Decorate your balcony with Hauser


Your balcony is your personal outdoor sanctuary. How you choose to decorate it can make a world of difference. If you’re on the hunt for quality, outdoor furniture that was made to last, you may want to look to the experts at Hauser (218 Merton Street) in Davisville Village.


Hauser is a family-owned Canadian company. They believe in living life to the fullest, outdoors. This philosophy first came from the company’s founder, John Hauser, more than 60  years ago. John was a fifth-generation Austrian blacksmith who moved his family to Canada in 1949 and opened the John Hauser Ironworks, specializing in wrought-iron ornamental fixtures.


John Hauser and his family spent much of the warmer months entertaining family and friends outdoors. Hauser’s passion for outdoor living, family and craftsmanship made him a leader in the outdoor furniture industry.

Credit: Hauser


The second generation of Hausers run the company today, and continue to create quality outdoor furniture with the same philosophy and passion that was passed on from John. Hauser continues to manufacture the majority of what they sell, themselves, locally. You can choose from a variety of materials and styles, including cast, tubular and wrought aluminum, rattan, teak, as well as all-weather rattan. Since Hauser is the manufacturer, customers can also mix and match styles and technologies and have Hauser’s state-of-the-art welding, paint and fabric production line produce the perfect piece.


Hauser takes pride in being a leader in outdoor furniture options. They are open year round to serve you and their dedicated staff are experts in their field.

Credit: Hauser


Your balcony is the perfect place for some serious lounging. Hauser offers a selection of quality outdoor chaise lounges and outdoor lounge seating, including sofas, chairs and ottomans. Choose from a variety of finishes and fabrics to suit your personal style.


Credit: Hauser


If wood is what you love for the outdoors, have a look at Hauser’s line of quality teak benches. It’s like having your own elegantly-styled park bench. Perfect for relaxing and looking out at Davisville Village.


Credit: Hauser


If you prefer to use your balcony as a place to sit and sip a cold drink, or perhaps enjoy a card game with a few friends, have a look at their line of outdoor tables and chairs. You’ll never have to fight the crowds to try and find a spot on a local patio this summer! It doesn’t get more local than this.


Credit: Hauser


Perhaps you prefer to grow something green in your outdoor space. Have a look at their line of outdoor planters, pots and topiaries and get growing with a little help from Hauser.


No matter what you like to use your balcony for, the experts at Hauser can help you make it all that it can be, and more!


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Hot Docs is back!


With over 200 films from across Canada and around the world screened to adoring audiences of more than 200,000 people, Hot Docs is North America’s largest documentary film festival. The festival is back for its 25th anniversary, from April 26th to May 6th.


There is so much to take in at Hot Docs this year, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the films and programs, so that you can better plan your experience. Find all the films and buy tickets here.

Credit: @hotdocsfest


Opening Night


Opening night of any film festival is an exciting experience. Because this year is the 25th anniversary, this opening night is anticipated to be even more special. Come out and celebrate at the Opening Night Screening and Party. It all kicks off with the screening of The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution, at 7pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema (506 Bloor Street West). The film is an intimate and unflinching look at restaurant kitchens – specifically the hot tempers, high pressure, and tight quarters that can create a toxic work environment. As more restaurant kitchens begin to be run by women, this tense atmosphere may be dissipating, but not without a fight! Chefs share their experiences with inequality and intolerance while continuing the struggle to create delicious dishes and get the job done.


The screening will be followed by the Opening Night Party at The Royal Ontario Museum at 9pm. Enjoy cocktails and canapés, while rubbing elbows with interesting and exciting guests.

Tickets are on sale now. Proceeds help support the Docs for Schools program, providing curriculum and free screenings for teachers and students in Ontario. A tax receipt for $100 will be issued and sent after the festival for each ticket purchased.


Food & Film


If you can’t make the opening night screening, you may want to dig into the Food & Film program. These separately-ticketed events feature food and special guest filmmakers. You can enjoy TURNING UP THE HEAT WITH ANITA LO & MAYA GALLUS on

Saturday, April 28th. Following the 1:15pm screening of The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution, there will be hors d’oeuvres, drinks and discussion at Ricarda’s (134 Peter Street).


