How to avoid seasonal affective disorder

How to avoid seasonal affective disorder

The cloudy, gloomy winter weather may be unavoidable. For some, winter brings on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and leaves them feeling depressed. Learn more about SAD and how to avoid it at Village Green Apartments(50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street) in today’s post from the Greenrock Property Management blog team.


What is SAD?


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a change in mood due to the weather. Individuals with SAD experience normal mental health during a majority of the calendar year. When the weather switches, most typically to colder, cloudier conditions, these same people begin to experience symptoms of depression. About 15 percent of Canadians experience some degree of SAD during their lifetime.


Start outdoors


If you are suspicious that you currently have SAD, make an appointment with your doctor. If you are wanting some simple steps to avoid the disorder or improve your symptoms, health experts recommend starting with spending more time outdoors. Walking, biking and hiking are all great options, or you can join the Toronto Outdoor Club and find new activities to try this season.


Exercise often


Regular exercise is key to a healthy life, and is a good way to avoid severe SAD. Join your local YMCA today, just a five-minute walk from Village Green Apartments. At the Downtown Toronto location (20 Grosvenor Street) there are always multiple classes going on, including swimming, cycling and yoga.


Invest is a Light Therapy Box


As SAD is most often triggered by cloudy weather, take in every drop of sunlight that you can during the winter. Start by opening any blinds or curtains at Village Green Apartments to maximize whatever natural light there is. Consider investing in a special Light Therapy Box that mimics the sun.


Eat healthy


There’s mixed consensus among scientists and doctors as to just how helpful certain foods are in preventing or fighting SAD. That being said, it’s always a good idea to keep a balanced diet. For the SAD-conscious, specifically, make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D, and consider adding fish oil pills to your diet.

Keep your head up, spring will be here soon! Until then, avoid SAD with these tips from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management. For more information about Village Green Apartments, conveniently located in Downtown Toronto, visit our website.

Get outside this winter!

Get outside this winter!

The cold and dark days of winter are upon us. Winter isn’t going anywhere, so it’s up to you to  get outside this winter and make the most of it! Staying inside all day isn’t good for us. Too little sunlight can affect our mood, and even lead to symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort — 1 hour of aerobic activity outdoors (even under a cloudy sky) has been shown to be as effective as 2.5 hours of light therapy. The Greenrock blog team has a few suggestions for how to enjoy the great outdoors this winter.


Hit the Ice


Make the most of icy winter conditions by strapping on your skates and hitting a local outdoor skating rink for some casual skating or a round of shinny (a pick up game of hockey). It’s a great way to get your heart pumping, while having some fun. Depending on how hard you go, you can break a sweat, even on the coldest days! There are two public skate pads at Hodgson Public School (276 Davisville Ave), within a 10 minute walk from home at Greenrock at Davisville Village.


Walk in the Winter Wonderland


Take a stroll through your Davisville Village neighbourhood to your favourite coffee shop,  or enjoy a quiet winter walk through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. You can choose to continue on and take an easy, scenic hike along the Beltline Trail to the Evergreen Brickworks, it will take you about 45 minutes, one way, from your Greenrock at Davisville Village apartment. Refuel and freshen up at the cafe before heading back the way you came or hop on the number 28 bus from Evergreen to Davisville Station.


Hit the Slopes


If you’re craving a little more intensity this winter,  take a day trip to one of the nearby ski hills and hit the slopes this winter! Choose between Dagmar Resort, Lakeridge or Glen Eden — all of which are are within a one hour drive from your home at Greenrock at Davisville Village. No car? No problem! The North Toronto Ski Club offers bus pick up at 24 Merton Street (only minutes away) for chartered day trips to all the local hills – and it’s a great way to meet some new people with a common interest.


