Easy Snacks for Long Weekend Road Trips

No matter how warm it gets, nothing spells summer like the Victoria Day long weekend. Do you have any plans to head to the cottage for your extra day off? To stretch out your holidays and make the most of your time in the car, it’s important to have the right snacks packed for your road trip. Today, the Greenrock blog has some tips to keep your belly full when spending hours on the road. Best of all, these eats are easy to prep at your Toronto apartment.


·       Sandwiches can be great for a car ride but you’ll need to remember to go light on the condiments. Make the sandwiches easy to hold by cutting them in small squares or triangles. For extra convenience, ditch the bread and make roll-ups with tortilla wraps.
·       Car-friendly toppings include deli meats, thinly sliced pickles or cucumbers.
·       Whether you’re making a sandwich or a wrap, cream cheese is a great option to hold everything together. If you’re skipping dairy products, use a thick dip such a hummus or a hearty whole-grain mustard.
·       Pop grapes or other bite-sized fruit in the freezer the night before your trip. Having them frozen is a satisfying and cool snack for the road.
·       Pass on the pre-packaged trail mix and hit the bulk food section instead. Combine nuts and dried fruits to create your own favourite mix. Try unsalted dry-roasted peanuts, shelled almonds, dried mango and apricots. Granola bunches are also a flavourful addition.
·       Choose a low sodium offering of a classic road trip snack: jerky.
·       Prepare a small cooler with ice and stock with reusable water bottles. Add cucumber, mint and lemon slices to your bottles for extra flavour.
·       Stop by roadside stands for fresh produce and baked goods.
·       If your snacks run out or you don’t have time to prepare, resist the urge to stop at Timmy’s or at the larger chain restaurants. Instead, elect for smaller independent restaurants, fry trucks or farmer’s markets. Options like this make a trip more memorable and can start a new May 2-4 tradition.
·       Traffic can get pretty crazy going to and from Toronto on the long weekend, so don’t just sit in gridlock. Instead, plan ahead to pull off the road and enjoy a picnic at a rest area or a park. It may seem slower but getting off the 400 series highway and taking the road less travelled is a less stressful way to start or end your weekend.


If you’re sticking around the city for the long weekend, pack a blanket and create a custom picnic using some of the snack ideas above. A lot of folks clear out of Toronto and hit the road, so why not use this time with fewer crowds to your advantage.  The city has lots of park spaces that are just begging to be explored.


Where will you be heading this long weekend? What sort of snacks will you be packing? We’re eager to hear your plans and would love some tips for an easy and unusual road trip from Toronto over the long weekend.  Looking for a new apartment in Toronto call home? Start your next roadtrip from Greenrock’s apartments located in Toronto’s Downtown, Central and North York.