Creative ways to store your bulk purchases

In smaller spaces it might feel like buying in bulk is out of the question, but with some creative storage ideas it’s easy and cost effective to buy in bulk. Greenrock’s Village Green community in Toronto features space saving amenities such as ample closet space and on-site storage lockers in addition to our other suite highlights that include wood parquet flooring, beautiful city and park views, as well as modern appliances.


Bench it


A storage bench with a hinged lid is a handy place to store some of your bulk purchases. It can be placed in your mudroom, entryway, or kitchen, and can be used for everything from large volumes of pet supplies to excess Kraft Dinner boxes. Using a bench to store goods is a practical and discrete solution to your bulk supply. For a unique design twist try searching for old-fashioned benches (with hinged lids) at flea markets, antique stores and even yard sales. Slap a coat of paint on it to match your home’s colour scheme and you are ready to start storing.


Under the Bed


Hiding items under the bed may have been an old tactic from our childhood days, but the space under your bed can actually make for a perfect storage area. You can store canned goods, large bags of bulk grains, paper products and cleaning supplies easily and out-of-sight. Simply place any un-perishable items in a long, narrow plastic bin with wheels and roll under the bed for easy access. If you are worried about the bin’s visibility, you can always invest in a handy bed skirt to conceal items.


Display it


For a small or non-existent pantry, why not show off bulk items like grains and beans? These items give a rustic and fun feel when placed in mason jars and can be displayed on shelves, countertops and even in the living room. Get creative and use a variety of different sizes and shapes of mason jars and containers for an eclectic vibe. Simply portion big quantities into smaller jars for a creative yet practical storing option. Bulk Barn is only a five-minute walk away from our 55 Maitland Street apartments and offers a wide selection of grains, nuts, snacks, baking ingredients, spices and more.


Create a Bulk Station


An empty wall in an office or spare room can be the perfect place to store the largest of your bulk purchases such as paper towels, large containers of oils, flats of bottled water/pop and more. Before creating your bulk station make sure that the space does not get overly hot or damp as this can spoil certain dry goods and paper products. Easy to assemble metal shelving units are readily available and are great for these items. Homesense, located less than an eight-minute transit ride away from our 40 Alexander Street apartments, is a great place to search for easy storage solutions such as shelving units. Remember to stack heavier items on the bottom shelves for stability. To provide extra security to your bulk station, try stretching bungee cords across the front and sides of open shelves to secure items that could slide or tip over.


Greenrock’s Village Green apartments offer ample storage space for all of your bulk purchases, along with all of the other amazing property amenities and features. More information onGreenrock’s Toronto properties can be found here.