Toronto’s winter farmers markets


The arrival of Spring is always welcome after a long Toronto winter. Soon, the grey and white of winter will give way to the green and gold of spring. Farmers will soon be peddling their wares at local farmers markets. While this is something to look forward to, you don’t have to wait another second to experience the fresh, local flavour. There are several farmers markets in Toronto that keep the barn doors open year-round. As winter draws to a close, it’s time to show these robust retailers some love.




Start the work week off right with a trip to the Sorauren Farmers Market at Sorauren Park (50 Wabash Ave). Hosted by the West End Food Co-op, this year-round market is open on Mondays from 3pm until 7pm. During the winter and early spring, the market is housed in the Sorauren Park Field House and provides local seasonal produce, meats, eggs, dairy, bread and baked goods — including gluten-free options. They also offer full meals and take-home dinners — because it’s Monday and you’re too tired to cook! There is also live music upstairs in the community eating area.



Credit: @the_happy_bakers


Montgomery’s Inn Farmers Market operates on Wednesdays from 2pm until 6pm, all year long. During the winter, the market is housed in the beautiful and historic 1840’s Inn. The kitchen and tavern are turned over to local vendors, offering fresh baked goods, organic produce, meats, cheeses, preserves, honey and treats of all kinds. There are often free tours of the museum on market days!




Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3pm to 7pm. This market, located in the park across from Dufferin Mall (with free parking), offers fresh, local and organic produce, as well as meat, dairy, fair-trade and wild game options. The market was launched in 2002. It focuses on creating a connection between urban consumers and local producers.

Credit: Toronto Botanical Garden Organic Farmers Market


The Toronto Botanical Garden Organic Farmers Market (777 Lawrence Ave East) also operates on Thursdays, from 2pm until 6pm, all year long. Find the freshest, healthiest foods, and meet the organic vendors behind them in one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. They sell fresh salad greens all winter long, plus veggies, free-range eggs, chicken, grass fed beef, pork, lamb, cheeses, maple syrup and more! Free parking is available.




You’ve got some options when it comes to Saturday shopping at Toronto Farmers Markets. Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market is open early, from 9am until 1pm. Featuring 25 local farmers and producers, they offer local produce, eggs, meats, cheeses and tastings. There is often live music too! While you’re there, be sure to explore the grounds and hike the nature trails.


The Stop Farmers Market, at Artscape Wychwood Barns, is open Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. This weekly community event features live music and local artisans, as well as loads of fresh, local, organic food.

Established in 1803, The St. Lawrence Market is a long-standing Toronto tradition, and one of world’s great markets. They get going early, with a market that is open from 5am until 2pm. It’s a great spot to soak up some local culture as well as stock up on local produce and products. Learn more about the amazing history of this local landmark in our feature article.

Eating seasonally and locally means a shorter travel time between your food and your table. Local food involves less energy and is more kind to the environment. Buying local is also a great way to support local farmers and producers, and there is no need to wait for summer to do it! For more information on local produce, and a full list of Toronto farmers’ markets, check out the Toronto Farmers Market Network.

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DIY home office ideas for small spaces


Whether you’re a telecommuter, freelancer, student, or simply need a spot to sit down and pay the bills, you need a dedicated space in your home in order to be productive. Using the kitchen or dining room table can work for a little while, but it becomes cumbersome and cluttered if you’re working during meal times. Trying to be productive while sitting on the couch, crouched over the coffee table, or with your laptop balanced on your lap is no better (laptop is a bit of a misnomer). A dedicated workspace helps you to cut down on distractions and get down to business. Even in small spaces, there is usually a creative way to use the space more efficiently. If you need to carve out a corner, or find a bit of wall space to work at, we’re here to help optimize your options.