Go Play in the Snow


Remember the joy of winter by taking a break and playing in the snow! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, go sledding — what you choose to do doesn’t really matter as long as you get outside and enjoy yourself this winter. Get back in touch with your inner child and remember how to be playful as an adult. You’ll be surprised how easy it is! Think about how good you will feel when you get back home to your apartment at Davisville Village and reward yourself with some hot chocolate and dry socks!


The Greenrock Property Management blog team wishes you a happy and healthy winter! We hope these ideas inspire a few of your own, and help you make the most of the season. For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the convenient central location of Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 & 225 Davisville Avenue and 45 Balliol Street) please visit our website.


Desserts that won’t ruin your resolutions

Desserts that won’t ruin your resolutions

A brand new year has just begun and that means making some resolutions. If you are like most people, eating healthy may be at the top of your list. Fortunately for you, eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to give up desserts. TheGreenrock Property Management blog team is here to bring a little sweetness into your new year with some dessert ideas that won’t ruin your resolutions. These are just a few ideas for delicious and nutritious treats that are easy to make at home at Wingreen Court.


Paleo Lemon Squares


The recipe refers to them as Paleo Lemon Brownies, but we think these delicious desserts are more like lemon squares. They are light, lemony and moist, rather than chocolatey and fudgey. When something is referred to as ‘Paleo’, it means that it is low in carbohydrates, free from refined sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free and usually high in protein and healthy fats. These squares, as well as the glorious lemon glaze on top, are made primarily from almond flour and coconut (oil, milk, and butter) and gently sweetened with honey.


Vegan Fudge Brownies


Do healthy fudge brownies sound too good to be true? There must be a secret! The ‘fudge’ in these Vegan Fudge Brownies is actually made from black beans. Try it before you pass judgement. Let your family and friends try them, without saying the word ‘beans’, and see if they notice. Instead of being a guilty pleasure, this dessert is actually a good source of protein.


Crustless Apple Pie Baked Apples


These delicious and nutritious Crustless Apple Pie Baked Apples are a perfect treat, not only for fall, but for anytime of year. They taste amazing, and smell even better! You will love filling your Wingreen Court apartment with the aroma of apple and cinnamon on a chilly winter afternoon. And filling your mouth with the flavours of apple and cinnamon, especially when topped with a little ice cream, is the recipe for a perfect day.


Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches


These Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches taste incredibly good, while still being good for you. They are so delicious, you’ll be happy eating “ice cream” in the dead of winter! The banana cream is made by combining frozen bananas with soaked, raw cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup and few other wholesome ingredients. The cookie sandwich layers are made from almond butter, coconut oil, honey and sea salt. To top it all off – they are sprinkled with crumbled cacao nibs, nuts and toasted coconut.

Don’t deny your sweet tooth to keep your new year’s resolutions! The Greenrock blog team is here to make healthy living fun and accessible. We hope these dessert ideas help make 2017 a healthier and happier year. If you would like more information on Greenrock, including the quiet cul-de-sac location of our Wingreen Court Apartments, click here.

Winterlicious is coming!

Winterlicious is coming!

If there’s one wintertime event in Toronto we can’t get enough of, it’s Winterlicious. Prepare your tastebuds for the ultimate feast, with your pick of delicious fare at hundreds of restaurants near Toronto apartments. Learn more about the event in today’s post, compiled by the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


A city-wide culinary celebration


More than 220 of the very best restaurants in the city are participating in Winterlicious 2017, happening January 27th through February 9th. As a part of the festivities, these local eateries will be offering three-course prix fixe menus for jaw-droppingly affordable prices.


Where to dine nearby


Kickstart your Winterlicious experience with dinner close to home. Near Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street), make reservations to dine at the incredible Bar Buca (75 Portland Street), about a 20-minute train or bus ride away. Find fantastic prices in a festive environment at Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio (95 Danforth Avenue), a 10-minute drive from Wingreen Court Apartments (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Wingreen Court ). Residents at Eastbourne Avenue Apartments (166 Eastbourne Avenue), meanwhile, will want to check out The Monkey Bar & Grill (3353 Yonge Street), only a 15-minute bus ride away.


