DIY Creative Bookshelves

Get organized and stay organized with the following do-it-yourself creative bookshelf options. All of the following ideas are simple, inexpensive and can be DIY’d from the comfort of your own home. Greenrock’s Wingreen Court apartments in Toronto are the perfect place to put these space saving solutions to good use.


1)    Ladder Shelf


Next time you are at a garage sale, antique or thrift store keep an eye out for a ladder. Ladders can make the perfect base for a beautiful do-it-yourself bookshelf. This DIY is simple to do, requires very few materials and is a great way to save money while still creating a unique yet functional piece of furniture. Try using a wooden ladder for a more rustic and antique feel, or a metal ladder for a more modern and industrial vibe. Leaning it against a wall allows it to sidestep baseboard molding and receptacles and offers an open and airy design that allows the room to feel more spacious. For a full tutorial check out ‘This Old House’s’ website for more information.


2)    Old Books


Old and antique books provide the perfect base for a unique DIY bookshelf. This option is also referred to as a ‘floating bookshelf’ where the book itself acts as the support or shelving unit. Simply use a wall bracket, some screws, a hardcover book (which will act as the base) and you are good to go! The hardcover book will conceal the wall brackets giving it a ‘floating’ appearance, while other books can be piled on top for an easy shelf. The full tutorial is available from ‘Instructables’, including detailed pictures and a step-by-step guide. Pick up supplies for this DIY project at Walmart, located less than a 30-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s 8 Wingreen Court community.


3)    Suitcase Shelving


Do you have or know someone who has an old suitcase or two lying around? Vintage luggage can make for the perfect bookshelf when flipped to one side and attached to a wall. For another take on suitcase shelving check out the ‘Huffington Post’s’ article on turning vintage luggage into a sturdy and clever set of unique shelves. This how-to is both fun and full functional!


4)    Flat Wall Bookshelves


Flat wall bookshelves are a space saving alternative to keep kids (and adults) books in an easy to reach and easy to put away place. They can be made for less than five dollars each, or free if you have some wood scraps lying around. Try adding them on blank wall spaces, top bunks or throughout the home to add stylish storage. The full tutorial is available from ‘Ana White’ and includes pictures, materials, instructions and more. Home Depot is less than a 20-minute transit ride from Greenrock’s 2 Wingreen Court and is the perfect place to pick up supplies for your DIY flat wall bookshelf.


Greenrock’s Wingreen Court apartments offer a family friendly location set on a quiet cul-de-sac that is easily accessible to public transportation, great shopping, entertainment, recreation and much more. Additional information on our Wingreen Court apartments and other Toronto properties is available here.