The best family-friendly restaurants near Davisville Village


We love sitting down to a family meal at a great restaurant. It gives us time to catch up, tell stories and share some delicious food! There are a lot of amazing family-friendly restaurant options in and around the Davisville Village neighbourhood. You can enjoy food from all over the world here. To help you plan your next night out with the family, here are some of the best family-friendly restaurants near Davisville Village


Credit: Grazie Ristorante


Grazie Ristorante


A beautiful interior, comfortable seats and exceptional Italian fare make Grazie Ristorante (2373 Yonge Street) a great choice for your next family meal on the town. There are plenty of vegetarian options at this restaurant too – our favourite is the Tasca ($18.50). It’s a dish of fresh pasta filled with ricotta, spinach, mushrooms and brie, then baked in creamy tomato porcini sauce. Don’t forget to ask for a chili oil drizzle for a bit of extra flavour! The Bruschetta appetizer ($7) is a great way to start a meal, while the Tiramisu ($8) (with mascarpone cheese, fresh cream and ladyfingers dipped in espresso and liqueurs) is the perfect way to finish a memorable meal. Kids will love the Chocolate Chip Banana Cake ($8).


Credit: Mariachi’s Mexican Cuisine




When your family is in the mood for authentic Mexican food at very fair prices, make sure you payMariachi’s  Restaurant (2084 Yonge Street) a visit. This cozy, family run establishment has been a staple in the neighbourhood for years. The food is simple and incredible. Start with an order of warm tortilla chips and guacamole ($8.95), then move on to the Mole Chicken ($15.95). It has a complex, rich flavour, but it’s not spicy. The Mole (pronounced Mole-eh) contains over 40 ingredients – including chocolate!


Credit: Granite Brewery and Tide House


Granite Brewery


Granite Brewery & Restaurant (245 Eglinton Avenue East) was a pioneer in the craft brewing scene when they opened their doors in 1991. They brew a wide array of their own beers on-site. During the warmer weather, their front and rear patios are the place to be — whether it’s for a quick drink or a full meal. The menu is classic pub fare. To start, you can’t go wrong with the Butter Chicken Pizza ($10). The Walnut Crusted Baked Salmon Fillet ($18) is a great main course, and their burgers and sandwiches will please everyone. If you haven’t already, read our feature article on Granite Brewery from earlier this year.


Credit: @pi_co_pizza


Pi Co


Attention all pizza lovers, Pi Co (2177 Yonge Street) has some of the best pizzas in town! Forget about trying to get the entire family to agree to the same toppings, at Pi Co you can get personal sized pizzas with unlimited toppings for just $13 each. Margherita pizzas are just $9. They bake their pies in an 800 degree oven for just 90 seconds! They know how much you love pizza, so they have them for dessert, too! Try a Sweet Pi with unlimited toppings for only $6.


Credit: @copacabana_eglinton

Copacabana Brazilian Steak House


When you visit the Copacabana Brazilian Steak House  (150 Eglinton Avenue East) be sure to come hungry. This all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steak House offers a fun family experience and great food — especially if you like grilled meat. There is also a buffet full of salads and cheese, but the real focus is the meat. Your server will give you a pair of tongs and a paper button. Flip the button to one side and the meat carvers will come with more fine cuts of meat. There is a lot of meat to sample — from top sirloin, to Parmesan filet mignon and picanha (a Brazilian specialty). There are over 16 cuts to choose from. Save some room for dessert – they specialize in cinnamon roasted pineapples that are out of this world!


We hope that you and your family dine at one of these local restaurants. We know that having a few favourite spots for family meals in your neighbourhood makes it feel like home.


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You gotta eat at Five Doors North


You gotta eat at Five Doors North! Not that we’re telling you what to do – but you really have to! This restaurant was a neighbourhood mainstay long before being featured on The Food Network’s, You Gotta Eat Here! In fact, many of the regulars view Five Doors North as the heart of the neighbourhood!  We spoke with Manager; Kara Anderson to find out what makes this place so special.


Credit: Five Doors North


Kara, what is your most popular menu item and what makes it special?


Our Gnocchi is definitely one of our most popular menu items. It’s a house made Gnocchi. And Gnocchi is very simple – but hard to do right. So, we have kind of mastered the technique of Gnocchi here. It’s always consistent. It’s always the same. And it’s always really tasty. We smother it in a Gorgonzola cream sauce, so it’s something that’s pretty strong in flavour, but a lotof people like it. Even kids are surprised to enjoy it!


Credit: Five Doors North


Sounds delicious! What has been the outcome for your restaurant since being featured on You Gotta Eat Here?


We definitely saw a few new faces! But we’ve always been a pretty ‘regular’ place. We have a lot of people in the area that have been regulars since way before that show. But it was nice to have [You Gotta Eat Here] come in and showcase some of our best stuff!


Credit: Five Doors North


What is the atmosphere of your restaurant like and what kind of demographic do you usually serve?