Mark your calendar


Nine special ticketed events will frame the upcoming Winterlicious festival. You can’t go wrong with any of the offerings, which include themes like Elements of Soul – 150 Years of Caribbean Influence, Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Cuisine and Syria: A Living History. Tickets can be ordered in advance online.

Don’t miss Winterlicious, a favourite winter event for the Greenrock Property Management blog team and hundreds of Toronto residents. For more information about Toronto apartments, such as the ones listed today and others, pleasevisit our website.

How to make your apartment cozy this winter

How to make your apartment cozy this winter

Winter has definitely arrived and appears to be settling in for an extended stay. They say that roughing your way through a Canadian winter can build character. They might be right, but if you feel like you’ve built enough character, and are ready to be comfy and cozy, the blog team at Greenrock Property Management is with you! We’d like to share some tips for how to make your Village Green apartment cozy this winter.


Pillows and Blankets


What could possibly be more cozy than piles of pillows and soft, comfy blankets?  Accessorizing your space for a seasonal feel is a great way to keep things fresh without having to commit to redecorating. Some soft and comfy pillows will go a long way to make your Village Green home more inviting and comfy. Throw in a throw blanket for the living room and you’ll have a cozy couch to curl up on and watch winter from the window — while you stay warm.


Get A Headboard


You can create your own upholstered headboard and create a comfy, cozy and warm atmosphere for your bedroom. The only possible downside is that you will never want to get out of bed! An attractive headboard may make your bedroom your favourite spot to cozy up under the covers, while you lean back to enjoy a good book this winter.


Break Out the Books


Too many books, especially if they are haphazardly organized, can make your space feel cluttered and small. However, piling some books on end tables, or by the bed, or arranged on shelves, can make it feel cozy, rather than cluttered. And your favourite reads will be within easy reach while you curl up with a hot cup of cocoa.


Winter Throw Rugs


Keep your feet warm this winter with a throw rug that you can make yourself! It’s easy and  It’s a great way to instantly make your space feel more cozy without a commitment. When warmer weather comes our way (and it will), simply throw your throw rug in the closet until it’s needed next year.

The Greenrock blog team hopes that these suggestions help to make your home at Village Green a cozy refuge from the cold, dark days of winter. For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the soothing oasis in the heart of the city that is Village Green (40 & 50 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street) — please see our website.

Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss what’s left of the 2017 Next Stage Theatre Festival. Catch this one-of-a-kind fringe theatre  experience happening near Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue) before it’s gone. Learn more about the event, celebrating 10 years this winter, in today’s blog post from Greenrock Property Management.


Your spot for emerging stars


Ever wonder where your favourite Toronto performers got their start? The Next Stage Theatre Festival has spent the last 10 years providing the city’s best and brightest up-and-coming performers a place and space to do hone craft. Considered Toronto’s premier winter theatre event, you won’t want to miss the final days of the 10th anniversary festival, ongoing now through January 15th at the Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street).


Coming up next at the festival


With the Factory Theatre only a 20-minute drive from Davisville Village Apartments, it’s easy to catch a few shows before the Next Stage Theatre Festival wraps up. Don’t underestimate the fun of adult puppetry. Get ready to laugh at My Big Fat German Puppet Show, which has multiple showings left between now and closing day. Date Me is a hilarious improvised play inspired by online dating. The show is only 30 minutes long, so you can squeeze it in amidst your busy January schedule. Hear veteran Toronto storytellers do their thing at Two Truths and a Lie. During this show, three storytellers tell three unbelievable stories, one of which is completely made up. Can you spot the lie?


Important details


Grab your friends and get ready for some fringe fun! A complete schedule of the remaining days of the event can be found online. You can also get your tickets online, or by phone by calling 416-966-1062. Want to hang out with your friends before or after the show? Check out the heated Steam Whistle Tent for drinks, conveniently located within the theatre courtyard.

