How to hang art without a frame

Displaying art without a picture frame is a simple and modern way to share your prized family pictures, photography and artwork. Today on the blog Greenrock Property Management gives you our top picks for displaying art without a frame. Our 166 Eastbourne Avenue Community is located in the heart of midtown Toronto and offers fully furnished suites for your convenience.


Washi Tape


Washi tape is a great way to hang art, photographs and posters in an unconventional and colourful way. Washi tape won’t leave residue on your apartment walls and comes in a wide variety of fun colours and patterns. Whether you use little pieces at each corner of your piece or create entire “frames” out of the tape, you really can’t go wrong and you definitely can’t make a mess. Homesense is a great place to pick up both Washi tape and affordable art. Homesense is a 15-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s 166 Eastbourne Avenue Community.


Bulldog Clips


Bulldog Clips look like industrial binder clips that offer a modern way to hang art in your home. Simply make a pencil mark on the wall at each corner of the poster or picture so you know where to hang the clips. Then


Command Strips


This DIY miracle is a must-have for any apartment renter’s picture-hanging tool box. The strips come in a variety of different sizes and strengths, and offer a no-mess and no-damage solution for hanging pictures, photography, posters and more in your apartment. Simply peel the sticker off the back of the strip and place it where you’d like on the wall. The largest strips can hold up to a 24 by 36-inch picture frame.


Lean it


Another modern and mess-free way of displaying your prized pieces of art is to simply lean them against a wall, mantel or other piece of furniture. This method of displaying art looks cool and casual and also makes for a flexible home. Smaller pieces of art can be displayed within bookshelves and cabinets, while larger pieces can be propped up against a mantel or even against the wall from an otherwise unused corner.


Personalize your furnished suite with Greenrock’s ideas for displaying art, photographs and more without the bulk or formality of a frame. For more information about our apartments in midtown Toronto, visit us at