FREE Daytime Screenings


Seniors and students with valid student IDs can enjoy free admission to films that begin before 5pm – courtesy of CBC Docs! Get tickets at the venue box office on the day of the screening (subject to availability).


Rush Only


When you see Rush Only, that means all advance tickets are sold out – but don’t let that discourage you! There may still be tickets available on the day in the rush line. The rush line begins roughly an hour before show time, outside of the venue. Festival staff will count the empty seats 15 minutes before the screening and a corresponding number of rush tickets will be made available. Over 80 percent of rush line hopefuls have been able to attend their chosen screenings in the past. Good luck!




If you just can’t get enough Docs in your day, the Premium Pass is for you. It allows you to attend screenings without having to get advance tickets or waiting in a rush line. You just show your pass and get a ticket (subject to availability). Other passes and packages are also available.


Festival Highlights


The Beksinskis. A Sound and Picture Album  (Marcin Borchardt. 80 minutes. Polish with English subtitles. Rated 14A)

Credit: Hot Docs Film Festival: The Beksinskis. A Sound and Picture Album (Marcin Borchardt)


Zdzislaw Beksinski, a famed Polish painter, photographer and sculptor fathered a style he called “dystopian surrealism”. The style seemed to have seeped into his personal life and his relationship with his wife and son. Bekinski documented the tragic downward spiral of their lives on audio and video recordings. Director Marcin Borchardt has put these pieces together to paint an unsettling picture of human consciousness. It is presented as part of the Artscapes program. Find tickets and screening schedule.


Primas (Laura Bari. 99 minutes. French Spanish with subtitles. Rated 14A)

Credit: Hot Docs Film Festival: Primas (Laura Bari)


Outwardly, Rocio and Aldana appear to be average Argentine teens. You would never know that they have both experienced unimaginable sexual violence and trauma. Rocio and Aldana share a unique bond and inner resilience that is expressed, in part, through theatre, performance art and acrobatics. Director Laura Bari presents an inspiring and insightful testament to the healing power of human imagination. This film will be screened as part of the Silence Breakers program, presented in partnership with OXFAM CANADA. Find tickets and see the screening schedule.


How Do You Feel About Dying (Cameron Mullenneaux. 75 minutes. English. Rated PG)

Credit: Hot Docs Film Festival; How Do You Feel About Dying (Cameron Mullenneaux)


Ethan Rice has been preparing to die all his life. Born with cystic fibrosis, 28 year old Ethan allows director Cameron Mulleneaux to document his final months. Ethan faces death with a dark sense of humour and concern for those he will leave behind. Ethan’s father, a Vietnam veteran with PTSD is with Ethan night and day. Through home movies, Ethan’s original music and stop-motion animation, the film focuses on what lies beyond the fear of death and what can be found there. This film is part of the International Spectrum program.

Find tickets and screenings.


Experience the insight, entertainment and connection of the world’s finest documentaries at the 25th anniversary of the Hot Docs Film Festival.


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Fine pastry and sweet lessons at Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand


One of the best things about of living in Davisville Village is that you’re surrounded by many gourmet guilty pleasures. Thobor’s Café Gourmand, at 627 Mount Pleasant Road, is an authentic Parisian-style boulangerie and pâtisserie. If your French is a little rusty, that means this café specializes in both traditional French bread and pastry. The café also features a great selection of artisanal handmade chocolates and homemade jams. It’s also a perfectly cozy spot to sip a cappuccino and enjoy a great lunch.


Thobor’s Café Gourmand is the real deal. Everything is made fresh, in house, from scratch. It’s run with passion and love by a dream team; Marc and Sylvie Thobor.

Credit: Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand (


Marc has been baking bread since he was 16. He honed his craft at several Parisian boulangeries after graduating from an accredited three-year bread-baking training and apprenticeship institute. He has a deep understanding of bread chemistry, technique and the essential importance of using fresh, quality ingredients.