We are across the board. We’re a local shop. So, basically we serve a lot of people who live in the area. For families, it’s definitely a very good ‘safe spot’. We get a lot of dinner parties in as well for birthday parties, or family dinners, things like that. The vibe is casual fine dining. The food is top notch, while the service is more casual and laid back.


Would you describe the food as ‘traditional Italian’? Or do you take some artistic license with it?


We take a little liberty. We have a lot of traditional Italian items, but then we also do some more contemporary Canadian stuff. Take our ribs, for example. While not traditionally Italian, they are one of the most popular items. That’s because we co-own the butcher shop across the street. It’s called The Butcher’s Son. All of our meats are ethically sourced, including the ribs which are braised in an incredible house made BBQ sauce. That’s not traditional Italian, but it is very popular.


Take a stroll over to Five Doors North and experience the magic that makes them so popular. Find them at 2088 Yonge Street, just north of Davisville. Five Doors North is a great example of a local neighbourhood shop that is doing something special. Their relationship with the butcher across the street adds to this real feeling of community. It’s like a slice of small town life in the heart of the biggest city in the country. It’s just the sort of thing that makes life in Davisville Village unique.


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Spice it up at Marigold Indian Restaurant


There are several options in the Davisville neighbourhood when you are in the mood for authentic Indian cuisine. They all offer their own version of flavourful classic Indian dishes, heavy on spices and seasoning, that warm up the body and the soul. Most options also go heavy on the oil, butter and cream. It can be delicious, but it may not be very nutritious to eat on a regular basis. Marigold Indian Bistro (552 Mt Pleasant Road) is changing all that. We spoke with owner, Ritu Khadri to find out how they do it differently at Marigold.


Courtesy of Marigold Indian Bistro


Tell us Ritu, what motivated you to incorporate both traditional and more modern takes on Indian cuisine in your menu?


Authentic Indian food calls for lots of oil, or butter, in pretty much everything. It’s a lot of variety, it’s so many spices and herbs from various states of India.  We have blended different combinations and tried to make it more like a healthier version of Indian food. Most of our sauces that we prepare are really healthy. We don’t use lots of oil in everything and not [too many] spices. So it’s like, authentic Indian – still the Indian taste, but considering the healthy aspect of it. So, the quality is better – I would say.


Courtesy of Marigold Indian Bistro


That sounds like a dream! What are your most popular menu items?


Our Butter Chicken ($15.95) is really popular. Our Palak Paneer ($12.95) is really popular. We have some vegan specialty items on the menu that people come for, like our tofu. Our seafood is popular, in particular the Calamari appetizer ($13.95). Aloo tikki is really popular.


Courtesy of Marigold Indian Bistro


Who doesn’t like butter chicken! Is your butter chicken made in the healthier way that you were talking about?


Yes, yes, yes. Most of the Indian restaurants use a lot of cream to prepare butter chicken. We actually cook it with milk. It’s a very healthy version.


Courtesy of Marigold Indian Bistro


Do you take inspiration for your meals from all over India, or certain regions?


It’s actually from all around the country. Some of our dishes are inspired from the North side like Aloo Tikki ($9.95), Dahl Puri ($9.95), you know, more of the yogurt options and more of the street food options are inspired by the North part of India – like, samosas, pakoras and everything, so Punjab and Haryana. Then we have some sauces, like our Goan Seafood Curry ($21.95), it’s a specialty from a region in India – Goa. We have Kerala Fish, which is inspired from the state Kerala which is the South side – so yeah, it’s actually from all over.


Courtesy Marigold Indian Bistro


Is there anything else that sets Marigold apart from other Indian restaurants in Toronto?


As our name suggests it’s a bistro. In terms of what we serve, it’s a fusion of Indian spice with a Canadian taste. So, it’s good for the diversified Canadian crowd as well as the Ayurvedic crowd, so it’s good for both. Every dish of ours has a unique flavour. We use many different types of sauces, and each sauce is extremely different from the others. Most of the other Indian Restaurants, they have a few basic sauces that they are using in all the dishes. Ours is not so. We use many different types of spice. Our pakoras are made of mixed seasonal vegetables, so we keep changing the menu according to [the season]. That’s what makes us different.


Courtesy Marigold Indian Bistro


What would say is the atmosphere at Marigold Indian Bistro?


Considering the ambiance of the place, it’s good for couples as well as for families. We have crowds of all different kinds. Business lunches, family gatherings, big groups coming in for dinner. It’s good for parties. People can book [the entire restaurant] and we close for [private] parties. I think it suits everybody.


If you love the flavour of authentic Indian food, and love the idea of a healthier alternative, you owe it to yourself to give Marigold Indian Bistro a try. Their unique take on traditional cuisine is part of what makes this neighbourhood special.
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Enjoy Coffee and Cats at Meow Cat Cafe


Picture this: you’re sitting down at a lovely neighbourhood cafe, enjoying a hot beverage. Suddenly something warm and furry brushes up against your leg! Usually, this would be cause for alarm, but it’s all par for the course at Meow Cat Cafe  (556 Mt Pleasant Road). This cute cafe near Greenrock at Davisville Village combines coffee and cats, so you can get a dose of caffeine and cuteness all at once.


