Greenrock Family Easter Traditions

Greenrock Family Easter Traditions
Greenrock Family Easter Traditions


Easter is almost here! While spring is a time for fresh new beginnings, Easter can be a time for observing old traditions. To help you get to know yourGreenrock family a little better, we are beginning something new. It’s an ongoing series about the community of people behind Greenrock. We spoke with members of the Greenrock family to get some insight into their personal Easter traditions. We learned about what Easter means to them, how they celebrate, and their favourite Easter foods. We wanted to learn about what they love most this time of year.


We spoke with Gloria Mogavero, CEO of Greenrock Real Estate Advisors. Gloria is Ukrainian Catholic. For Gloria and her family, Easter is an important religious time. Gloria observes Ukrainian Easter, which she noted, “does not usually fall on the same day as the ‘Canadian’ Easter, as the Ukrainians follow the Gregorian calendar and not the Julian”.



Ukrainian Catholic Easter is a solemn time of sacrifice that begins with Lent and ends with Good Friday and the celebration on Easter Sunday. The traditional Easter Sunday celebration includes preparing an Easter basket with food items that each have a symbolic religious significance. In Gloria’s words:


Each Easter basket is blessed and must contain Paska (braided Easter bread), baked ham, Kobasa (sausage), beets and horseradish, salt, butter, cheese and hard boiled eggs. The basket is usually covered with a cloth embroidered by a family member. The blessed food must be shared with each family member on Easter Sunday. Eggs are also decorated and placed in the basket and on the table. We do not always prepare a basket but we still partake of all the traditional food including a staple, perogies.  It has been written that as generations pass, cultural traditions are lost but it is the food that carries on. This is a time when I treasure the memories of my heritage.



Traditions evolve as time and generations pass. What remains constant is getting together with loved ones and sharing traditional food. Food has a wonderful way of connecting us to our past and to each other.


For Fred Roper, Building Operator at Greenrock’s Post Media Place, religious traditions play no part in his family’s Easter celebration. Fred’s family has gotten a little smaller over the years, with the loss of loved ones, but that only makes them closer. Fred tell us; “our family takes the time to appreciate having one another. We all take the time to discuss the great times with relatives [and] even our pets.” Dogs are very special in the Roper family. They are considered full family members. As Fred puts it;  “they are very important to us, they are a very special link. They bring family and friends together.”  Fred’s family typically gathers over Easter and shares some traditional Easter food. For Fred, his “favorite dishes at Easter are turkey with turkey gravy and mashed potatoes” which are made by his brother in-law. He’s also a big fan of the desserts his sister makes, like her brownie cheesecake swirl loaf.


Photo courtesy of Fred Roper
Photo courtesy of Fred Roper


Sometimes Fred will bring over the antique radios that he likes to restore. His favourite is an RCA from 1949 that plays old 45 records. We think that says it all. Traditions are all about taking the old and making it new again, using yesterday to connect us to each other, today.

Easter is a special time of year, even for those who don’t have any secular or religious traditions. It can simply be a celebration of Spring and a chance to enjoy quality time at home. For Crystal Rawding, Property Manager at Greenrock’s Village Green, Easter is:


A new beginning filled with warmer weather, bright colours and renewed energy. Having a reason to spend quality time with family and friends is also always welcome.

Crystal’s family is not religious, and her family doesn’t have any traditional Easter routine, but she cherishes her Easter memories:


One of my most special memories is my Mom dressing us (kids) all up in our Easter attire, including the bonnet.  I’m sure it was not as special for my brother, who also begrudgingly wore a new hat and had to put his favourite baseball cap away for the entire day.

However you choose to spend your time this Easter, your Greenrock family wishes you and your family a happy holiday, full of old traditions and new beginnings. For information on Greenrock Communities, please visit our website.

Delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017

Delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017

It’s a brand new year — have you made your resolutions yet? If you’re like most people, eating healthier is at the top of your list. Diet is the single most important factor for taking control of your health and weight. Even more important than exercise! No one wants to sacrifice flavour, however, so the Greenrock Property Management blog team has some suggestions for delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017. They are all easy to make in about a half an hour or less, at home, at 166 Eastbourne.


