Start your Spring Planting at Wingreen Court

Today, we’re focusing on apartment-friendly gardens and nearby resources for residents of Greenrock Property Management’s Wingreen Court apartments. We encourage our community members to embrace spring and grow a few flowers or other plants around your North York apartment.


3 Picks for indoor plants


Amaryllis plants are deceptively easy flowering plants that can be grown by newbies right from the bulb. Start indoors and move outside onto a balcony once summer hits. Alternatively, these plants do well indoors year-round. Even the most novice of gardeners can succeed with an amaryllis. These perfect-for-spring plants bloom in shades of red, white, pink and orange. Some varieties even flower with a combination of pink, red and white. Keep your amaryllis well watered and the plants will grow and grow. For best growing results, fertilize plants every month although these hardy plants are known to succeed without the extra treatment.


Take a look at for simple and fun gardening ideas. For newbies like us, the Five 5 Minute Garden tips was a fun read for a visually focused take on growing plants in apartments. We love the cute project of planting a garden in a crate and the simple accessories used to spruce up the look of indoor pots and plants.


Cactus – We love the ‘hen and chick’ cactus plants that can be easily incorporated into an established garden, or in our case, a few pots. This succulent variety does well in drained soils and sunny locations. Hen and chicks prefer bright, full sun for six hours or more a day. In general, cacti benefit from some afternoon sun, especially during the summer months.


Check out Canadian Gardening’s article on how to create a desert bowl by using a combination of different-size cacti to make a household oasis. This easy idea can incorporate hen and hick style plants alongside more traditional cacti.


Though the Spider Plant’s name may garner a negative reaction, the plant itself can really brighten up an apartment. Even in low-light conditions this little guy is going to thrive indoors. Spider plants are known to be tough and can survive a less than frequent watering schedule (but promise us that you’ll try and water it at least once a week). We found that buying a cheap spray bottle and keeping it somewhere handy like your kitchen or bathroom makes for a simple and easy reminder to give the plants a daily misting.


Nearby Garden Centres & Resources


BlogTo has a great guide on the Top 10 garden centres in Toronto.  Featured in the article is Woodhill Garden Centre (320 Steeles Ave. E., Thornhill) which is our pick for a local spot to buy plants. Located about fifteen minutes north of Greenrock’s Wingreen Court, Woodhill Garden Centre offers a range of garden needs and services. Generally, the prices here are little more affordable while still offering a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants.


If you love plants and nature but can’t commit to getting an apartment-friendly garden started, why not head to nearby Edward Gardens?  Right next to Toronto Botanical Gardens, Edward Gardens is a former estate garden now open to the public. Private tours for a group can be arranged and free tours are also offered weekly throughout the summer months.


Did you know that Toronto Botanical Garden has a great library full of resources and literature? The TBG Blog recently featured a great post: Exploring Indoor Plants. The article highlighted the resources available at the Botanical Garden’s Weston Family Library that pertain to indoor plants.  We encourage you to get in touch with the library about the book suggestions or if you have any questions. Best of luck and happy gardening!