbourhood is something to celebrate. Enjoy a fabulous evening of dinner and a show. Bon appetit and bravo!


Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to connect you with all that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street, please visit our website.

Rhubarb theatre festival is back!


The longest-running new works theatre festival in Canada is back for its 39th year! The Rhubarb Theatre Festival runs from February 14th to 25th at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street). This festival is all about exploration and experimentation. Don’t expect to see any run-of-the-mill theatre at Rhubarb. These folks break boundaries, push envelopes and discover what is possible today in theatre.


Credit: Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times


As a result of this pioneering spirit, no two shows at Rhubarb are ever the same. It’s a space for artists and audiences alike to experiment together and try new things. One of the greatest things about the festival is that you always get to see more than one show — more like 3 or 4 in a single evening/day. Your evening/day pass gets you into all shows and events happening that day. Shows are not individually ticketed. Starting at 6pm or 8pm, and 2:30pm on Sundays, there are shows happening in both spaces at Buddies (the Cabaret and the Chamber).


When you arrive at the theatre, choose which show you want to see first. When the show is over, 30 minutes later, it’s time for another show to begin. If one of the experiments didn’t work for you, hold on to your seat (or move to the next space) because something else is about to come your way. If you want to explore some uncharted territory, get your tickets for Rhubarb today.


There is simply too much going on at the 39th Rhubarb Festival to explore it all here. Words could never do it justice anyway. It is something that must be seen, felt and experienced live to be fully appreciated and understood. Here are a few highlights to look forward to:




MIDNIGHT, TORONTO is a Concert Play from writer and co-director, Curtis te Brinke. As three 20-something bandmates are coping with existential ennui, a mysterious plague descends upon the city. It’s a quarter-life crisis set to live Canadian indie music from Daniel Bragg.


It runs from February 14th to 18th, at 8pm (2:30pm Sunday) in the Cabaret space.




EMERGING CREATORS UNIT: WEEK 1 is on from February 16th to 17th at 6pm in the Chamber.


Becoming, is the story of a woman trapped in purgatory. She is forced to navigate a space with no power to escape it. As she awaits final judgement, she wrestles with the fractured memories of her life. The play was created by and is performed by Erum Khan and directed by Liz Peterson.


Come on a journey that spans space, time and a killer closet that mother left behind. Maame: A Queer Black Fairy’s Tale, tracks the tale of a Ghanaian boy dealing with the death of his mother and the discovery of himself. Created and performed by Kwaku Okyere and directed by Audrey Dwyer.




Emerging Creators Unit: Week 2 runs February 23rd and 24th, beginning at 6pm, in the Chamber.


Virgen is a boundary-pushing production that restructures scripture in a way you have never seen before. From creator and performer Heath V Salazaar and director Evalyn Parry.


There Are No Rats In Alberta, from creator and performer, Rhiannon Collett and director, Moe Angelos – this performance shows how brutality can be oh so delicate.




Catch MOTHERLOAD from February 21st to 25th at 8pm (2:30pm Sunday) in the Cabaret space. Two older gay men, who came out later in life, inhabit their mothers’ psyches and get a better understanding of their experience. Created and performed by Brian Cope and Charles Hayter, directed by Sadie Epstein-Fine.




Witness as JL Whitecrow reclaims the lost Anishinaabe tradition of JIISAKAN and calls on you to consider your own presence in the sacred space created. Come to the Antechamber from 7pm to 10pm, February 21st to 23rd.




Feel the heat of FIRE, from Femmes du Feu’s Holly Tredennick, in the Chamber from February 14th to 18th at 9pm (3:30pm Sunday). This thrilling aerial circus performance is also an intimate look at trauma, and Holly’s memories of her firefighter father. Directed by Monica Dottor.


The Rhubarb Festival is a unique theatrical experience you simply can’t have anywhere else. It changes day-to-day and week-to-week, so keep coming back to take in more!


Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to connect you with all that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street, please visit our website.

Check out Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre


Escape your everyday routine by booking a table at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre! This interactive dinner theatre has offered outstanding live entertainment in the GTA  for 30 years. Best of all, it’s located really close to Davisville Village.


Courtesy Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre


The company launched in 1987 and spent more than 12 years performing from the Fairmont Royal York. In 1999 they moved to their dedicated theatre space at 2026 Yonge Street (just 2 blocks north of Davisville Subway Station). The large multi-tiered venue is perfectly suited to their unique brand of comedic, interactive murder mysteries. The decor is elegant, the acoustics are excellent, and so are the sightlines. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! The company also offers custom and private mysteries to suit your needs, either at their Theatre or at your off-site location.