Designed carpet and grey pouf on glossy white floor. Home office design concept


Rethink and Rearrange


You may think that the placement of your furniture is just perfect. You may be right, or you may be depriving yourself of some prime, yet hidden, home office space. If you move the couch more toward the centre of the room, rather than against the wall, you can take advantage of the new found wall space. Place a small desk or narrow table there, and presto! You’re in business! The desk could face the wall for a distraction-free workspace, or face the back of the sofa. If the sofa is facing the TV, you can enjoy some entertainment while you work.


Cozy up to corners


A chair and small desk, table or shelving unit, tucked into a corner, can create a cozy spot to get productive in. Look for a small desk with built in storage, so you don’t have to have any extra shelves that could make the corner feel cramped. Separate the space with simple design tricks. A framed piece of art or even a motivational poster, or a change in tone or colour can make a big difference. The desk itself could provide the colour shift — paint it any colour you choose.


Up against the wall!


A section of wall in a hall, kitchen, next to furniture or between bookcases or shelving units, can be optimized for your workspace. To avoid having your creative centre clash with its surroundings, keep the colours uniform or complimentary for a continuous flow.


Fold it and forget it


If you’re really tight for space, and don’t require your workspace to take up any when you aren’t working, a wall mounted drop leaf table can work well. It folds almost flat when not in use, and you can use a kitchen chair, folding chair, or even your yoga ball to sit on. If you’d rather not mount anything to the wall, a folding TV tray can do the trick. When you’re not in work mode anymore, fold it up, put it in the closet and enjoy your free time!


Refashion your closet


If you’d rather not keep your office folded up in the closet as we suggested above, what about foregoing the fashions in your closet and fashioning an office space in the closet? If you can consolidate your clothes, you can create a spare space. All you need is a small desk, lamp  and chair. When you’re done with work, simply close the door. It’s a great way to keep your work life and home life separate, all in the same space.


With a little creativity, you can create a home workspace in any small space. Look around, use your imagination, and then get down to work!


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Where to buy gourmet Easter treats in Toronto


Winter is finally on its way out the door in Toronto and Spring is coming! One sure sign of the changing of the seasons is the arrival of Easter. The holiday comes as early as possible this year, on Sunday April 1st. To help you celebrate with some of the sweetest Easter treats in Toronto, here are our favourite options for gourmet Easter sweets and treats.


Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate

Credit: Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate


If the finest Belgian chocolate in the city sounds scrumptious to you, you need to visit Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate. Since 1993, they have sold the finest imported Belgian chocolates and truffles. They are one of Toronto’s favourite online chocolate shops, offering quality and convenience with same day delivery within the city. Their Easter Chocolate selection includes a 14cm Happy Easter Bunny Oscar (115g), available in dark or milk chocolate for only $8.50. Other great options include the 16-piece colourful Egg Cone for $16, or the ultimate Chocolate Easter Egg (250g) for $23. Order online, or call 416-968-7777.


The Chocolate Messenger

Credit: The Chocolate Messenger


The Chocolate Messenger makes it easy to send the sweetest message this Easter. You can order online and count on same day delivery within the city core on orders placed by 12 noon. These manufacturers of fine chocolates, truffles and pralines offer one of the biggest and best selections in the city. All chocolates are made on site, in the old Swiss tradition, using only the finest (and most) expensive ingredients – with no added chemicals or preservatives. All of their dark chocolate contains a minimum of 70% cocoa. Their Easter Collection is truly something to celebrate — from Custom Coloured Easter Eggs ($18.95) to their ultimate Easter Gift Tray sampler ($100). If you’d rather make your purchase in person, you can visit their showroom at 1645 Bayview Avenue (south of Eglinton at Fleming).