Don’t miss the Next Stage Theatre Festival, featured today by the arts and entertainment enthusiasts atGreenrock Property Management. For more information about spacious Davisville Village Apartments, please visit our website.

Delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017

Delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017

It’s a brand new year — have you made your resolutions yet? If you’re like most people, eating healthier is at the top of your list. Diet is the single most important factor for taking control of your health and weight. Even more important than exercise! No one wants to sacrifice flavour, however, so the Greenrock Property Management blog team has some suggestions for delicious dinner recipes for a healthy 2017. They are all easy to make in about a half an hour or less, at home, at 166 Eastbourne.


Salmon with Pesto Veggies


This Salmon with Pesto Dressed Veggies is a super easy, super healthy and most importantly — super tasty, dinner idea. It looks fancy and elegant, but all you need is 30 to prepare this amazing meal at 166 Eastbourne. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fats, which are great for your heart, and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. It is especially important to have a good source of vitamin D during the cold and sun-starved Canadian winter. The pesto veggies and potatoes make it a comforting and satisfying dinner, while still being less than 500 calories.


Burger with Mushrooms and Radicchio


Sometimes, nothing but a burger will do. Rather that rolling through the drive-through on the way home, give thisBurger with Mushrooms and Radicchio a try. It provides half of your daily protein requirements, is rich in iron and the mushrooms are high in antioxidants and help to reduce cholesterol. All this and it’s still under 500 calories. Serve it with a side salad, or oven baked fries, they’ll only add about another 150 calories.


Stuffed Chicken Divan with Sherry Dijon Sauce


Treat yourself to a healthy gourmet meal that is ready to eat in less than an hour, with only 20 minutes of hands on prep time! This Stuffed Chicken Divan with Sherry Dijon Sauce is full of flavour from the juicy chicken, stuffed with gooey Gruyere cheese, and fresh garlic and broccoli, topped with a creamy homemade sauce made from evaporated milk, dry sherry, dijon and parmesan. You won’t believe it’s less than 400 calories per serving!


Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta


What is more satisfying on a chilly winter evening than a hot bowl of pasta? This Eggplant Pomodoro will hit the spot, without expanding your waistline. Tender eggplant, sautéed in garlic and olive oil with fresh plum tomatoes, olives and capers and your choice of pasta — including gluten-free options. It’s also vegan, high fibre and low calorie, coming in at less than 300 calories per serving.

The Greenrock blog team wishes you a happy, healthy and delicious 2017! For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the comfort and convenience of life in the heart of midtown at 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

Improve your fitness this year!

Improve your fitness this year!

Every year, you resolve to get in shape. Make this the year that you actually do it! Making small changes that you can maintain may lead to long lasting results. Start off small, at home at 5 Benlamond, with changes to your diet and then progress toward a more intense exercise program. What matters is that you move towards something. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has a few tips to check out if you are looking to improve your fitness this year.


Cut back on sugar and carbs


If you are looking to lose weight, changing your diet is more effective than exercise. If you are eating too many calories, you’re not going to be able to work them off very effectively. What kind of calories you are consuming is also very important for weight loss. Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates is key. These foods stimulate insulin secretion more than any others and insulin is the body’s main fat storage hormone.


Fill up on protein


Eating plenty of protein is part of an effective weight loss and fitness plan. A higher protein diet boosts your metabolism and can make you feel fuller longer, reducing your desire to over-consume calories. Try to base your meals on a protein source (chicken, fish, tofu), low carb vegetables (kale, chard, broccoli etc) and healthy fats like olive oil, avocado or coconut oil.




It may be hard to believe that something as basic as walking can be so effective and essential to a healthy lifestyle. Walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen your bones and muscles, and manage or prevent various conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It can improve balance and coordination, and your mood. You should try to walk wherever and whenever you can. You’ll feel better, through and through.




