4 reasons to run this fall

 4 reasons to run this fall

Tired of your same-old workout routine? Let fall be the inspiration you need to keep pushing towards your fitness goals. Today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management features four fantastic reasons to run this fall near Eastbourne Avenue Apartments (166 Eastbourne Avenue).


1. Fall foliage


There’s no denying it, Toronto is lovely in the fall. If you want to see the leaves change, hop on your bike (or ride the train) to access running trails near Eastbourne Avenue Apartments or any of Toronto’s beautiful parks. Looking for an even easier solution? Admire the fall foliage at Eglinton Park (200 Eglinton Avenue West), located right across the street from your front door.


2. Fun runs


Signing up for a race is a great way to push yourself to keep running all season long. This trick is especially fun in fall because of all the unique themed races that are held in the city during this time of year. The Monster Dash returns to Toronto on October 30th. Choose between the Spooky Mile, 5-kilometre or 10-kilometre race, all held at night. The course loops in and around Sunnybrook Park (1132 Leslie Street), a 20-minute drive from Eastbourne Avenue Apartments.


3. Condition your brain


Did you know that running is good for your brain? Whether you’re taking any classes this fall or no, stay sharp by implementing a back-to-school running routine. If you are a student, running is an easy way to reduce stress and help your entire mind and body get back into the swing of school.


4. Holiday season is here


Don’t let guilt ruin the holidays. Run regularly so that you can enjoy peace of mind as you dig into your mom’s amazing mashed potatoes and that piece of homemade pumpkin pie you’ve been craving since last year.


Everyone needs a boost of workout inspiration from time to time. The blog team at Greenrock Property Managementhopes today’s post inspires you to look for reasons to keep running this fall. For more information about Eastbourne Avenue Apartments, please visit our website.

Great tips for storing summer clothes

Great tips for storing summer clothes

Fall is finally here! It’s time to swap out your shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts for warm and fuzzy sweaters, wool socks and thick scarves. Get started today at Wingreen Court Apartments (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Wingreen Court) with these helpful tips from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


Simplify your summer wardrobe


The first tip for storing summer clothes is simple — don’t store stuff that you won’t actually wear again. After a full summer of wear-and-tear, you might surprise yourself with how many pieces of clothing you’re okay getting rid of. Make a difference by donating gently-used items to a local collection centre, such as Oasis Clothing Bank (60 Carnforth Road), less than a five-minute drive from Wingreen Court Apartments.


Clean it before you pack it


Storing dirty summer clothes is a recipe for disaster. From attracting bugs to creating unpleasant odors, it’s risky to pack away clothes that haven’t been properly cleaned first. For specialty items, Dry Cleaners Toronto (19 Waterman Avenue) is a 10-minute drive from Wingreen Court Apartments.


Use the right container


Now that you have a manageable amount of clean clothing ready to be stored, it’s just a matter of finding the right tub or crate to pack your items away. Use transparent containers to more easily spot the clothing you’ll want for that unexpected warm spell come spring. To keep your clothing and accessories in their best condition, leave a little breathing room in whatever type of box you use.


Transition into fall by smartly storing your summer clothes today. Use this post from Greenrock Property Managementto get started. For more information about Wingreen Court Apartments, please visit our website.

Visit these Toronto markets for the best fall produce

Visit these Toronto markets for the best fall produce

Summer may have come to an end, but you still have time to visit a local farmers market this fall for the best in local and seasonal food and crafts. The harvest is coming in and it’s the perfect time to get your share of the bounty. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management has put together a list of the best farmers markets near your Greenrock Community.


Davisville Village Farmers Market


You still have time to check out the Davisville Village Farmers Market (245 Millwood Road). It’s held every Tuesday, from 3pm to 7pm from May to October 4th. This small, but well equipped market has everything you need from fresh veggies to meats, cheeses and more. It’s only minutes from yourGreenrock apartment at Davisville Village (77 Davisville, 245 Davisville and 45 Balliol).


St. Lawrence Market


Less of a farmers market and more of a Toronto institution, the St. Lawrence Market is an indoor marketplace with over 100 vendors offering produce, crafts, meat, baked goods and more. It’s been called the Number 1 Food Market in the world by National Geographic and it’s only about a 20 minute TTC ride from Village Green apartments. The market also boasts a farmers market which is open Saturdays from 5am to 3pm.