Salmon with Pesto Veggies


This Salmon with Pesto Dressed Veggies is a super easy, super healthy and most importantly — super tasty, dinner idea. It looks fancy and elegant, but all you need is 30 to prepare this amazing meal at 166 Eastbourne. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fats, which are great for your heart, and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. It is especially important to have a good source of vitamin D during the cold and sun-starved Canadian winter. The pesto veggies and potatoes make it a comforting and satisfying dinner, while still being less than 500 calories.


Burger with Mushrooms and Radicchio


Sometimes, nothing but a burger will do. Rather that rolling through the drive-through on the way home, give thisBurger with Mushrooms and Radicchio a try. It provides half of your daily protein requirements, is rich in iron and the mushrooms are high in antioxidants and help to reduce cholesterol. All this and it’s still under 500 calories. Serve it with a side salad, or oven baked fries, they’ll only add about another 150 calories.


Stuffed Chicken Divan with Sherry Dijon Sauce


Treat yourself to a healthy gourmet meal that is ready to eat in less than an hour, with only 20 minutes of hands on prep time! This Stuffed Chicken Divan with Sherry Dijon Sauce is full of flavour from the juicy chicken, stuffed with gooey Gruyere cheese, and fresh garlic and broccoli, topped with a creamy homemade sauce made from evaporated milk, dry sherry, dijon and parmesan. You won’t believe it’s less than 400 calories per serving!


Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta


What is more satisfying on a chilly winter evening than a hot bowl of pasta? This Eggplant Pomodoro will hit the spot, without expanding your waistline. Tender eggplant, sautéed in garlic and olive oil with fresh plum tomatoes, olives and capers and your choice of pasta — including gluten-free options. It’s also vegan, high fibre and low calorie, coming in at less than 300 calories per serving.

The Greenrock blog team wishes you a happy, healthy and delicious 2017! For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the comfort and convenience of life in the heart of midtown at 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

Vegetarian roasts for chilly nights

Vegetarian roasts for chilly nights

Chilly nights are inevitable in the fall. The earlier the sun sets, the more it feels right to settle in at home and prepare some hot food that warms your soul. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has some recipes featuring vegetarian roasts for chilly nights that you can curl up with at home, at 166 Eastbourne Avenue.


Nut Loaf


Packed with protein, this satisfying and substantial roasted veggie loaf made is made with red lentils, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, eggs and cheese. It’s all rounded out with vegetables, bread crumbs, butter, olive oil and herbs. It’s served with a delicious garlic tomato sauce. It pairs amazingly well with all the classic roast dinner trimmings.


Vegan ‘Cheesy’ Whole Roasted Cauliflower


Even if you’re not a cauliflower fan, this ‘cheesy’ Whole Roasted Cauliflower may be the recipe that wins you over. The ‘cheese’ flavour comes from nutritional yeast. It’s a healthy vegan option with a nutty, tangy, cheese flavour that you’ll wish you discovered years ago!


Roasted Zucchini Casserole


This Roasted Zucchini Casserole is a perfect all-in-one dish for a chilly fall evening. Layers of roasted zucchini, onions and pasta are topped with parmesan cheese for an irresistible meal. It requires only 20 minutes of prep time, and an hour and twenty minutes in the oven. Serve with a side salad and dinner rolls for a comforting chilly night creation that will make you feel cozy.


Stuffed Squash


Stuffed Squash is a sweet and savoury option for chilly autumn nights. No matter what squash you choose, or which grains and vegetables you choose to stuff it with, the aroma that will fill your 166 Eastbourne apartment is almost as satisfying as the taste. This squash stuffing tutorial will show you how to customize and create your personal favourite roasted squash for a chilly night.


The Greenrock Property Management blog team hopes these recipes will make your fall a little more cozy, comforting, and delicious. For more information on Greenrock’s rental communities, including the elegant apartments at 166 Eastbourne in the heart of midtown Toronto – please visit our website

5 must see fall movies

 5 must see fall movies

If summer box office offerings didn’t pique your interest, the new fall film line up may give you a few great reasons to return to the theatre. From box office blockbusters to subtle-yet-powerful Oscar contenders, there is a lot to see this season. Living at 166 Eastbourne, means you’re never far away from the action — Canada Square Cinemas and Cineplex Cinemas are both less than a 10 minute walk from your door. The Greenrockblog team has you covered with 5 must see fall movies!




