Unleash your creativity, nearby


The winding down of summer and the arrival of autumn often sparks an urge in us to experience something new. You’ve got virtually limitless resources all around you. Explore and unleash your creativity nearby this fall!


Here are some great places to let it all out:


Cindy Tanas Actors Studio


Cindy Tanas Actors Studio Toronto

Credit: @CindyTanasActorsStudio


Whether you want to learn to become a better actor, or a better human being, the holistic approach of Cindy Tanas Actors Studio (643 Yonge Street) can help move you toward your goal. To quote Chekhov, “If you want to work on your art, work on your life.”


The Actor’s Instrument course examines troubles that a student may be having in their life and how that extends to their creative work. It’s all about learning to listen to yourself and others, to be present in the moment, and to connect to your emotions and stay grounded. These are life skills as much as they are acting skills. This course provides a path for moving forward, growing, and living as an artist and as a person.


Personalized Scene Study classes of 6 to 8 students provide time and opportunity for each student to explore a character. Private Coaching and Performance Showcases are also available.


Gardiner Museum Pottery Classes


Potter's wheel, pottery, pottery lessons


The Gardiner Museum (111 Queens Park) offers both drop-in pottery classes and pre registered courses. Learn the age-old art of the potter’s wheel as you create sculptural works of art, and functional art such as tableware and stoneware.


Drop-in classes give you a glimpse of what can be accomplished when working with clay, without a real commitment. Classes take place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Registration for individual classes opens at 10 am the day of the class.


Insightful workshops are also available here, including Reclaiming Your Centre: Breath, Movement, Presence. This two hour workshop offers an introduction to mindfulness using clay as a medium for expanding the experience of the present moment. Learn how to focus and pay attention with curiosity, compassion and clay.


GTA Photography Classes


GTA Photography Classes

Credit: GTA Photography Classes


Speaking of focus, GTA Photography Classes (25 Toronto St #200) offers range of camera and photo art classes and workshops for shutterbugs. Their instructors are professionals, with work published around the world. The class sizes are small, and the workshops are interactive. They really give you the attention, guidance and advice you will need to take your work to the next level.


Start with the basics in Photo 101. Incorporate and expand on what you’ve learned with Photo 201 and Photo 301. There is no limit to the learning opportunities. Explore the world of Digital Photo Editing, or take specialized courses in everything from pets, to food, to product photography.


Courses for adults, kids and teens are available. They even offer private lessons and Photo Tours that let you see your city through a new lens while you learn new skills.


Continuing Studies at OCAD


continuing studies ocad

Credit: continuingstudies.ocad.ca


Fall course registration is now open for Continuing Studies at OCAD (285 Dundas St W). Increase your creative potential, as well as your marketable skills, with a wide range of courses, classes and workshops. Learn technical skills in state-of-the-art facilities, studios and computer labs.


There are over 100 creative courses to choose from, including:


  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Marketing

  • Interactive Media

  • Drawing, Painting and Print Media

  • Film, Video and Animation

  • Sculpture

  • Fashion

  • Architecture

  • And many more!


Creative workshops and programs for youth and seniors are also available. Take your creativity, and your career, to the next level this fall at OCAD.


Continuing Studies in Design at Ryerson


If you’re looking to launch or elevate your design career, or simply expand your design knowledge, Design at the Chang School can provide invaluable tools and training to help get you there. Choose from several online or on-campus courses. You’ll learn the skills required to compete and to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. Explore or discover your passion with courses across all aspects of design. Here a just few examples:



This is just the tip of the iceberg! You can use the school’s course search tool to explore all courses offered at The Chang School, or search for courses and programs by area of interest.


There is a whole world of creativity out there to explore. Take the first step towards tapping into your full potential and unleash your creativity this fall!


Greenrock Property Management wants to help you connect to all the creativity within you, and help you access the outstanding resources available within your community. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street), please visit our website.

Why You Should Consider Continuing Education


In today’s rapidly changing world, information is everything. Staying up to date and continuing to learn is essential. For most of us, gathering new information is required in order to stay current in our field, to enter a new field, and to simply understand the world around us. That is where continuing education comes in.


The Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson University is Canada’s largest and most flexible program for lifelong learning. We reached out to Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, to learn a little more about the school and the importance of continuing to learn throughout our lives.



What brings students to the Chang School?


Dean Bountrogianni: At The Chang School, we believe that everyone is a lifelong learner. It has been reported that approximately half of the Canadian adult population participates in continuing education at some point in their lives. With over 80 career-related certificate programs, we are Canada’s largest continuing education program and the destination of choice for professionals interested in achieving both their professional and personal goals. Whether our learners are interested in career advancement, pursuing a career change, or simply learning about a new topic, The Chang School offers relevant, high-quality educational programming geared to adult learners.


We are very proud of the accessibility and flexibility of our programming. Our learners are often juggling many other responsibilities such as commitments to work and family; these individuals really appreciate the flexibility we offer. Whether you live in downtown Toronto, Hamilton, or Thunder Bay, our over 400 online course offerings are accessible for anyone with access to the internet.


We are also pleased to offer summer intensive programs and boot camps. These programs present our learners with the opportunity to accelerate their understanding of a new subject and supplement their previous education and experience to help them gain a more competitive edge in their field. This summer, we are proud to offer 14 intensive programs in subject areas such as Business Communication, Fashion, Computer Security, Publishing, Project Management, and Interior Design.


Furthermore, The Chang School’s Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX) program offers participants the unique opportunity to focus on a specific, career-building skill with an emphasis on learning by doing. We call the ELX model ‘curated education’, as it gives participants the opportunity to develop expertise that they can immediately put into practice.



What a robust and flexible education opportunity! Why do you think continuing education is essential in today’s job market?


Dean Bountrogianni: We currently live in a learning-based economy; it is critically important to keep your eyes open and constantly be gathering information. The only way for professionals to stay competitive is to keep their skills relevant and knowledge up-to-date.


There are a lot of qualified professionals in Canada working in positions that do not take full advantage of their skill set. This is called mal-employment, and it is particularly prevalent in new graduates and immigrants. The 2015 Office of the Parliamentary Budget Report estimated that 40 per cent of Canadian university graduates aged 25 to 34 were overqualified for their jobs. It is imperative that individuals have their eye on the labour market and are attentive to the skills that support their long-term development and goals.


The Chang School’s strong partnerships with educational institutions, industry leaders, associations, and the local community help us ensure that our programming is at the forefront of continuing education. Additionally, our instructors are experts in their field and bring the most cutting-edge knowledge and experience to the classroom and online learning environment to share with our learners.


Personally, I think it is important to feel fulfilled in your professional life, and to also try a variety of different things. Through expanding your skill set, you are not only improving your employability, but you are opening opportunities for your future.


Life is all about learning. It never stops. If you choose to stop gathering new information, that does not stop the information from growing, changing and evolving. To stay current and engaged with today’s world means growing, changing and evolving with it. When you remain open to the ever-changing world of information, you remain open to the world itself and your future remains open to you.


We couldn’t agree more! To be successful today you really need to be on top of your game at all stages of your career. We hope this article has inspired you to consider upgrading your skills and education at The Chang School. For more information about Greenrock Property Management  and to learn more about our rental communities across Toronto, including Village Green located minutes from The Chang School and Ryerson Campus, please visit our website.