Squish Candies

Credit: Squish Candies


There’s more to sweet Easter treats than just chocolate. Squish Candies is a Montreal based candymaker that specializes in gourmet gummies! They work with gummy artisans, who work (almost) exclusively in the field of gummy, and offer over 100 flavours divided into six categories — intense, fruity, calm, decadent, cocktail and mixed. Their gourmet candies come in fat-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, Kosher, and certified organic varieties. Their Easter Collection includes a 600 gram Easter Jumbo Mix of gummies ($22), an 80 gram Thanks a Bunch box of carrot shaped gummies, and a fun (140 gram) Fried Egg bag, with a delicious orange flavour. Visit their outpost at The Bay (176 Yonge Street) to pick something up, or have your order delivered to your door. They offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Soma Chocolate Maker

Credit: Soma Chocolate Maker – Cutest Bunny Ever


From its humble beginnings in the corner of an old distillery, to one of the city’s finest chocolatiers, Soma Chocolate Maker is a can’t miss choice this Easter. Their Easter Collection has options to suit every budget. Their tiny Runaway Bunnies (2 per bag) are available in dark or milk chocolate for only $4. The Cutest Bunny Ever (hand painted with love) is available in dark, milk or vegan friendly chocolate for just $16. If you’re having trouble choosing, the One Of Everything Truffle Box for $75 is the way to go! Their delicate and delicious products are best pre-ordered and picked up in store. They have two Toronto locations to serve you and your sweet tooth at 32 Tank House Lane in the Distillery District and 443 King Street West.


Stubbe Chocolates

Credit: Stubbe Chocolates


With over 20 years of experience, Stubbe Chocolates (653 Dupont Street) has earned its position as one of Toronto’s top chocolatiers. Their unique creations are sure to wow the crowd at any Easter brunch. Their Easter offerings include, the Painted Egg ($14.75) – a handmade 13cm hollow egg available in your choice of chocolate. To truly impress your Easter guests, choose the Chick House ($43.50). Available in your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate, this chocolate house is home to a happy little marzipan chick and bunny, along with some hollow eggs. Pay Stubbe a visit at their 653 Dupont Street location to browse their beautiful creations and purchase a freshly made masterpiece.


Treat yourself or someone you love to the best this Easter. Go the gourmet way and shop local to enjoy an even sweeter holiday!


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A week in the life near Church and Wellesley


There is no place quite like Church and Wellesley Village. Home to the hip, the happening and the “what the heck?!”. From great food and bars, to world class theatre, games rooms and much more. You could say there is an almost overwhelming list of options for a night or day out in the neighbourhood. To help you make the most of your good times in the village, we have some fun ideas for a week in the life near Church and Wellesley. Enjoy!


Mondays can be a little dreary. When you need a beginning of the week escape plan, head to Riddle Room (579 Yonge Street). Riddle Room is a live escape room and board games cafe, all in one. An escape room is a live action game you play with your friends. Participants are ‘locked’ in a room and must solve puzzles, find clues and use their wits to escape before the clock runs out!

Riddle Room is also a no-cover board games cafe. They only ask that you buy a drink, then you can hang out and play a selection of over 200 board games and video games with your friends for as long as you like. They’re open daily from 2pm until midnight (10pm on Sundays). Find out more about Riddle Room in our feature article and interview.


Credit: @BuddiesTO


Let the good times roll at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street). This black box theatre is a great choice thanks to its ever-changing program of experimental and envelope-pushing theatre in the heart of the Village. Buddies believes that “theatre plays a vital role in the educational, social, and economic health of a community.” It’s hard to disagree with that! Rush tickets are available during the week, as well as Pay-What-You-Can shows every Sunday.



Credit: elmspa


Even with all the fun you’re having this week, it’s possible that by Wednesday, you’ve got some stress knots to work out. Ease the tension with a midweek trip to Elmspa (557 Church Street). Treat yourself to a selection of massages including Bamboo, Deep Tissue and Siam Herbal Massage. They also offer a variety of facials, as well as manly mani and pedi options in a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Learn more about Elmspa in our feature article.



Credit: CAA Theatre and

Living at Village Green means you’re always only a hop, skip and jump from world class theatre and musicals at CAA Theatre at 651 Yonge Street (formerly the Panasonic). With a new season of shows just announced, it’s the perfect time to plan a grand night out. Learn more about special dinner and show packages, to save money while you celebrate.