To truly experience a fit and healthy lifestyle, you’ll need to exercise. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. If you are able, lifting weights 3 days a week is a great addition to your fitness program. If you are new to the gym, get some advice from the staff on proper technique. If you are lifting in your home at 5 Benlamond, check out some videos on proper form to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness. Exercise and weight training is also a great way to deal with stress and even fight depression.

You deserve to feel good. Make the changes that you are able to make and keep moving forward. This can be the year that you improve your fitness, if you make it happen. The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post helps point you in the right direction. For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including life in the Upper Beaches at 5 Benlamond Avenue, please visit our website.

Hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights this winter!

Hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights this winter!

It’s a block party…on ice! Ward away the winter blues at DJ Skate Nights, happening Saturday nights near Toronto apartments. Learn more about this limited-time winter celebration in today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


Dance the night away


Come one, come all! DJ Skate Nights at the Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West) welcome skating newbies and showstoppers alike for a free evening of high-energy fun. Every Saturday evening, 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., Natrel Rink at the Centre transforms into a winter dance floor, featuring hot new beats certain to keep away the cold. To get to the Harbourfront Centre, expect less than a 15-minute drive from Benlamond Apartments (5 Benlamond Avenue) or a 20 minute public transportation ride from centrally-located Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Avenue).


Next up


Since December, DJ Skate Nights has brought some of the nation’s best DJ artists to Natrel Rink. Mark your calendar today to catch the last two months of sensational performances. Don’t miss Globetrotter, a mash-up of world music with DJ culture. Headlining the evening is global fusion standout, Richard ‘medicineman’ Martin. He’ll bring the beats all evening long, January 21st. On January 28th, DJ Lissa Monet will spin Beyonce’s best as a part of the one-night-only Bey Skate. In February, don’t miss Soca on Ice, presented by Toronto’s very own Dr. Jay and last, but not least, Gumbo is set for February 11th, providing the best Afrobeat party in town.

Bundle up, grab your skates and hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights, happening this month at the Harbourfront Centre and featured today by the winter enthusiasts at Greenrock Property Management. For more information about our nearby Toronto apartments, visit our website.

5 New Year’s resolutions to make in 2017

5 New Year’s resolutions to make in 2017

Still deciding on your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Consider one that does double duty, improving both body and mind. Find five resolution ideas that will start your year off right in today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


Laugh more


Make 2017 more fun, resolve to laugh more! Laughter has many benefits for your body and mind including reducing stress,  relaxing muscles, improving circulation and stimulating your organs. Try a class or see a show at Second City (51 Mercer Street), less than a 20-minute ride on public transportation from Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street). If you’re looking for something truly out of the box, sign up with coworkers or friends for Laughter Yoga Toronto, a program that specializes in incorporating genuine laughter into a refreshing yoga workout routine.


Exercise body and mind


Now that you’re not taking life quite so seriously, throw in a new workout routine. Start with an invigorating class at Ferris360 (1910 Yonge Street), a convenient three-minute walk down the block from Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue). Short on time? This Scientific 7-Minute Workout is sure to get your blood pumping, and this five-minute yoga workout app provides quick workouts specifically designed to improve flexibility.


Get outside more


Outdoor activities are amazing for your body and many people find them mentally rejuvenating. Get outside more in 2017 by joining theToronto Outdoor Club. The club is free to join, open to all, and offers low-cost events in various locations throughout the city and beyond.


Limit social media


Too much time on social media can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed. Limit when you log on, starting by watching your usage in the mornings and the evenings. Instead of checking Facebook, create your own gratitude practice.




It is no secret that getting enough sleep is essential for both your brain and your body. A prolonged lack of sleep can impact your mindset and weight. All of today’s recommended resolutions may help improve sleep. Step up your sleeping game with a personalized sleep routine, or treat yourself to some new, comfortable bedding, and you’ll be sound asleep in no time.

Take care of your body and mind with these five resolutions for 2017, compiled by Greenrock Property Management  just in time for the New Year. For more information about our Toronto apartments, please visit our website.