Fine pastry and sweet lessons at Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand


One of the best things about of living in Davisville Village is that you’re surrounded by many gourmet guilty pleasures. Thobor’s Café Gourmand, at 627 Mount Pleasant Road, is an authentic Parisian-style boulangerie and pâtisserie. If your French is a little rusty, that means this café specializes in both traditional French bread and pastry. The café also features a great selection of artisanal handmade chocolates and homemade jams. It’s also a perfectly cozy spot to sip a cappuccino and enjoy a great lunch.


Thobor’s Café Gourmand is the real deal. Everything is made fresh, in house, from scratch. It’s run with passion and love by a dream team; Marc and Sylvie Thobor.

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Marc has been baking bread since he was 16. He honed his craft at several Parisian boulangeries after graduating from an accredited three-year bread-baking training and apprenticeship institute. He has a deep understanding of bread chemistry, technique and the essential importance of using fresh, quality ingredients.


Sylvie Thobor is an award-winning pastry maker and chocolatier. She trained at Cacao-Barry Chocolate Academy in Paris, and also earned her pastry chef’s diploma in Paris.

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The Thobor’s location on Mount Pleasant is the original, but the demand for quality baked goods and chocolates led to them opening a second location at 1116 Eglinton Avenue West, and then a third in the city’s east end at 479b Danforth Ave.


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Meeting the high demand for their acclaimed traditional baguettes ($2.85 / $5.70), specialty breads, pastries, and chocolates, requires a tireless and passionate effort from Marc, Sylvie and their team. Simply stepping inside Thobor’s is a feast for the senses, even before you’ve tasted a single morsel. The aroma and the enticing treats on display are incredible. Try a simple and perfect Chocolat Bonbon ($2.20), a traditional Éclair ($5.00), or one their Cake Maison, including Vanilla Almond ($9.00).


Thobor’s is a traditional Parisian Café that uses dairy and eggs, so you won’t find any vegan items on the menu, but there are several gluten-free options including all macarons ($2.60 each or a box of 8 for $20.80), and the Casse Noisette which is a delightful treat of Hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate ganache, praline mousse, covered with a 41% milk chocolate and hazelnut glaze (starting at $7.40).

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If you’ve come to Thobor’s with a big appetite, you will not be disappointed. Choose from their signature sandwiches served on their famous and fresh baguettes, salads, the soup du jour ($5.50), quiches ($5.50), omelettes, or even a fabulous French Burger made with seasoned beef, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and ketchup on a soft sesame seed bun ($8.10).


It is entirely possible that after enjoying the exceptional pâtisseries at Thobor’s, that you will want to learn how to make them yourself. That is why Sylvie created L’Atelier Gourmand – a series of hands-on pastry workshops, instructed by the master, herself. The workshops take place twice per month, on Sundays from 1pm until 4pm, at their 1116 Eglinton Avenue West location. Free parking is available on Glenarden Road and Wembley Road. To ensure a true hands-on experience, each class is limited to only 6 participants, at a cost of $140 + HST.


The upcoming workshops will be:








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Thobor’s Café Gourmand offers those in the Davisville community the true flavour of Paris, without having to leave the neighbourhood!


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