In a landscape of constantly changing clubs and bars, Woody’s (465-467 Church Street) has managed to remain a favourite since 1989. A lot has changed in the world since they first opened their doors, but Woody’s keeps on top of things with a great roster of special events. There is something for everyone at Woody’s. They feature 5 different bars, each with a different vibe, so there really is something for everyone. No special occasion is required, stop by and see what all the fuss is about.


Credit: @StrykeRange


Burn off some steam, and set your sights on pure fun this Saturday at Stryke Target Range (738 Dundas Street East). It’s more fun than you can throw an axe at! Your group can choose from a list of super fun and surprisingly stress-relieving activities, including archery, axe throwing, knife throwing and air guns.



It’s been a super fun week, and you’ve earned some serious down time! Sundays are designed for getting cozy at home with your favourite Netflix shows. You’ll need to keep your strength up for all this lounging around, so why not take a walk around the corner and enjoy a great brunch at Lola’s Kitchen (634 Church) before you commit to some couch time. Learn more about Lola’s in our feature post about them. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you won’t go hungry in this joint.

There is so much to do in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood that trying to fit it all in can be the hardest part. We hope these fun activity ideas get you excited about a week in this awesome neighbourhood you call home.

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A week of fun near Davisville Village


We could all use a little more fun in our lives. Living in the heart of Davisville Village means you’re never far away from the action and adventure. But because most of us live such busy lives, finding the time to find fun things to do and make plans can seem like a full time job. To help make things easier and way more enjoyable, we’ve planned out a week of fun activities in Davisville Village for you to try. Mark your calendars and get excited!



Start the week on the right foot. A Monday meetup with a few friends at your neighbourhood watering hole is just the ticket. Kramer’s Bar and Grill (1915 Yonge Street) is a great local pub. A visit there will put a smile on your face thanks to their friendly staff, diverse beer options, and excellent and eclectic menu. When the weather warms up, there are two patios to soak up the sun on. If you’re looking for that comfy spot where everybody knows your name, you don’t have to look very far.


Tuesday is the perfect day to take in a movie. The crowds are thinner than on the weekends, and the tickets are cheaper! Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Eglinton and VIP (formerly SilverCity) is located at 2300 Yonge Street. It’s a great spot to catch the latest blockbusters – there are even reclining seats in the VIP theatres! This theatre features the latest screen tech, from 3D to Ultra AVX and D Box, all the way up to D Box Ultra AVX 3D (whatever that is!). Regular admission on Tuesdays is only $8.99, with special prices for their fancy options too.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, just across the street (at 2190 Yonge Street) you’ll find Famous Players Canada Square Cinemas. They offer the latest first-run films, but it’s also a great theatre to see some smaller, hidden gems that you may have missed. Tuesday tickets are just $8.25 for general admission and $11.25 for 3D features.


Beat the Hump Day blues and work out some midweek tension by treating yourself to a spa day! You have several nearby options for spas to suit your needs in the Davisville Village area. Alma Natural Spa is a great one if you’re looking to avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They offer an authentically natural atmosphere, using only non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients in their handmade scrubs, lotions and oils. You can learn more about Alma in our recent feature article.


We could all use more laughter in our lives. When you’re looking for laugh-out-loud fun and the absolute best in local and international stand up comedy, look no further than Absolute Comedy (2335 Yonge Street). Checking out some comedy is the perfect date night activity or group get-together, and a great way to get into an early, upbeat headspace for the upcoming weekend! Tickets are just $12 on Thursdays!


Choosing exciting Friday plans can be tricky. Are you in the mood to go out for dinner? Maybe see a show? Getting tickets for Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre (2026 Yonge Street)kills those two birds with one stone. Enjoy a great meal and immerse yourself in a live murder mystery performance! Their fun, funny, interactive and entertaining shows have been wowing crowds since 1987. Come see what all the mystery is about! Find out more about Mysteriously Yours in our feature article and interview.


