Back to School Shopping Tips

Time to take the chaos out of back to school shopping with Greenrock’s tips for making your shopping trip easy, affordable, and dare we say enjoyable. With apartments located throughout Toronto, Greenrock Property Management makes back to school shopping a breeze for the entire family.


1)   Create a list and budget (and stick to it)


Write up a list of items your kids need and want, making sure to separate the necessities from the wants. It’s important to shop for the necessities first and the wants second. Once the list is created begin working on the budget for each item. To do a little productive multitasking, get your children involved in the budgeting process to help teach them a little finance lesson.


2)   Take inventory


Before starting out on the back to school shopping quest, it is important to take stock of what your kids already own. Check your home for items currently on the list, making sure to look through your kitchen, bedrooms, office, garage, and more for items that can be used for school without spending extra money.


3)   Look out for online deals


Enjoy the convenience of shopping at home with great online shopping deals. It’s easy to find online retailers who offer free shipping, free coupons, and promotional codes to ensure that you get the best deals possible. Check out sites like Red Flag Deals and Bargain Moose for the latest savings in Toronto and online.


4)   Host a clothing swap with other parents


Why not try hosting a clothing and toy exchange with other parents? Make it into a fun event by hosting the parents of a few children of similar ages, sizes, and genders to exchange kid’s clothing, accessories, and even toys. A clothing swap is a great way to clean out the closets and get organized while catching up with friends and saving money. Any leftover items can be donated to charity. Hosting a swap party is a breeze at Greenrock’s Wingreen Court apartments located on a quiet family friendly cul-de-sac close to amazing shopping.


5)   Shop end of summer sales


Brace the crowds for amazing back to school summer deals and summer clearance items that just can’t be missed. With over 230 stores, the Eaton Centre is the perfect place to get all of your shopping done in one place. The Eaton Centre is located only minutes away from our 40 Alexander Street apartments.


6)   Use social media


Use social media to “like” and “follow” your favourite retailers on Facebook and Twitter to received exclusive deals, promotional codes, and up to date savings information.  Use twitter to search for hash tags such as #deal, #save, #coupon, etc. to find money saving retailers.


Make life easy on you and your family by following the above tips for an effortless back to school season. Greenrock has apartments in the family friendly Toronto neighborhoods of Davisville Village, Village Green, and Wingreen Court. Please click here to learn more about Greenrock’s community properties.