Sylvie Thobor is an award-winning pastry maker and chocolatier. She trained at Cacao-Barry Chocolate Academy in Paris, and also earned her pastry chef’s diploma in Paris.

Credit: Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand (


The Thobor’s location on Mount Pleasant is the original, but the demand for quality baked goods and chocolates led to them opening a second location at 1116 Eglinton Avenue West, and then a third in the city’s east end at 479b Danforth Ave.


Credit: Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand (


Meeting the high demand for their acclaimed traditional baguettes ($2.85 / $5.70), specialty breads, pastries, and chocolates, requires a tireless and passionate effort from Marc, Sylvie and their team. Simply stepping inside Thobor’s is a feast for the senses, even before you’ve tasted a single morsel. The aroma and the enticing treats on display are incredible. Try a simple and perfect Chocolat Bonbon ($2.20), a traditional Éclair ($5.00), or one their Cake Maison, including Vanilla Almond ($9.00).


Thobor’s is a traditional Parisian Café that uses dairy and eggs, so you won’t find any vegan items on the menu, but there are several gluten-free options including all macarons ($2.60 each or a box of 8 for $20.80), and the Casse Noisette which is a delightful treat of Hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate ganache, praline mousse, covered with a 41% milk chocolate and hazelnut glaze (starting at $7.40).

Credit: Thobor’s Cafe Gourmand (


If you’ve come to Thobor’s with a big appetite, you will not be disappointed. Choose from their signature sandwiches served on their famous and fresh baguettes, salads, the soup du jour ($5.50), quiches ($5.50), omelettes, or even a fabulous French Burger made with seasoned beef, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and ketchup on a soft sesame seed bun ($8.10).


It is entirely possible that after enjoying the exceptional pâtisseries at Thobor’s, that you will want to learn how to make them yourself. That is why Sylvie created L’Atelier Gourmand – a series of hands-on pastry workshops, instructed by the master, herself. The workshops take place twice per month, on Sundays from 1pm until 4pm, at their 1116 Eglinton Avenue West location. Free parking is available on Glenarden Road and Wembley Road. To ensure a true hands-on experience, each class is limited to only 6 participants, at a cost of $140 + HST.


The upcoming workshops will be:








To register for a workshop, email


Thobor’s Café Gourmand offers those in the Davisville community the true flavour of Paris, without having to leave the neighbourhood!


Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to give you a taste of all the flavours of your community. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.

Celebrate digital creativity at Digifest


Are you ready to get digital? It’s time to take a step into the near future with Digifest 2018. This annual technology and startup celebration is organized every year by the Digital Media and Gaming Incubator at George Brown College. It’s a fascinating roundup of the most exciting and thought-provoking emerging technology, and ideas from around the globe. It’s all right here for you to explore, from April 26th to 28th.


Credit: @DigifestTO


This Year’s Digifest


The current global population is 7.5 billion people. Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. In North America, over 80 percent of us live in cities. If you think cities are crowded now — just wait. By 2050 the world’s population in on track to top 10 billion people! As the number of people on earth continues to skyrocket, so do the challenges around food priorities, health, education, mobility, work and urban space. This year’s theme for Digifest looks to the future. It’s called HelloTomorrow: Our Creative Cities. If we are going to solve the challenges that face us as a global population, we will need creative ideas and new technologies. We will rely even more heavily on innovation and design in order to maintain or exceed our collective quality of life. Digifest 2018 is focused on how creative thinking today will shape our world tomorrow.


Credit: @DigifestTO




Digifest 2018 is a gathering place for creative minds from across Canada and around the world. There is an extensive list of speakers who will cover a variety of subjects around the challenges that face us today and into tomorrow. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss, listen and learn from the experts about the wonders we can expect and the issues that need to be tackled. Here are a few highlights of the event schedule;


Festival Kick Off on April 25th, 2018


Digifest 2018 kicks off, on April 25th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, with Meet the Media Guru. This event features award-winning information designer, Giorgia Lupi. She will discuss her work exploring Data Humanism. Lupi is the co-founder and Creative Director of Accurat, a data-driven design firm based in Milan and New York.