It’s Saturday! Easily the most fun day of the week for most of us. The rules of the work week no longer apply and we are free to escape the everyday. If you’re looking for a true escape, check out Escape Casa Loma. Escape rooms are popping up all over the place these days. But there is no other venue in Toronto that compares to Casa Loma. The epic castle setting lends itself perfectly to the dramatic escape series storyline. There are also live performers and full theatrical production sets to enhance your experience. Choose the story and room that’s right for you, and plan your escape with the help of your friends!


Credit: @boom_breakfast


Sundays are perfect for chilling out at home. After the jam packed week of fun you’ve had, you deserve a little downtime. Get reacquainted with your couch and catch up on your favourite shows or movies. To avoid cabin fever, we recommend stepping out for a bit a brunch in the middle of day. Boom Breakfast & Co (174 Eglinton West) is home to some of the best Eggs Benny in the city, and their Chocolate Monkey Waffles are worship-worthy. If you want to really stretch your legs after brunch, take an urban hike along the Beltline Trail and see what’s up at Evergreen Brickworks. There is a TTC stop at Evergreen and the #28 bus will return you to Davisville Station, if walking all the way back is not on your to-do list.


We hope this post motivates you to get out there and enjoy this fabulous neighbourhood you call home, every day of the week!


Greenrock Property Management Limited wants to help you have some fun and connect you with all that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.

I’m Seeing Stars

Earth Hour is right around the corner and we’re celebrating with an eco-friendly event — I’m Seeing Stars! The event was created by the Greenrock Green Team. Earth Hour is on March 24th at 8:30pm, but the Green Team will send out the pledge stars on the 15th or 16th. They will be hung throughout the week leading up to the 24th.


About The Green Team

Have you heard of the Greenrock Green Team? It’s a dedicated team of volunteers made up of Greenrock residents from all of Greenrock’s Toronto rental communities. The group was created two years ago and is composed of an average of two building representatives per complex.


Each month, the Green Team gets together to volunteer their time to better their community. They brainstorm and coordinate eco-friendly events and initiatives designed to engage Greenrock residents in green living. The events focus on waste diversion, recycling, and reducing the carbon footprint of Greenrock residential communities. Each month, Green Team members propose event concepts and collectively decide on what to focus on. Then the team members help spread the word to their fellow residents to generate engagement and excitement. Greenrock Property Management funds and organizes all the events, and also promotes them to residents.


The team recently held a successful Waste Reduction Week event in the fall of 2017 and is currently gearing up to host their next green soiree —  a fun Earth Hour event called I’m Seeing Stars!


About The Event

I’m Seeing Stars is an event designed to raise awareness for Earth Hour, and to encourage Greenrock residents to commit to making green choices in their everyday lives. It will be held during Earth Hour, on March 24th, 2018 at 8:30pm.


I am looking forward to this Earth Hour event because it feels as if we are making progress in our attempt to reach out and enlarge our green community. I enjoy being on the committee because, as a retired person, it provides an opportunity to work with others and to make a contribution to improving our neighbourhood.
– Roger C., Green Team member


During the event, each Greenrock residence lobby will feature a pledge wall. Residents will be provided with one gold star per suite which they will customize with their own green living pledge. Residents will pledge to do something eco-friendly, like recycling their electronics or switching to LED bulbs. Once they’ve recorded their pledge on their star, residents will drop off their pledge stars to the management office. The management team will then hang all the pledge stars in the lobby so that residents and visitors can admire them all together — our own little constellation of hope for a greener future. To help maximize resident impact, Greenrock has pledged to plant a tree for every four pledge stars received.


The goal of the event is to show Greenrock residents that if we work together, we can achieve great things, support the environment, and foster positive change in the world.


