Make your own stylish shoe rack

Is your home becoming overrun with shoes, shoes and more shoes? Try the following DIY shoe rack projects to help de-clutter your collection (and possibly make room for more)!


Hanging Shoe Rack


If saving floor space is a priority of yours, try this DIY hanging shoe rack from ‘OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES’ available here. This easy do-it-yourself project saves precious floor space by storing footwear on the wall, either on the back of your closet or in a bedroom corner. This DIY is best for sandals and flat-soled shoes and involves only a few simple materials. Shoe hangers are made with wire hangers, pliers, hooks, yarn and a little elbow grease. It really is that simple!


Wall Mounted Shoe Rack


This next tutorial is for our high-heeled fanatics. If you love your high heels, why not show them off? Take inspiration from ‘Jenna McArthur’s’ blog here. Transform a disassembled picture frame or ornate wall moldings into an array of wall-mounted display racks. You can purchase moldings from your local home improvement store, cut them to size, paint them and finally hang them (and your heels) up. Canadian Tire is a 12-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s 77 Davisville Village apartments and is a great place to pick up supplies for your wall mounted shoe rack.


Floating Shoe Rack


For tight spaces that can’t accommodate a large and bulky shoe rack, this floating DIY shoe rack is for you. This do-it-yourself project provides a compact yet effective storage solution for shoes of any type from flimsy flip flops to your most posh pumps. The full tutorial is available from ‘Not Martha’ here, including step-by-step picture instructions. This floating shoe rack is essentially a series of short shelves that the toes of your shoes perch on. For this project you will need plywood, sanding blocks, paint, 4 drywall anchors, wood screws, safety goggles, work gloves and a sturdy drill. If you are an apartment renter, avoid putting any holes in the walls by leaning this shoe rack instead of mounting it on the wall.


Pipe Shoe Cubbies


If you are looking for a shoe rack with a contemporary and industrial design aesthetic, try this pipe shelf DIY from ‘Cookie Loves Milk’ here. Normally, PVC pipe hides behind drywall but in this DIY it takes center stage as a base for a creative and unique do-it-yourself shoe rack. This project easily clears up clutter and is simple (albeit a little time consuming) to make. This shelf does not need to be mounted and is easily leaned up against a wall.


If you don’t have the time or patience for a DIY shoe rack, Ikea is only a 30-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s Davisville Village community and has a wide selection of affordable shoe racks. Our Davisville Village apartments are centrally located in Toronto close to great recreational facilities, schools, shopping, restaurants, entertainment options and more.