Day 1, April 26th, 2018


Linda Vlassenrood, Program Director at the International New Town Institute (Netherlands) will give a talk called Towards a Smart SocietyThe idea of going beyond ‘smart cities’ to create smart societies will be explored. To build a smart society we must identify and understand the needs relevant to that society.


Day 2, April 27th, 2018


Join media industry experts to explore how technology will continue to impact and shape how we share information. Don’t miss the Media & Storytelling Panel,from 1:45 pm until 2:45 pm.


Day 3, April 28th, 2018


Join the fascinating demonstration Let’s Talk Science on the final day of Digifest 2018, from 12pm until 1pm, with Sujeevan Ratnasingham. Using a LifeScanner, DNA barcoding technology, any animal tissue can be identified. Explore what you’re eating, as well as what’s in your garden and home in this extraordinarily interactive demo!


The Interactive Zone


The Interactive Zone is your opportunity to take an experimental journey into the future! You’ll be able to see and touch the latest technology from the fields of development, training, and entertainment.


Student Showcase


See the most promising ideas from the most promising minds at the sixth annual Student Showcase. Winning graduate student submissions from across the country will be exhibited for the public and potential industry partners.


Digifest Family Day


Gather the family and save some money as Digifest 2018 opens to the public for a free Family Day on Saturday, April 28th, form 10am until 4pm. Experience and enjoy family-friendly fun for all ages, panel discussions, and the latest addition to Digifest — The Food Tech Pop Up. This pop up looks at possible future foods, as well as the people behind them. There may even be some free samples to try!


Get a glimpse of the future with Digifest 2018 and Hello Tomorrow: Our Creative Cities. Tickets are available now!


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WeWork is setting up shop nearby

WeWork Toronto


With great food, great people, and an abundance of safe and secure neighbourhoods, Toronto is often referred to as a very “livable” city, but how “workable” is it? The New York-based, shared workspace company, WeWork is working to hard to help make Toronto companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers as productive as possible.




The company currently has three Toronto locations at 33 Bloor Street East240 Richmond Street West, and 1 University Avenue. They plan to expand to at least 20 additional locations by 2020. WeWork and The Hudson’s Bay Company recently entered into a blockbuster $1.6 billion real estate deal that includes the sale of the HBC’s flagship Lord & Taylor store in Manhattan, as well as the transformation of the top floor of both the Vancouver HBC store and the Toronto Hudson’s Bay flagship on Queen Street.


WeWork was founded in 2010 with the mission to provide a global network of beautiful and functional shared workspaces, as well as create a working community, and a welcoming environment for organic networking opportunities. They offer a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere complete with attractively designed workspaces. There’s something for every budget — whether you need a simple desk, private office suite, or a complete HQ. Working there comes with all the perks of a modern office environment.


It’s the little things that can make a big difference. There are an abundance of amenities available to WeWork members. WeWork believes a workspace is more than just a desk and a place to plug in your laptop. Modern productivity calls for much more than a cup of complimentary coffee. Yes, there are free refreshments at every WeWork location, including micro-roasted coffee, tea, and fruit water. They even offer craft beer on tap at some locations. But there are also more pragmatic productivity boosters like super-fast internet with hard-wired Ethernet connections, as well as Wi-Fi access. Elevate your enterprise to proper business class with access to multi-function copier/scanner/printers, office supplies, locking filing cabinets, bike storage, conference rooms, IT support, front desk support including mail and package handling, a daily professional cleaning service that keeps things tidy, 24/7 office access, and onsite managers available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. There are also spacious common areas where you can connect and collaborate. And for those sensitive business calls that call for being out of earshot — private phone booths are available on all floors.