Join The Green Team

The Green Team offers a rewarding experience for those who join, but don’t just take our word for it:


I try to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, so I jumped at the chance to be part of the Green Team. I’ve been very surprised and impressed with Greenrock’s commitment to sustainability and it has been great to help bring these initiatives to life in our buildings! I’m excited for the Earth Hour event because I think it’s going to be a fun and unique way to get residents involved!

– Caitlin P., Green Team Member


Does going green inspire you? We are currently seeking new Green Team representatives who live at 55 Maitland and 50 Alexander. If you are interested in joining the team, please email and find us on facebook to learn more about our activities.


Take a class at The Chef Upstairs


The Chef Upstairs is more than just a restaurant. It’s a private dining venue. Good there is kind of having a great restaurant all to yourself. You choose the chef, menu, wine and even the decor for your group of 10 to 25 people. It’s perfect for families, team building and larger get togethers.


Credit: The Chef Upstairs


But it’s even more than that. It’s also a top notch cooking school that offers interactive cooking classes. A group of 6 to 8 people work together, within a larger group of up to 14 people. A professional chef leads the class and provides all the guidance and instruction you will require. The classes focus on all aspects of cooking — from knife skills, to food preparation and seasoning — and of course, eating. At the end of the class, the group sits down together and enjoys the meal they have prepared. Classes typically include 3 recipes and provide a full meal. Best of all, you will take these new skills (and any leftovers) home with you.


Classes are offered at their Mount Pleasant Road location ((516 Mt Pleasant Road) on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm and Fridays at 6:45 pm. Each class is approximately 3 hours long and costs $99 for a single class, or $175 for two classes (or one couple in one class).

Check out their winter schedule. The Chef Upstairs is allergy aware and always 100% peanut and nut free.

Credit: The Chef Upstairs




Winter may be coming to a close for this year, but anytime is a good time for comfort food. Especially Italian comfort food! Start with a classic winter soup, Ribollita –  a Tuscan white bean soup with simple Crostini. Next, make pasta from scratch and create butternut squash and goat cheese ravioli with a brown butter and sage sauce. Finish things off with a deconstructed take on Cannoli.




In this class you will pick up some basic knife skills, and learn how to layer flavourings like a pro to create your own North African meal. The lesson will begin with a mixed green salad with figs, apricots, olives and feta, served with a sensational sherry honey vinaigrette. The main course consists of a chicken breast stuffed with more apricots, figs, dates and raisins, topped with a dried fruit compote and served with a root vegetable tagine with couscous. A delicious Meskouta lemon cake completes the meal.




This is always a popular class. Classic Tapas recipes are simple enough to prepare but most boast a complex flavour profile. These dishes are relatively easy to recreate at home, so you’ll be able to show off what you learned with ease. Tapas is a shareable meal, composed of several “small plates”. In this course you will make delicious bites including Tomato Bread and Olives, Patatas Bravas with Chorizo, Berenjenas Parrillas (Grilled Eggplant with Melted Manchego, Capers, and Saffron Honey), Grilled calamari stuffed with ratatouille and Catalan Crema for dessert.




Get a real hands on experience in this super-popular class. Make rice paper rolls and vegetarian dumplings from scratch! Then move on to Pho Bo — a perfectly satisfying soup for chilly evenings that is a meal in itself. For dessert, you will prepare an avocado ice cream parfait called Kem Bo.




In addition to their regular classes, The Chef Upstairs offers classes for special occasions. Their March Break Cooking Camps are full day (9am to 4pm) group sessions for kids ages 7 to 16. They are designed to bring out the inner chef in your child, while improving self-confidence and encouraging them to work with others to achieve a delicious goal. They’ll start the day by making their own breakfast. They’ll spend the rest of the day cooking, baking, taking supervised breaks in the local park, or walking to the Mount Pleasant library to browse cookbooks, or go shopping together for fresh and local ingredients.


