Alfred is changing the dry cleaning game


In a city like Toronto, most of us lead busy lives. We scramble to keep up with life’s necessary tasks, like cooking and cleaning, while trying to maintain a balance in our work lives and social lives. Simple but necessary tasks, like taking your clothes to the dry cleaners, can really throw a wrench into your day. You have to drop off and pick up your items during the shop’s business hours, and don’t get us started on the inevitable lineup. Before you join the queue, allow us to introduce you to Alfred. Alfred is not a person, it’s a dry cleaning/laundry service that is changing the game and helping to liberate you from the burden of laundry day.


Credit: @alfredservice


So how does it work? Unlike most dry cleaning services where you have to visit one location and interact with a clerk, Alfred has drop off lockers. Currently, Alfred only serves private condos but you’re in luck if you live at Village Green in the Church and Wellesley area. There is an Alfred public depot at 564 Church Streetthat you can access 24 hours a day.


Credit: @alfredservice


To get started, simply place your items in a locker and they will be returned clean and repaired (if required). It’s not magic, it’s technology.


For your very first order — once your items are safely locked up in the drop off locker and protected by a 4 digit access code — log into the Alfred app or send a text to Alfred and provide the company with your secret access code. Your items will usually be returned within 48 hours, unless special care or repairs are required. Alfred will text you to let you know when your order is complete, what locker to grab your clothing from, give you a new access code, and the final amount of your bill. All you have to do is pick up your package at your convenience! Your items will be returned with your very own ID tag. This means you never need to contact Alfred again. All you have to do is leave your items to be cleaned in a locker with your ID tag. Alfred’s staff checks the lockers daily.


If you want to contact Alfred, you are certainly able to. If you have special instructions for your most prized garments, alterations or repairs that you’d like made, or if you want to point out a stubborn stain, it’s easy to let Alfred know. As Alfred says;

I’ll take a picture of each dry-cleaning garment and upload it to your Alfred account. There, you can share your specific cleaning instructions for each article of clothing and gaze lovingly at your clothes. Rest assured, your favourite blazer is as precious to me as it is to you, and I will care for it accordingly. – ‘Alfred’.

The system also allows you to keep track of every stage of your order. Simply log into your account and check the whereabouts of your wardrobe. You can also keep track of your bill online, and you’ll receive an itemized receipt along with your returned package. Gone are the days of keeping track of tickets and scraps of paper.

Credit: @alfredservice


Alfred doesn’t just get your clothes clean, they’re also as green as possible. Their dry cleaning process uses GreenEarth organic solvents and water, along with the most environmentally safe methods available during every step of the way. Their wash and fold laundry service (10 lbs minimum order) allows you to choose your laundry detergent, including Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Natural. Alfred wants to keep your clothes and the planet as clean as can be.


So go ahead, make a mess, and let Alfred clean it up while you go have brunch. Alfred will help you free up your schedule for life’s activities that you actually enjoy.


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Eat cheap with Feedback!


At Greenrock, we always do what we can to serve the community. We love supporting businesses that give back. Feedback, a new app developed in Toronto, is an example of a company that wants to make the world a better place. They don’t believe that profit must be generated at someone else’s expense.  CEO and co-founder Ben Walters tells us, “Feedback wants to change the way that we as a society approach food waste, and buying food in general.”


Credit: @feedback_app


Feedback is a platform that lets consumers access great food from great vendors at the lowest possible price-point, during off-hours. This helps vendors reduce or eliminate food waste. It’s a win-win-win. Let us break it down for you — the consumer wins by getting a great deal, the vendor wins by reducing food waste and increasing their profits, and the community wins due to less food going to waste and winding up in landfills. The impact of food waste on the environment is immense so this is a very important initiative. But Feedback doesn’t stop there. To further benefit the community they have partnered with Second Harvest Food Rescue.


Right now, Feedback makes a financial donation to Second Harvest every time a meal is purchased. With that money, Second Harvest is able to rescue and serve an additional meal to a local individual in need through one of their 250 agencies across Toronto. – Ben Walters


Credit: @feedback_app


Feedback was co-founded by cousins Josh and Ben Walters. The idea was born one night in Italy. Josh and Ben were in a pizzeria and the place was closing for the evening. The owner offered them free pizzas as they would otherwise be thrown away. Josh and Ben realized that practically every food vendor — restaurants, bakeries, cafes, salad bars, grocers — face a similar situation. They all have ingredients or prepared food that simply goes to waste at the end of the day. To make matters worse, many restaurants are empty for much of the day and this makes it almost impossible for them to predict the proper amount of food to prepare and keep fresh. There was no system in place to reduce the waste or incentivize the vendor — until now.