There are plans available for WeWork members at all levels. Start with a Hot Desk (starting at C$275/month). It’s a guaranteed, but ‘floating’, workspace at one location. Pick a seat, plug in, and get to work. Dedicated Desks (starting at C$420/month) are also available, as are Private Office suites (starting at C$650/month) which can accommodate teams of 1 to 100+. These enclosed offices are move-in ready and fully furnished with desks, chairs and filing cabinets.


Proper work/life balance is essential. WeWork believes in not only working to make a living, but working to build a life. They offer and help organize events and social hangouts to help create a strong culture. From scheduled office hours with industry pros, to cheese tastings all designed to help you connect with your community. With over 170 locations in 56 cities globally and 150,000 members, WeWork provides the space to learn, grow and connect.


Perhaps it’s this combination of networking opportunities, productivity and perks, privacy and flexibility that makes WeWork work so well for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs — as well as more established enterprises including Royal Bank of Canada, Shopify Inc. and Equifax who turn to WeWork for temporary spill-over space and branch offices.


We work works because the structure of work is changing. It’s estimated that 25% to 33% of the Canadian work force are “gig” workers — freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs — and they all need a place to be productive. Community is the catalyst. Whether it’s getting advice from others who were once in your position, asking for input on service providers, or simply sharing a drink after the work day is done, the power of connecting to community can’t be overstated.


Greenrock Property Management Limited loves to help connect you to your community and provide a space to learn and grow. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street), please visit our website.

Save on groceries near Village Green


Whether you love to roam up and down every aisle, or you’re more of a surgical strike, get-in get-out kind of shopper, everyone needs groceries. Prices and selection can vary wildly from one store to the next, and these days, every dollar counts. To help you save a little money and time, check out these ideas on where to save on groceries near Village Green.


Rob’s No Frills


Rob’s No Frills (345 Bloor Street East) is a big and bright grocery store with very affordable prices. No Frills are all about delivering the goods for less, without all the, well…frills. This store is the polar opposite The Loblaws at 60 Carlton. This store isn’t meant to wow you, it’s meant to save you money. That said, the food is fresh and well displayed. There is a good selection of canned and frozen food. You may even be surprised by the selection and discover some Indian sweets or Asian veggies that you weren’t expecting to see. The selection on weekends can begin to run low by afternoon, and the hours are shorter too. Rob’s No Frills is open from 8am to 8pm on weekends, and until 9:30 pm on weekdays. It’s a great affordable option for your midweek shop.



Credit: @Sobeys


Sobeys (777 Bay Street) is a great choice for prepared foods like soups, fresh salads, and ready to eat options like sushi rolls. It’s also great for fresh produce. They’re open until 11pm during the week, and 10pm on weekends. This location is their upscale ‘Urban Fresh’ brand, so be prepared for a bit more of a markup. You can save a few bucks by taking the escalator down to the Metro, in the same plaza.




Metro (444 Yonge Street) at Yonge and College is in the same plaza as the Sobey’s Urban Fresh. Metro may not have the same selection and specialty products, but they are sure to have almost everything you could want, for slightly more affordable prices. The big plus is that they are open 24 hours, so they’re ready whenever you are.



Credit: Loblaws 60 Carlton


As long as you have to do a weekly grocery shop, why not do it in a space that’s unique and has extraordinary style? The Loblaws at 60 Carlton street is housed at the awe-inspiring, historic, original site of Maple Leaf Gardens. The moment you step inside, you realize that it’s much more than just a grocery store. There is an in-store Ace Bakery pumping out quality baked goods along with extraordinary aromas.  There is a giant wall-of-cheese, a huge deli, and a great prepared food section. Don’t forget to grab coffee at Loblaws Café, complete with a Nutella Bar! There is even an LCBO and a Joe Fresh.


It may not be the cheapest store in the neighbourhood, but for a flagship store with so many premium features, the prices are very reasonable. Maybe not No Frills reasonable, but definitely Sobey’s reasonable. It’s also the store to find those hard-to-find items that you can’t find at regular stores. It’s open daily from 7am to 11pm.


