Fun and functional fridge projects

Turn your fridge into a hub of organization with the following DIY projects. Whether you are looking for a calendar, to-do list, functional whiteboard or other practical solutions for organization, Greenrock Property Management has you covered. Our Village Green Community is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, within walking distance of public transit, entertainment, shopping, great restaurants and more.


Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer


A quick and easy project that will have you organized in a pinch is this Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer. This tutorial uses fridge magnets and a variety of whiteboards (as to-do lists, calendars, etc.) to organize your daily life without any clutter or mess. The full tutorial is available from All Things Homie and is full of picture tutorials and helpful tips. The Craft Ontario Shop is a 20-minute walk from Greenrock’s Village Green Community in Toronto and is a convenient place to pick up supplies for your DIY Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer.


Chore Charts


Get the little ones involved in daily or weekly chores with this simple fridge DIY Chore Chart. This chore chart will be practically displayed on your fridge, making it a central and convenient place to keep track of what tasks have been completed. For this project you will need magnetic sheets, Mod Podge (or another adhesive), magnets, spray paint and a variety of frames. The full list of instructions is available from Lemon Squeezy Home.


Back-to-school Station


Get your little ones back-to-school ready with the 36th Avenue’s tutorial for this back-to-school station. This helpful little project will have you and your kids organized, while keeping your kitchen clutter-free. This project offers a multifunction station that features a calendar, magnet board and white board. For this tutorial you will need high gloss vinyl, scissors, a marker, tape measure, ruler and Washi Tape.


Get and stay organized this fall with the following functional fridge DIY projects. For more information about our apartments in Church-Wellesley Village, visit us at