Make the most of your bathroom space

Sometimes it can be a challenge to cram all the necessities into an apartment bathroom. It can be especially tough if you’re anything like us and love lots of products and accessories. When unpacking a new bathroom for an apartment space, make a point to incorporate functional storage pieces. Not sure where to start? After adopting Greenrock’s bathroom storage tips you’ll shave time off your morning pampering routine by having everything just where it needs to be.


Here are a few easy-to-implement suggestions for your Davisville apartment:


·      Use the towel bar for additional storage. Add a hanging styling station that lets you hang a hair dryer and other small high-use items from the bar.


·      Under sink storage – use easy to install plastic shelving or stackable clear containers so you can easily tell what’s inside.


·      A tension pole shower caddy adds extra storage in the tub without drilling into the walls (remember your damage deposit!). This is also a great option for a corner bathroom space.


·      Roll your towels for optimal storage. This saves space rather than folding them, and towel rolls also look cute!


·      Consider your daily bathroom routine and organize your space accordingly. Relegate items that are not frequently used to another room or even consider donating them.


·      Aim to keep counters uncluttered, but if you need to keep a few items handy then use a small dollar store tray to limit your items.


·      Overall, keep products in the bathroom to a minimum. Only the essentials should be handy, so do your best to make sure each item has a home.


·      Downsize your bottles and the space they take by transferring products to travel size bottles.


·      Mason jars are ultra-trendy but are also ultra-functional as these little guys are easy to stack. Remember, don’t buy mason jars new, instead reuse glass jars or hunt at a second hand store for gems.


·      Use a cake platter or a multi-tier serving tower to create extra counter storage.


·      Use a magnetic strip roll to attach bobby pins or tweezers. You can also incorporate magnetized spice tins to keep things contained.


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Greenrock’s Davisville Village, located at Yonge and Davisville offers renters spacious and well maintained apartments. The studio/bachelor, one and two bedrooms are always freshly painted. What are you tips for bathroom storage? Any space savers or unique ideas you’d like to share with your neighbours? We look forward to hearing from you. Contact our team to learn more about any of our Toronto apartments.