Since it’s International Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this past September, Moonlight has been hailed as not only the best movie at the Festival this year, but the best movie of the year, period. Moonlight tells the story of an African American boy named Chiron, growing up in Miami during the War on Drugs-era. The structure of the film is unusual, told in three chapters. The inner life of Chiron is captured as a child, as a teen and as a young man struggling to understand his sexuality. It opens in Canada on October 28th, 2016.




Get ready for another CG animated Disney classic. The tale of Moana unfolds as the brave teenager takes to the sea to save her people and find her own identity along the way. Moana is directed by the team that brought you The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Princess and the Frog. It features the voice talents of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the demigod Maui, and music by Lin-Manuel Miranda of the broadway smash-hit,HamiltonMoana hits theatres November 23rd, 2016.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


If you find yourself missing the magical world of Harry Potter, then mark your calendar for November 18th, 2016. No, the boy wizard is not returning, but a new era of magic emerges from writer J.K. Rowling and David Yates, director of the last four Harry Potter movies. It’s calledFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and it’s more of the wizards and witches you want, but this time, it takes place in New York in 1926 with an entirely new cast of characters.


Doctor Strange


The latest in the Marvel Universe series of movies is Doctor Strange, opening November 4th. Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme who defends the planet with his supernatural powers. The film will cover his origin story, his travels and his training with the Ancient One. You can expect incredible special effects and epic storytelling, you can also expect the unexpected.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


The first movie from the Star Wars universe that does not focus on the Skywalker family, is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s an all new epic adventure from LucasFilm. The story is set before the main Star Wars timeline and makes it possible for Skywalker epoch to take place. A band of unlikely heroes must steal the plans for the original Death Star. Ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things and contribute to something much larger than themselves. It opens December 16th, 2016.


The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes these suggestions of must see fall movies help you escape the everyday and enter a world of your choice through film! For more information on Greenrock rental communities, including the charming and elegant apartments at 166 Eastbourne, please visit our website.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween will be here before you know it! There will be lots of spooky and sweet treats to enjoy, as usual. If you are looking for some healthier Halloween treats for party at your Eastbourneapartment or simply to get you or your kids into the Halloween spirit, the Greenrock blog team has you covered. We’ve put together a list of spooky snacks to whet your Halloween appetite.


Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes


These gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free cupcakes are a healthier Halloween treat and perfect for anyone with food sensitivities. The best part is, these healthified treats actually taste great! The cupcakes are made with almond flour, coconut oil and unsweetened applesauce. The icing is made with peanut butter, honey, coconut oil and cocoa powder with a spooky spider web design you make by dragging a toothpick through the icing. This tutorial will show you how!


Frozen Boo-nana Pops


These Frozen Boo-nana Pops are simple and delicious. Simply slice a banana in half, lengthwise, insert popsicle sticks and freeze. Remove the frozen bananas from the freezer and dip in white chocolate, add a couple of chocolate chips for eyes and return to the freezer.


Snack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups


What could be more fun and healthy this Halloween than mini jack o’ lanterns made from hollowed out oranges!? To make these Snack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups, the first thing you need to do is slice the top off an orange and hollow it out (save the orange segments to re-fill the orange cup). Then carve a pumpkin face into the orange and fill it with diced fruit. Finally, replace the orange lid and serve.


Olive Snake


This fun and cute Olive Snake is a super easy snack to make. It’s not so much a recipe as a fun arrangement of olives in a row, like a snake. You can make snake eyes out of cheese and even a cute little carrot forked-tongue.


The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes these healthier Halloween snacks help to make this season a little more lively, while helping you cut back on the sugar. For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the elegant, midtown suites at 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

Thanksgiving dessert recipes we love

Thanksgiving dessert recipes we love

Fall is fabulous for many reasons but one of the best is Thanksgiving! When the dinner is done, the fun is just beginning. If you’re hosting the festivities at your Eastbourne apartment, or if you’re responsible for bringing dessert to a party, the Greenrock blog team has some sweet ideas that everyone will love.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Fries


It’s difficult to make cheesecake better, but these Pumpkin Cheesecake Fries may just take the cake. No matter what you eat for dinner, it’s easy to make room for a few of these ingenious cheesecake fries. Drizzle them with a little caramel sauce to make them even more delicious.