H Mart

Credit: HMart Toronto


When you’re in the mood for food, but not in the mood to deal with crowds, H Mart (703 Yonge Street) is a great go-to. This Asian grocery chain is open daily from 8am to 12am and features a variety of Asian specialty drinks and pastries that you usually have to head to Chinatown for. Prices are a bit higher than they are in Chinatown, but it saves you a trip! There is also a small-but-good-quality produce section, prepared meals, and a surprisingly good selection of fresh meats that are on par with what you may find at Sobeys and Loblaws.


Bulk Barn

Credit: @BulkBarnFoods


Bulk Barn (2 Carlton Street) isn’t going to replace your weekly grocery shop, but it is a great stop for the dry goods you want to stock up on, or store away. From grains and pasta, to nuts, beans, baking ingredients, even coffee and tea. They also carry a good selection of snacks, spices, spreads and pet food. Buy as much as you can carry home and save!


Hopefully, shopping at these stores helps you shave a few bucks off the bottom line of your grocery bill.


Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to help you save money while stocking up on the abundance that is all around you. For information on Greenrock Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street), please visit our website.

The best sushi in Davisville


Davisville Village and nearby Yonge and Eglinton are two neighbourhoods with just about everything you could want. There is great entertainment, nightlife, shopping and lots of world class food. When it comes to choosing sushi in this neighbourhood, there are almost as many options as there are fish in the sea! Here are a few neighbourhood hotspots, and a few well kept secret places, that are rolling the best sushi in Davisville.


Lola Sushi


Lola Sushi (2070 Yonge Street) is a clean and cozy spot to sit and enjoy some quality sushi. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is casual and the food is fantastic. The Salmon Hand Roll and tempura vegetables really stand out.


Sushi Supreme

Credit: Sushi Supreme


Sushi Supreme (1995 Yonge Street) is not a particularly fancy place to eat. They are not trying to wow you with the decor, but rather with the food. They offer great sushi at fair prices, with plenty of vegetarian options, too! Since you’re not eating here for the ambiance, you may opt to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home, at Davisville Village. Sushi Supreme offers delivery on orders of $20 or more (before taxes), from 12 noon to 3pm, and from 5:30pm to 10pm. If you’d rather place your order and pick it up yourself, they offer a 10% discount.


Fukui Sushi


As soon as you step into Fukui Sushi (1612 Bayview Avenue), you feel welcome. That’s because you’re usually greeted by the entire staff. The restaurant itself is small and cozy (it can get crowded on weekends). All the seating is close to the sushi bar, so you can see it all being made and served fresh. This place definitely has a devoted bunch of regular customers, but new friends or repeat customers are all treated warmly. Fukui Sushi takes pride in providing an excellent customer experience with a soothing atmosphere, as well as incredible food. Try the sushi omakase, or the unique foie gras sushi, and add other pieces as you like.


Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant

Credit: Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant


Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant (1835 Yonge Street) serves classic Japanese cuisine, including great sushi, curry, rice and teppanyaki dishes. Their minimalist setting allows you to focus on the fantastic food. The sushi is fresh and tasty, with a good rice to fish ratio. The service is friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. The Maguro (tuna), at $2.40 for one piece or $6.99 for four pieces, is a good option, as is the Ika (squid) at $2.20 per piece or $6.00 for 4 pieces. Their sushi and sashimi combos are the best way to go, though. The Take Sushi Combo ($21.99) comes with Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Ebi, Tako, Hokkigai, Kani, Yellow Tail, Eel, Ikura, and your choice of California, Salmon or Tuna roll. Take out is available, too!


Sake Bar Kushi

Credit: Sake Bar Kushi


Sake Bar Kushi is an intimate and romantic Sushi and Sake Bar at 257 Eglinton Ave West.

They offer a la carte sushi, sashimi, maki and much more. This is a great place for a weekend night or date night. The prices are reasonable, the food is exceptional, and their selection of fine Sake and Sapporo pair brilliantly. If you’re lucky, they may even bring over a few complimentary side dishes to enjoy with your sushi!



