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Fashion can be fabulous, but let’s face it, it can also be prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, there is a great shop near Toronto’s Davisville neighbourhood that sells high quality designer fashion at prices you can actually afford. At Rewind Couture (577 Mt Pleasant Road) you’ll find hand-picked high end fashion pieces for a fraction of the price you’d pay in a regular retail store. You can also use the business to turn your fashionable closet clutter into cash — Rewind Couture will buy clothing and accessories from you. You can visit their store to sell your items on the spot or let them come to you — they make house calls! We spoke with Dawn Librach, Owner and Manager, to find out how she makes the magic happen at Rewind Couture.


Credit: @rewind_cr


So Dawn, what do you think sets Rewind Couture apart from other vintage retailers?


Rewind Couture is a hand-selected store. So, instead of consignment, what we actually do is buy the pieces directly from our customers. We source from all over the United States (and Canada), so it’s a hand-curated collection. Whereas, other stores what they do is they do consignment. They put everything in the store. I hand pick each piece, so it’s kind of my taste. It’s all high end designers, as well.


Credit: @rewind_cr

Sounds like a great collection! We noticed that you are a recent grad of the Ryerson Entrepreneurship Program — how has business been going since you opened in 2014? Did the program help you establish a solid business model?


Yeah, definitely! Business has been amazing! We’ve increased sales rapidly. People like that it’s a very personalized experience. People come in and ask us to dress them. Business has been flourishing. And I think by being in the Ryerson Entrepreneurship Program I really learned how to identify opportunities and how to differentiate myself. I think that played a big part in why my business was so successful.


Credit: @rewind_cr


So, all the clothes come to you directly from your customers?


Yes! We buy directly from our customers. You get cash for your clothes! So it’s really advantageous because you get it instantaneously – rather than having to wait for something to sell. We also do home visits! So, we will come to you, you don’t have to bring the clothing to us. We give you cash, right on the spot. People are really happy with that.

Credit: @rewind_cr


It does sound super convenient for your customers! Since you carry so many designer items, can you tell us what the most special item you’ve sold or carried at the store was?


We’ve carried Hermès Kelly bags, we’ve had Hermès Birkin bags, Chanel purses, blazers, jackets. I think those are the most special. We also offer a mixture of vintage designers as well, because I think fashion is fashion, however you want to express yourself. We’ve had pieces, pre-used, from Yves St. Laurent — jackets that have been unbelievable, that you can’t find anywhere else!

Credit: @rewind_cr


Wow! That’s really impressive! What is the typical price range of items available in your store?


We do everything 80 to 90 percent less than retail. So, if a jacket retails for $1000, in our store it would be $195. So it’s a really good price point.


Credit: @rewind_cr


Thanks for speaking with us, Dawn! We can’t wait to shop with you!


If you’re looking to clean out your closet and make some cash, and maybe add some high end and vintage designer fashion to your wardrobe, pay a visit to Rewind Couture!


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