Candied Yam Cupcakes


Put your leftover yams to good use with these Candied Yam Cupcakes. These holiday treats are perfectly portable, delicious and petite — perfect if you don’t have room for a piece of cake but don’t want to miss out on dessert!


Bourbon-Pecan Pie


Rich, sweet and delicious. The flavours of dark chocolate, toasted nuts and a touch of bourbon, make this Bourbon-Pecan Pie a winning choice. Best of all, it’s easy! The pie crust doesn’t even need a rolling pin and it can be made with a choice of sweeteners.


Toasted Marshmallow Butterscotch Pie


If you are looking to elevate your pie game, take on this Toasted Marshmallow Butterscotch Pie. It’s not a pie for the timid, but you can break the preparation time into bite-sized pieces. Bake the pie crust on day 1, fill and bake on day 2, and then assemble the final, impressive product on day 3. The work is worth it, both for the final flavour of the pie and the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from making it.


This Thanksgiving, everyone will be thankful for what you’ve brought to the table. The blog team atGreenrock wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! For more information on Greenrock rental communities, including the apartments at 166 Eastbourne, please visit our website.


Nuit Blanche is tonight!

Tonight, beginning at sunset, Toronto will be transformed into a creative playground. Don’t miss Nuit Blanche, a truly one-of-a-kind experience happening near Toronto apartments and featured today by the art enthusiasts a part of the Greenrock Property Management blog team.


The fun begins at sunset


From sunset to sunrise on Saturday, October 1st, Toronto will host a free, all-night art event called Nuit Blanche. Explore art installations, displays and exhibits at various locations scattered across the city.



Start your Nuit Blanche experience with OBLIVION, a special project curated by Janine Marchessault and Michael Prokopow. Held at Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall (100 Queen Street West), it will take you 15 minutes to drive here from Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue). Focused on the premise that someday the sun will die, three artists have come together to create a moving masterpiece that “examines the elemental aspects of our cosmic existence.”


Facing the Sky


Experience the true magic of Nuit Blanche with Facing the Sky. This exhibit explores artists’ relationships with the world above. Head to the Waterfront — the exhibit stretches from Bay Street to Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West). This exhibit includes numerous projects, from October Sky to Ascension, 2016. To get to the heart of the activity at the Harbourfront Centre, expect a 10-minute drive from Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street).


Independent Projects

Alongside the city-run exhibits are dozens of Independent Projects happening at various venues in Toronto. Start with Laneway Canopy at 25 Kensington Avenue, a project designed to show how leftover spaces can be utilized to birth new energy into a community.
The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes you enjoy an exciting evening in Toronto at Nuit Blanche. For more information about our Toronto apartments and the incredible arts and culture events that happen nearby, please visit our website.

4 reasons to run this fall

 4 reasons to run this fall

Tired of your same-old workout routine? Let fall be the inspiration you need to keep pushing towards your fitness goals. Today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management features four fantastic reasons to run this fall near Eastbourne Avenue Apartments (166 Eastbourne Avenue).


1. Fall foliage


There’s no denying it, Toronto is lovely in the fall. If you want to see the leaves change, hop on your bike (or ride the train) to access running trails near Eastbourne Avenue Apartments or any of Toronto’s beautiful parks. Looking for an even easier solution? Admire the fall foliage at Eglinton Park (200 Eglinton Avenue West), located right across the street from your front door.


2. Fun runs


Signing up for a race is a great way to push yourself to keep running all season long. This trick is especially fun in fall because of all the unique themed races that are held in the city during this time of year. The Monster Dash returns to Toronto on October 30th. Choose between the Spooky Mile, 5-kilometre or 10-kilometre race, all held at night. The course loops in and around Sunnybrook Park (1132 Leslie Street), a 20-minute drive from Eastbourne Avenue Apartments.


