Cleaning Out Your Closet This Spring

Just because we’re heading into summer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t finish off some spring cleaning. Greenrock Property Management is here to help you get the motivation to clean out your closets. A purge can make you feel free and easy heading into the summer months. Here are some ways to efficiently donate and repurpose items from your closet.




Before you begin to clean, preparation is key to begin your closet clear-out. Have containers, boxes and some plastic bags on hand.


Divide & Conquer


Break down the workload by doing small tasks one at a time. Don’t make the common mistake of pulling all the items out of your closet. This makes the job too big and means you’re apt to lose momentum. Instead, break the task into smaller projects to make cleaning your closet more efficient.


The Hanger Trick


Go through your closet and clear out anything you haven’t worn in three months or more. If there are still items you can’t part with, implement the hanger policy.  Start off with all of the hangers placed backwards on the closet rod. Whenever you wear an item, return it to the closet facing forward. Choose August as your end-date for the experiment and by the end of the summer the pieces that are ready to be donated will still be hanging backwards.


See clutter for what it really is


Try to distance yourself from sentimentality about your stuff. By making the choice to donate your items you can know that your things are going to find use in a new home. Implement a three pile system and sort your items by keep, maybe and donate. Once all of your items have been divided, go and clear your head. Take some time and go for a walk or maybe even have a nap. When you return, go though your maybe pile again with fresh eyes; some time away from your closet will help you to be more ruthless about getting rid of your things.


Host a Clothing Swap


Inspire some friends to clean out their closets too; invite some friends to a clothing swap. Make it fun with BYOB and some light snacks. All you’ll need is a great playlist prepped and you’ll be ready for a full-on fashion show. Not only will you be able to replace your unwanted pieces with ‘new-to-you’ clothing to wear, it’s also a lot of fun with friends. Schedule a next-day pickup from the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). The Clothesline program collects and sells used clothing and brings a representative right to your door to pick up your donations. This way, all the leftover clothing will be repurposed and you won’t be stuck with all the cast-offs after the party.


For more information and to schedule a pickup: Canadian Diabetes Clothesline Program
This program also accepts household and electronic items with 100 per cent of profits supporting the CDA in education, advocacy and research work. You can also visit the CDA website to find a drop box or a donation centre nearby.


Other Options to Donate


Beyond the usual suspects, there are also a few smaller organizations in Toronto to donate clothing:


Furniture Bank


This group works with the city’s Streets to Homes program as well as with 64 shelters and agencies serving abused women, refugee families, and at-risk youth. Items accepted include: small appliances, TVs, bedframes and mattresses. Tax receipts are issued for all donations.


Visit: or call 416-934-1229.


New Circles


The program offers used clothing to shelters, schools, food banks and individuals. Their programs include: Seniors’ Mobile Mall, Holiday Programs, a Prom Boutique and more.


Visit: or call 416-422-2591


Dress for Success Toronto


Do you have extra suits or professional attire you’re looking to repurpose? Dress for success assists disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and career development.


Visit: or call 416-901-6022


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