PD Day Cooking Camps at The Chef Upstairs teach children, ages 6 to 13, the basics of food prep, cooking techniques and healthy eating. The next one takes place on Easter Monday (April 2nd).


Make this the year you learn to cook, meet some new people, or plan a fun couples night out. When you go out for dinner, you feed yourself for the night. When you learn to cook with the Chef Upstairs, you feed your mind and body for a lifetime!

Greenrock Property Management Limited loves to help you cook up some fun and connect you with all that your neighbourhood and community have to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.


Check out New Ideas Festival


It’s been a long winter. Many of us are slowly coming out of hibernation, but cozy evenings spent on the couch, catching up on our favourite TV shows, is still status quo. If you’re looking for some new ideas for how to spend some time now that winter is drawing to an end, let New Ideas Festival draw you out of your den.


Credit: Alumnae Theatre and The New Ideas Festival


This year marks the 30th anniversary of New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley Street) — which marks its Centennial season this year. Come and experience this time tested tradition of bringing new and experimental theatre to Toronto.


New Ideas Festival


The New Ideas Festival is a juried, three-week theatre festival of new writing, works-in-progress and experimental theatre. Each week, from March 7th to 25th, a new group of four plays will be presented, plus a Reading Series of new work. The shows run Wednesday to Saturday nights at 8pm, with weekend matinee performances at 2:30pm. The Reading Series takes place each Saturday of the festival, at 1pm. Come and experience all of the New Ideas, with three evenings (or matinees) of original plays, plus Saturday readings. You can even give the playwrights your feedback. Tickets are available now.


Week 1 (March 7th – 11th)


Week 1 of the The 30th Annual New Idea Theatre Festival opens on Wednesday, March 7th, and runs until the Sunday, March 11th.


See F*CK L*VE by Rosemary Doyle. This piece examines the importance of timing in a relationship. What happens when soulmates meet each other twenty-four hours too early? The show is directed by Brittany Miranda.


Next up is THE DANCING MAN OF MACKLIN STREET, by Andrew Lee. A woman tells the story of her childhood, her family and the impact that the mysterious Dancing Man made on them. It is directed by Cassidy Sadler.


GOVERNING OURSELVES by Stephen Near is a discussion between a student teacher and her advisor that takes an unexpected turn. It is directed by Lori Delorme.


The final play of the evening is ORACLE JANE by Vicki Zhang. It tells the story of Canadian data scientist who returns home to Beijing, witnessing the disturbing and destructive power of the machine learning tool she created – Oracle Jane. The secrets the tool digs up unleash calamity on her and her family (directed by Donald Molnar).


The Saturday Reading Series selection will be WATCH ME DROWN by Liam Salmon.


Week 2 (March 14th – 18th)


Return to the Alumnae Theatre’s Studio Theatre for Week 2 from March 14th to 18th, for four new plays and new ideas.


Week 2 begins with SWEET MAMA AND THE SALTY MUFFINS by Ciarán Myers. It’s the story of Mamma, recounting the loss of her child, a tragedy which occurred years earlier. Mamma says she knows where the child wound up – if only someone would believe her (directed by Kendra Jones).

Donna Langevin makes you contemplate what you would risk to make your dreams come true in her play IF SOCRATES WERE IN MY SHOES. It’s the story of a daredevil, persuading a writer to go over Horseshoe Falls in a barrel, in order to earn money to self-publish a manuscript. It is directed by Carl Jackson.


STARS by D.J. Sylvis, is the tale of two lovers who have never met. It’s directed by Gillian Armstrong.


The fourth play of the evening is MOVING ON, written by Elmar Maripuu and directed by Helly Chester. A visionary software designer finally finds an investor that can turn their idea into a reality — but at what cost? And where did the money come from?


The Saturday Reading Series for week 2 is MIRAGE: THE ARABIAN ADVENTURES OF GERTRUDE BELL by Laurie Fyffe.