3. Condition your brain


Did you know that running is good for your brain? Whether you’re taking any classes this fall or no, stay sharp by implementing a back-to-school running routine. If you are a student, running is an easy way to reduce stress and help your entire mind and body get back into the swing of school.


4. Holiday season is here


Don’t let guilt ruin the holidays. Run regularly so that you can enjoy peace of mind as you dig into your mom’s amazing mashed potatoes and that piece of homemade pumpkin pie you’ve been craving since last year.


Everyone needs a boost of workout inspiration from time to time. The blog team at Greenrock Property Managementhopes today’s post inspires you to look for reasons to keep running this fall. For more information about Eastbourne Avenue Apartments, please visit our website.

Savour fall with these delicious pies

Savour fall with these delicious pies

Autumn is pie season. There are so many kinds of pies to try — what a delicious way to spend a day! With the weather getting cooler, spending a little time at home in your 166 Eastbourne apartment baking sweet or savoury pies seems like a great idea. The Greenrock blog team has put together a roundup of pie recipes to get you started, so you have more time for baking. Enjoy!


Cock-a-Leekie Pie


Not only is this Cock-a-Leekie pie delicious, but it maybe the most fun name of a pie to say. The chicken and leeks meld together beautifully while cooking to create a savoury pie that you will love. We suggest this pie for dinner, followed by a sweet pie for dessert. What’s not to love?


Rosemary Caramel Apple


This Rosemary Caramel Apple pie is a sophisticated take on the classic apple pie. It features a subtle, rosemary-infused caramel sauce that is mixed in with the apple filling and then drizzled on top, for a double dose of gooey caramel. The no-fail crust recipe is flavoured with butter and also uses lard for flakiness. It’s a hard combination to beat


Hazelnut Pie


This super-sweet hazelnut pie is basically a traditional pecan pie using hazelnuts. It’s perfect for anyone who has either an aversion to pecans, or wants to try something a little different – but not too different.


Amaretti Cherry Cheesecake Pie


If you love a creamy cherry cheesecake, this Amaretti Cherry Cheesecake Pie adds a little crunch with it’s three ingredient cookie crust and sliced, toasted almonds. The pie is topped with cherry juice and amaretto drizzle to give it even more of a punch.


Fall is just beginning, that means you have lots of time left for baking pie. Don’t waste a moment of pie season, it always seems to fly by. The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post gets the season rolling for you. For more information on Greenrock Communities for rent, including 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

These no-cook recipes will keep you cool in a heat wave

These no-cook recipes will keep you cool in a heat wave

Summer is in full swing and that means a heat wave can roll in at anytime. When temperatures start to rise, the last thing you may want to do is turn on the stove and add more heat to the kitchen. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management has some no-cook recipe ideas for you to try, while letting your stove at your Eastbourne apartment (166 Eastbourne Ave) take a vacation.


Smoked Salmon Tostadas


These salmon tostadas with zucchini-radish slaw are simple to prepare, but taste like they took a lot of time and energy. Top and serve these tostadas with sliced avocado and you’ve got a substantial and flavourful meal, without ever turning the oven on.


Zucchini Pesto “Pasta”


You don’t want to turn on the stove and you’re trying to eat lighter and healthier — but you have a craving for pasta that won’t go away. What do you do? Try this no-cook recipe that uses zucchini noodles or “zoodles” rather that pasta noodles. It’s ready in about 15 minutes without adding any heat to the kitchen of your Eastbourne apartment. It will really hit the spot in a heat wave, when nothing but pasta will do.


Italian Panzanella


If you think a summer salad isn’t a satisfying meal, think again. This panzanella uses cubes of bread that soak up a zesty dressing. The salad also features white beans and provolone cheese which add a hearty amount of protein to this substantial salad that keeps the stove off.


Ploughman’s Platter


This simple but substantial Ploughman’s Platter lunch or dinner will fill you up without heating up your kitchen. You can substitute the sliced ham for any other cold cuts you may prefer. It’s basically a satisfying sandwich, laid out and arranged into component parts and enjoyed Mediterranean-style.
The Greenrock blog team hopes these no-cook recipes satisfy your hunger, without heating up your kitchen. For more information on Greenrock rental communities, including 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.