Credit: @RolltationToronto


Rolltation (2291 Yonge Street) is proving that it doesn’t have to be traditional to be delicious. Rolltation specializes in sushi burritos. Picture a giant burrito-sized sushi roll, made just the way you like it. You can build your own custom sushi burrito, or Poke bowl, or choose a fixed menu option. Choose from loads of fantastic fillings like teri or wasabi mayo, tamago (sweet egg), purple potato, asparagus, edamame, mango, tobiko, avocado and more! The staff are friendly and helpful. They seem genuinely interested in helping you build your best burrito, and will provide helpful suggestions if you feel overwhelmed by your options. This place is more geared toward the grab and go crowd, but there are a few seats available, if you just can’t wait to get it home. This fusion food seems perfectly suited to the diversity of Toronto and the Davisville neighbourhood.


There so many sushi options in the Davisville neighbourhood — making a choice can be the hardest part. Now that you know where to go, what are you waiting for?


Greenrock Property Management Limited hopes this post helps you keep your meal choices fresh and gives you a little taste of all that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.

Check out the Green Living Show


From food and fitness classes, to fashion and travel ideas, many of us are looking for healthier, cleaner and greener options for all aspects of our lives. The 12th annual Green Living Show returns to the Metro Convention Centre April 6th, 7th and 8th. It’s the largest eco and healthy living show in Canada! It features a huge array of products, speakers, food and more to help us all live more optimally, efficiently and sustainably.


Credit: @greenlivingpage


Health and well being is what the Green Living show is all about. Both our own personal health, and the health of the planet we all share. Over the three days of the show, visitors will have the opportunity to learn from speakers and their talks, get advice on food, nutrition and fitness, or shop for the latest products in order to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Come and get a taste of all there is to discover at this year’s event.


Delicious Delicacies


The Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavilion celebrates the wealth of diversity and health-conscious cultural traditions that make the Canadian food landscape so unique. Using local and sustainably sourced ingredients, over 20 chefs, breweries, and wineries from Canada and around the world will showcase recipes, dishes and drinks that reflect their heritage. Choosing what to enjoy is the hardest part, so sniff out the finest fare from the aromas that surround you. Food tickets are available at the Green Living Show Box Office or upstairs at the Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavillion.




The Sweat Equity and Fitness Pavilion will show how to take action toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether you wish to take part in a free yoga class, or just chat and connect with a guest lecturer, this is the place to stretch your body and expand your healthy horizons.


Eco Travel


Take an eco-tour of the world, without adding to your carbon footprint. The Eco Traveller Pavilion features booths representing over 60 exciting countries. Get a taste of the culture as well as the cuisine. Access special travel packages and information on some of the best eco-friendly beach trips, eco-lodges, historical cities, and more.


Fashion and Beauty


These days, being fashion conscious is a whole lot deeper than simply keeping up with the latest trends. The impact of our fashion choices on the environment and the workers who make our clothes are at the forefront of eco-fashion and cosmetics. Lean how to naturally look and feel your best.


Urban Forests


There are forests hidden all around us. Modern Canadian cities are home to around 7 billion trees, and growing! The interactive Urban Forests exhibit explores the importance of our forests, how trees fight climate change, and how to use urban fallen wood and portable sawmills to create quality wood products.


Wood Artisans


Discover the quality and variety of local Ontario wood, with a 2,000 square foot exhibit featuring 14 Ontario wood artisans and the glorious gallery of locally hand-carved creations.


Eco Kids


Kids 12 and under get into the Green Living Show for free! Once inside there are interactive exhibits to enjoy while getting a bit of an education on the natural world that connects us all. Kids will give a green thumbs up when they get their hands dirty and learn about gardening with the Midgard Insect Farm booth. Children of all ages can choose to transplant the seedling of their choice, and take it home to see it grow!


The 12th annual Green Living Show offers the opportunity to take meaningful steps toward a more sustainable world, while reducing our carbon footprint. Learn how to embrace a healthier, more vibrant way of being in both the local and global community. Show tickets are available now.


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