Five places to pick up apartment essentials within walking distance

Apartment living is made easy and accessible at Greenrock’s Village Green apartments. Below we have listed five places for apartment essentials within walking distance of our 50 Alexander Street55 Maitland Street, and 40 Alexander Street residences.


1)    Grocery Store: Loblaws


Forgetting a key ingredient for a delicious home cooked meal can be a major hassle. However, when the grocery store is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your apartment, it is convenient and easy to get all the ingredients you need just about whenever you need them.The Loblaws grocery store at Maple Leaf Gardens is located only five minutes away from our 40 Alexander Street apartments, and has the freshest food and ingredients available.


Location: 60 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON


2)    Pharmacy: Shoppers Drug Mart


Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain with over 1,200 stores in Canada. It features a large health and pharmacy section, a wide-range of beauty and skincare products, as well as both food and home goods. Greenrock’s 50 Alexander Street apartments are located only five minutes walking distance away from the local Shoppers Drug Mart, making it easy for one stop shopping.


Location: 465 Yonge Street, Toronto


3)    Décor and Furnishings: HomeSense


For beautiful yet discounted goods for your home check out HomeSense.  This home emporium offers great prices on furniture, kitchen supplies, lighting options, stylish bathroom and bed furnishings, and much more. Homesense is located 15 minutes walking distance away from our 40 Alexander Street apartments, but you might want to grab a car to carry all of your new treasures.


Location: 195 Yonge Street, Toronto


4)    Coffee and Tea: Fuel+


There are plenty of places to pick up coffee or tea in the Church Wellesley Village including Second Cup, David’s Tea and Starbucks. Fuel+ gives all of these chains a run for their money with their exclusive blend of organic fair trade coffee from 23 Degrees. You’ll find more than just espresso beverages, Fuel+ also makes protein shakes and a wide variety of healthy snacks.


Location: 471 Church Street, Toronto


5)    Entertainment: Varsity Cinemas


Looking for some convenient and fun entertainment? Varsity Cinemas (owned by Cineplex Odeon) is only a 15-minute walk away from our 55 Maitland Street apartments. Varsity Cinemas offers the latest and greatest in film, so grab a friend, some popcorn, and enjoy the show!


Location: 7 Charles Street, West, Toronto


Greenrock’s Village Green apartments are conveniently located close to all of life’s necessities including entertainment, great dining options, shopping, and more! For more information on our Toronto properties including the Village Green communities please click here.