Credit: @feedback_app


Feedback offers a discounted price to the consumer on the food they love, reduces or eliminates waste and gives back. They are thinking long term and seek to “continually improve the condition of our planet and the lives of the people in it.” Feedback believes that food is a precious resource and any waste is too much waste. And the idea is catching on:


We have over 85 restaurants on-board right now! As well as one organic grocer in St. Lawrence Market. Feedback aims to be in 1000 restaurants by the end of 2018, with the goal of selling over 200,000 meals and donating over $50,000.


So how does it work? The people at Feedback know that profit margins in the food industry are tight and that every dollar counts. They also know that food vendors don’t have much time to spare in their busy day. They designed their platform to be risk and hassle-free. There are no upfront costs for the vendor or consumer, no commitments. The vendor simply updates their app when leftover food becomes available which only takes a few seconds. Feedback then notifies their users so that you can order and come by to pick it up your food before closing time. The consumer simply shows the vendor their mobile receipt. That’s it!


We love the way Feedback solves a major problem and goes above and beyond to give back to people in need. We hope you will download the app to save money on food purchases, help reduce food waste, and help the hungry.


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Listen and learn at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival!


The first Hot Docs Podcast Festival tested the waters in Toronto last year, starting out as a small project hoping to garner some attention. The festival attracted enormous audiences and generated some fabulous feedback, paving the way for this year’s bigger and better experience. Don’t miss out on the new and improved Hot Docs Podcast Festival from October 12th to 15th at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. The festival’s four-day lineup features ten acclaimed and adored podcasts, five insider panels, plus networking meet-and-greet style events.


In its first year, the Podcast Festival was a small pilot project to showcase some great storytellers and create unique experiences for our audience. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the audiences were huge and the feedback was tremendous. 
-Alan Black, Managing Director of Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema and Co-curator of Hot Docs Podcast Festival


It’s no surprise to us that the event was so popular — people love the intimacy of podcasts. Podcasts are most often enjoyed through earphones, which can make it feel as though the host or guest is speaking directly to you.


Credit: Hot Docs Podcast Festival


The Panels:


Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? You’re in luck! There are several panels at the festival designed to help you launch your own podcast project.


Finding Your Voice


Finding Your Voice: The Art and Craft of Hosting a Podcast offers the opportunity for candid chat with popular podcast hosts about how to cultivate your talents as a storyteller and develop a relationship with an audience. Join moderator, Hanna Sung, co host of the Globe and Mail podcast Colour Code as she picks the brains of Sook Yin Lee; host of CBC’s Sleepover, Ryan McMahon; host of Red Man Laughing andCanadaland Commons and Dan Misener; host of Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.


Informative Panels


Potential podcasters may also want to check out informative panels including Podcasting Essentials: The Tools You Need to Make Your Show, and Ready for Takeoff: What it Takes to Launch a Successful New Podcast.


The Decision Makers


Podcasts are a new media format to be reckoned with. They can democratize the media and eliminate the gatekeepers. Podcasting networks can put their combined media muscle behind a show to help take it to the next level. Learn more about what networks are looking for with The Decision Makers: Podcast Executives in Conversation. Join executives from Radiotopia, Gimlet Media and CBC as they talk about building a roster and what shapes their decisions.


Meet and Greet


For those looking for an even more intimate experience, you can join Radiotopia executive producer Julie Shapiro, Nigel Poor of the Ear Hustle podcast, Nate Dimeo from The Memory Palace and as well as other audio producers for a free and informal meet and greet at Black Rock Coffee (677 Bloor Street West).




The Hotdocs Podcast Festival is all about seeing the show(s) you love to listen to come to life on stage. Join host, Jeremy Scahill as he’s joined by Naomi Klein, Desmond Cole and artist Yassin Alsalman (Narcy), for a fearless discussion on Intercepted.


Another Round


Enjoy the funny and informative cultural commentary of Another Round. It’s best described by hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton as “happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet”.




The CANADALAND podcast comes to life with host Jesse Brown as he’s joined by Toronto Star Washington correspondent Daniel Dale. Listen in as they discuss the role facts play (or don’t play) in today’s political climate.


There are many great shows and panels to experience at this year’s festival. That’s the beauty and power of podcasting. Whatever you’re interested in, there is a program that seems like it was made just for you. As Alan Black puts it:


This year, I believe we’ve curated the greatest assemblage of podcasts and panels to ever hit this country, and we’re so excited for the opportunity to not only build on our own success, but to help facilitate opportunities for a community of audio creators that we had a small part in helping to create.


Watch ideas come to life before your eyes and ears at the second annual Hot Docs Podcast Festival. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the creators of your favourite shows and meet members of the community.


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