Week 3 (March 21st to 25th)


The final week of New Ideas runs from Wednesday March 21st to Sunday March 25th.


Week 3 opens with THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA by Natalie Frijia and is directed by Kay Brattan. Set in 1882, a monster lurks in Lake Ontario. Thirty-nine people have drowned and a reporter bent on getting to the bottom of it gets more than she bargained for.


Next up, is MARTY AND JOEL AND THE EDGE OF CHAOS by Camille Intson. Estranged lovers learn to navigate love and fate in this tale of broken time and space. Directed by Lorna Craig.


THE OFFICIANT by Francesca Brugnano and directed by Paige Foskett takes two young lovers prepare to wed on a moonlit night in 1938, but they are not prepared for the revelation of what their vows really mean.


MOURNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE by Chloë Whitehorn and directed by Heather Keith will close out the series. Lucy doesn’t know who she is anymore. Everett is falling in love. Drew has lost so much already. Fenwick is just trying to keep her family afloat. And Pippa, well Pippa is drowning.


The final entry in the Reading Series will be ANIMAL by Romeo Ciolfi.


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Check out Outbreak Escape Games


It can be challenging to find new, exciting and challenging ways to spend your leisure time. Spending time with friends is fun, but do you really want to go to another movie and not talk? If you are looking to escape the bonds of your usual entertainment options, you and your crew may want to look into getting locked up – in an Escape Room! It’s time to check out Outbreak Escape Games.


Credit: Outbreak Escape Games


Of course, it’s all very safe. The door to an escape room is not really locked. Even claustrophobics could be comfortable. Escape rooms are themed rooms, with a given back story and an objective. Using your collective wits and reason, you and your team have to figure out the puzzles and move beyond the obstacles, in order to break “free” within the allotted time. If you get stuck, the helpful staff is always within reach to provide hints and point you in the right direction.


The entire vibe of Outbreak Escape Rooms is a little mysterious. They are located down an alleyway on the left side of the building at 152 Avenue Road, Toronto. A sandwich board marks the spot by the sidewalk. Once you enter the side alley door, you descend a narrow staircase, to the underground lair. NOTE: Outbreak Escape Rooms are not wheelchair accessible.


Participants are quickly briefed on their room, it’s back story and their objective. It’s best to arrive about 10 minutes before your booked appointment time. There are no walk-ins. All experiences are by appointment only. The rooms are private, you never play with strangers. The rooms are designed for 4 to 8 players, but adjustments can be made. The experience is modular, meaning 2 to 3 can play or, more puzzles can be added to accommodate larger groups – as long as the room doesn’t get overcrowded. 2-3 player games can be booked for Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays.


Some Escape Rooms can be downright scary, but that is not the case at Outbreak. These games are designed to be fun. They have two games available right now; Beneath the Surface and Animal Hackers.


Credit: Outbreak Escape Games


Set behind the concrete walls of a 1950’s style bomb shelter, this room has a creepy, but not frightening, vibe and is restricted to those 16 years of age and older. Your team will have to work well together to figure it out. It is a one hour room and very challenging, with a 30% success rate (all puzzles solved within the time limit without hints or assistance). Are you ready to discover what lies Beneath the Surface? You can book your appointment  now!



Credit: Outbreak Escape Games


Animal Hackers transports you and your team to a world ruled by cats and dogs. It takes place in a shopping plaza that sells the rarest items in the known universe. The infamous hacker “Sniffer” has escaped from the pound! The upbeat vibe of this game is great for ages 10+.  Book your appointment today!

Full refunds are provided within at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. For cancellation after that point, a $50 fee will apply. Standard admission fees are $28 per player. It makes the perfect birthday party destination, team building exercise, or just a fun way to spend some time engaging with friends. Are you ready to escape the everyday?


Greenrock Property Management Limited loves to help you escape the everyday and connect you with all that your neighbourhood and community has to offer. For information on Greenrock Communities in Toronto, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue), please visit our website.