All the shows feature detailed and solvable mysteries. Cluesheets and pencils are provided to help track the clues. You will be given enough information during the show to figure out “whodunit” by the time ballots are passed out at 2nd intermission. Correct ballots are entered into a draw and 5 lucky winners receive prizes.


Sounds like fun, right? We spoke with Iliki Mahairas, of Mysteriously Yours to help set the scene and give us more of a feel of what to expect.

The mystery itself begins around 8:00 pm. The actors enter “in character” and mingle with the guests.  (They schmooze with them.) You find out who the characters are, how they relate to each other, and the theme of the mystery. Then, someone you’ve just met dies, or a body is discovered and a detective is called in to investigate.  He leads the questioning of the suspects and you get to question them as well … because they’re spread throughout the room, they sit right at the tables with you. So, you get to participate and try to help solve the mystery and see if you can figure out whodunit!  It’s a lot of fun! The show runs to about 10:30 PM.

Our Mysteries are based on familiar themes with lots of comedy, intrigue and audience participation. Prizes are awarded to some of the guests who correctly solve the mystery.

Guests are welcome to participate as little or as much as they’re comfortable with, or they can simply sit back and be entertained. The theatre is designed to accommodate large groups, but you can also come as a single, couple or small group of friends. Smaller parties usually join other guests at larger tables, so it’s also a good way to meet and interact with new people. Children over the age of 6 are welcome, but be advised that the shows are written for adults. While there is no swearing or overt adult situations within the show, there are double entendres and material that could be considered risqué. It’s recommend for those 10 years of age and up. Guests only have to arrive between 7:30 and 7:45pm, at which time they are introduced to the cast and theme of the show.  Dinner is served beforehand so if you’re hungry, come early — this is dinner theatre after all! We asked Iliki to tell us about the food:

Arrival is from 6:30pm for a fabulous three course dinner that you order from our menu. You have a choice of salad or the soup-of-the-day.  There’s a choice of four main courses, including: chicken, fish, beef or a vegetarian dish. There are two incredible desserts to choose from, and coffee and tea.

Gluten free options are also available. Performances are held every Friday and Saturday evening. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to book your reservation as far in advance as possible. Some performances can be booked the same day and others are sold out weeks in advance. You can take a look at the price structure here.

The mystery performances that are performed change 2 or 3 times per year. We asked Iliki to tell us a little about the current show:

The mystery we are currently presenting is: “Mimico Vice”. Travel back 30 years to 1987!  Hard-nosed detective, Sonny Cracket has his hands full dealing with the notorious “Breakfast Club Gang”.  Life ain’t easy when you work for the toughest police force around… Mimico Vice!

The dress code at Mysteriously Yours is Casual Elegance. That means no baseball hats, sweatpants, ripped jeans, tank tops. Dress like you’re going out for a fun and elegant night of comedic theatre – because your are! You are also encouraged to dress to suit the theme or era of the mystery so in this case think 80s hair and shoulder pads, if you want to go all out.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some quality time with friends, family or coworkers this holiday, this could be just the ticket! Mysteriously Yours also offers gift certificates in any denomination you choose. The recipient can use the gift for tickets, in the dining room or toward the bar bill. They can be mailed or emailed directly and they never expire or depreciate. So why not give a gift of fun and mystery this season!

Greenrock Property Management Limited loves to connect you with all the mysteries and wonders that your community has to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.

Check out Soulpepper’s fall lineup


In 1998, a new theatre company called Soulpepper appeared on the scene with a two-production summer season. The company was composed of a dozen founding artists who took on all aspects of the company’s operation — including raising the funds to produce the work. Today, Soulpepper operates year-round from its multi-venue home, the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District, with an annual budget of $12 million. It is now an incredibly successful Canadian theatre. In fact, it is Toronto’s largest not-for-profit theatre company and North America’s only year-round repertory company.


The company is still guided by artists and is committed to community and youth outreach. Soulpepper has positioned itself as a National Civic Theatre. A place for artists to train and grow. It provides a platform for our diverse national voice and shares its work with communities across the country through broadcast and digital media. We spoke with Katie Saunoris, Manager of Communications and Media Relations for Soulpepper Theatre Company, to find out more about the company’s mission and its latest season.


Baillie Theatre – Courtesy of Soulpepper


So Katie, what are the highlights of the 2017 and 2018 season?