We asked owner Erica Yun what inspired her to open such an adorable business in the heart of Mt. Pleasant Village:


My mom and I love coffee. We were always thinking of opening a small cafe but we didn’t want our cats to stay at home, lonely, without anyone who could care of them during the daytime. So the cat cafe was the solution.


Courtesy of Meow Cat Cafe


If you’re as curious as a cat about this business concept, you’re not alone! It’s trend that is cropping up all over North America, after becoming popular in Asia. The first cat cafe opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. It became something of a tourist destination. The idea slowly spread and cat cafes began to pop up across South East Asia. A cat cafe is essentially a place where customers can find coffee, companionship and comfort.


The kitties that roam Meow Cat Cafe all belong to Erica and her mother. They are six well-loved and friendly felines who spend most of each day playing with toys and taking catnaps within the cafe. There is a placard on the wall where patrons can learn the name, age and breed of each cat.

Courtesy of Meow Cat Cafe


It’s not all smooth sailing — customers are expected to follow ground rules to avoid stressing out the cats during their visit.


The most basic rule is that ‘each visitor purchases a drink to stay at our cafe.’

And because this is a cat cafe, the’ happiness and safety of our cats is a priority.

‘Respect the cat’s mood while staying at the cafe.’ Remember this and keep good manners to[ward] my cats, that is all.

Some cat cafes charge a cover, but at Meow, all they ask is that you purchase a drink and respect the animals. There is a more detailed list of rules to observe on the corkboard as you come in. Common sense applies here — don’t disturb sleeping cats, don’t feed them people food, and don’t use flash photography. Visitors are encouraged to read the posted list before they enter. Families are more than welcome, as long as your children can respect the rules.

Courtesy of Meow Cat Cafe


The atmosphere at Meow Cat Cafe is clean and bright. There are seating arrangements at the front and back. The place is full of cats, but it doesn’t smell like a place that is full of cats! They also carry a variety of cat toys and supplies to bring back to your own cat – but they do ask that you keep your kitty at home. Cats are territorial and introducing new four legged friends can cause stress – and Meow Cat Cafe is all about reducing stress. If the idea of chilling out with a coffee or tea, while petting a cat or two, appeals to you, then you need pay a visit to Meow!


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Dental hygiene tips from an amazing local dentist


Good oral health is very important for overall health. When it comes to keeping your smile healthy, good oral hygiene and high quality dental care for you and your family is key. We spoke with Dr. Noah Belman of Belman Dental Centre, a second generation family practice, to learn about his business in the Davisville Village neighbourhood and his best tips for keeping your mouth healthy.


We opened this office in February 2014. We had a clinic at Yonge and Eglinton since the late 60’s. My father opened that practice, he has since retired and I moved the practice down to Yonge and Davisville. [It’s] a nice, quiet, family filled pocket in Mid-town. Away from the busyness of the city, but the city is still very accessible.


photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre

photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre


When it comes to good oral hygiene there is no shortcut. The tried and true method of regular brushing and flossing is still most effective for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Belman has some great advice for his patients on brushing and flossing:


The two most important aspects of oral hygiene are removal of plaque (food and bacteria) and physical massage of the gums. For most people, brushing and flossing is enough if it’s done properly. If one thinks about massaging their gums while they brush, they will usually do a better job. Mouth rinses and salt water rinses can be a decent adjunct but nothing replaces proper brushing and flossing.


photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre

photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre


For patients battling chronic infections and gum disease, more care is needed. Symptoms such as tender or bleeding gums are typical and issues that need to be treated. Dr. Belman notes that bleeding gums are often ignored by patients.


There are some commonly missed areas when brushing and flossing. One thing we see quite often is patients with crowded teeth and associated gum disease. If the teeth are straight, the lips and the tongue are constantly cleaning the teeth, if the teeth are crowded however, there are places that the lips and tongue cannot access, leading to increased plaque and increased gum disease. Orthodontics for adults (Invisalign and braces) is a great option to correct crowding and decrease gum disease.


photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre

photo courtesy Belman Dental Centre


For those blessed with a healthy mouth that’s free of infection or disease, you may still find yourself reluctant to show the world your smile for cosmetic reasons. This is another area of specialty at Belman Dental Centre . “Smile redesign can incorporate an combination of procedures”, says Dr. Belman. “Whether you require orthodontics using Invisalign, tooth whitening with Zoom, veneers, or closure of “black triangles” (spaces between the teeth near the gums), Belman Dental Centre  is a full service practice.


Dr. Belman and the team at Belman Dental Centre  enjoy helping patients achieve that all important, healthy and confident smile – and it shows.


We have a wonderful environment and I enjoy making every patient’s experience a good one. I am a perfectionist and doing dental work allows me an avenue to make things perfect.

Belman Dental Centre is located at 1881 Yonge Street, Suite 403 at the intersection of Yonge and Davisville, directly across from Davisville Subway Station. If you looking for a dentist located in Midtown Toronto, contact their office today.


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