As part of its 2017-2018 season, Soulpepper Theatre Company is presenting a variety of theatrical and musical presentations, year-round from its home in the Distillery District, the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. This includes the upcoming Family Festival, with family-friendly programming like A Christmas Carol, and Peter Pan in association with Bad Hats Theatre. 2018 kicks off with Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus (a familiar story to many from the popular movie version), Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance, a new adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, new concerts and more.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2014 Production) Joseph Ziegler, Kevin Gordon. Photo by Nathan Kelly – Courtesy of Soulpepper


Are this year’s performances appropriate for all ages? If not, which of your current performances are appropriate for children?


Although it’s not generally the focus of Soulpepper, a selected amount of programming per year is family-friendly – particularly the artistic work offered each December as part of Soulpepper’s Family Festival. Shows will be marked as family-friendly if appropriate, and the company’s Box Office (416-866- 8666) or Website (Soulpepper.ca) can provide additional information.

PETER PAN – Lena Maripu and Fiona Sauder. Photo by Nicholas Porteous – Courtesy of Soulpepper


We love that Soulpepper has a youth outreach initiative, please tell our readers a little bit about the work that you do in the community.

Community and Youth outreach has been a central part of Soulpepper since its inception 20 years ago. Soulpepper offers free interactive theatre programs for teenagers throughout the year, including artist-led workshops and opportunities to engage with performances on our stages. It also provides programming in local schools and with community groups as with its Culture-Link New Canadians Welcome Program, which provides free access to theatre as well as mentorship with Soulpepper artists to newcomers.


Young Centre for the Performing Arts – Courtesy of Soulpepper


Soulpepper is growing! We were excited to read a bit about your 5 year expansion plan. What do you hope to achieve by the end of that period?


Over the past few years, Soulpepper has positioned itself as a National Civic Theatre, dedicated to sharing its work widely on the stage, on the road as it tours nationally and internationally, and through broadcast initiatives like album recordings of original musicals, podcasts, and through co-producing Kim’s Convenience on CBC. It is dedicated to being a place of belonging to staff, artists, and visitors, and new work and new exciting programming is being developed all the time. Find out more at Soulpepper.ca.

CRASH – Pamela Mala Sinha. Photo by Michael Cooper. Courtesy of Soulpepper.


Soulpepper has certainly grown and evolved over the almost twenty years since its inception, but their commitment to cultivating creative energy, to providing a platform for our unique national voice, and to the community remains unchanged. If you love the theatre and want to support the Toronto arts community, be sure to check out Soulpepper this season.


Greenrock Property Management Limited loves connecting you with your community and your city. For information on Greenrock Rental Communitiesacross Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue,45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue) and Village Green (50Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street), please visit our website.

Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss what’s left of the 2017 Next Stage Theatre Festival. Catch this one-of-a-kind fringe theatre  experience happening near Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue) before it’s gone. Learn more about the event, celebrating 10 years this winter, in today’s blog post from Greenrock Property Management.


Your spot for emerging stars


Ever wonder where your favourite Toronto performers got their start? The Next Stage Theatre Festival has spent the last 10 years providing the city’s best and brightest up-and-coming performers a place and space to do hone craft. Considered Toronto’s premier winter theatre event, you won’t want to miss the final days of the 10th anniversary festival, ongoing now through January 15th at the Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street).


Coming up next at the festival


With the Factory Theatre only a 20-minute drive from Davisville Village Apartments, it’s easy to catch a few shows before the Next Stage Theatre Festival wraps up. Don’t underestimate the fun of adult puppetry. Get ready to laugh at My Big Fat German Puppet Show, which has multiple showings left between now and closing day. Date Me is a hilarious improvised play inspired by online dating. The show is only 30 minutes long, so you can squeeze it in amidst your busy January schedule. Hear veteran Toronto storytellers do their thing at Two Truths and a Lie. During this show, three storytellers tell three unbelievable stories, one of which is completely made up. Can you spot the lie?


Important details


Grab your friends and get ready for some fringe fun! A complete schedule of the remaining days of the event can be found online. You can also get your tickets online, or by phone by calling 416-966-1062. Want to hang out with your friends before or after the show? Check out the heated Steam Whistle Tent for drinks, conveniently located within the theatre courtyard.

Don’t miss the Next Stage Theatre Festival, featured today by the arts and entertainment enthusiasts atGreenrock Property Management. For more information about spacious Davisville Village Apartments, please visit our website.

On now at the Fringe Festival

The Toronto Fringe Festival is back for another year of entertainment and excitement in the city. Today on the blog Greenrock Property Management has a breakdown of the festival, including our top picks for can’t-miss shows and performances. Our Village Green Community is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, offering easy access to many of the Festival’s venues.

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