Evergreen Brickworks


The Evergreen Brickworks is a community environment centre dedicated to sustainable living. Theirfarmers market has grown to become Toronto’s largest and is open year round, featuring the widest variety of local and seasonal food in the city. The summer/fall outdoor market runs from May to November, before moving inside for the winter. The Saturday market is open from 8am to 1pm and Sundays from 10am to 3pm. There is plenty of parking and a free shuttle bus from Broadview station. The Brickworks is about a 20 minute drive from the apartments at 5 Benlamond Avenue.


Bring home the best of the season this fall with a fun family trip to a local farmers market. Bon appetite from the Greenrock blog team! For more information on Greenrock rental communities, please visit our website.

Harvest a little fall nearby

Harvest a little fall nearby

We love the cool crisp days of fall and the golden light of the sun reflecting off the changing colours of the leaves. These days are short, but some of the most beautiful and special of the year. The harvest is coming in and the weather is perfect. A great way to make the most of the bounty of autumn is to head a little outside the city to a family farm and pick your own fall produce. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management has a list of the best places to visit within an hour’s drive from Village Green Apartments.


Chudleigh’s Farm


Chudleigh’s Farm has been in welcoming visitors since 1967. They feature apple picking of various varieties from August to October. In addition to the simple joy of picking your own apples from the tree, they have enough fun activities on site to keep you and the family occupied all day long. There are tractor wagon rides, farm animals to visit, a huge hay maze, nature trail, swing ropes and more! It’s all waiting for you, only an hour drive from Village Green.


Applewood Farm Winery


Just a 45 minute drive from Village Green Apartments, you’ll find Applewood Farm Winery (12416 McCowan Road, Stouffville). They offer daily apple picking, weekdays from 12pm to 5pm and weekends from 9am to 5pm. If you’ve never picked your own apples before – it’s easy. Simply twist or roll the apple away from the fruit spur. When you get the apples home they should be kept cold in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge. Apple picking season runs to October, when pumpkin picking season begins. You can also visit their on-site winery and take home a bottle of Apple Jack.


Cooper’s Farm


Harvesting your own fall produce is only one of the activities you can enjoy at Cooper’s Farm (266 Ashworth Road, Zephyr ON). It’s about an hour drive away from your apartment at Village Green. Raspberries are available for picking now for $3.65 per pound and a visit to the pumpkin patch (beginning in October) will cost you $4 per pumpkin, or pick any 3 for only $10. They are open weekdays, Wednesday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm ,and weekends from 10am to 5pm. Saturdays in October are open all day from 10am to 10pm. The real draw at this farm is the enormous corn maze. This year’s corn maze theme is Game of Thrones. Get ready for 10-acres of twisting, turning, corn maze-confusion fun.



The Greenrock blog team hopes these suggestions help you enjoy the golden days of autumn to the fullest. For more information on Greenrock Communities for rent, including Village Green – the quiet oasis in the heart of Toronto, please visit our website

Laugh until you cry at JFL42

Laugh until you cry at JFL42

The 5th annual Toronto JFL42 Comedy Festival is back! Check it out from September 22 to October 1st. It’s your chance to see great stand up comedy from some of the world’s best stand up comedians. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management has all the information you need to laugh until you cry at this year’s festival.




JFL42 always attracts the biggest names in comedy and this year is no exception. Choose from world class headliners like Jim Gaffigan, Jim Jefferies, Roseanne Barr, Trevor Noah from the Daily Show and more. There are many other comics and many other shows to see. Check out a full list of performers and shows, here.




A special feature for this year’s festival is ComedyCon. It’s a new daytime series running for 5 days of the 10 day festival, from September 23rd to 25th and again from September 30th to October 1st. Check it out to enjoy your favourite comedians, as you’ve never seen them before. There will be in-depth conversations in an intimate venue with headliners, Q&A’s, live podcasts and more. You will need a ComedyCon Pass or a VIP Pass to attend.




Why do they call it JFL42? In addition to the great headline comedians, there are 42 other acts to check out. Choose thepass that is right for you. There are lots of options, you can choose one or more headliner(s) when you buy your pass, and that pass includes credits. Use those credits to guarantee your spot at one of the 42 other shows – and that’s not all! When you check in at one of the 42 shows, you get your credit back – to use for another show! How many shows can you see in 10 days? It’s up to you.



Everyone would benefit from a little more laughter in their lives. JFL42 makes it easy. Don’t miss this world class comedy event when it comes to Toronto. For more information on Greenrock Communities for rent, including Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville, 225 Davisville and 45 Balliol) please visit our website.

Savour fall with these delicious pies

Savour fall with these delicious pies

Autumn is pie season. There are so many kinds of pies to try — what a delicious way to spend a day! With the weather getting cooler, spending a little time at home in your 166 Eastbourne apartment baking sweet or savoury pies seems like a great idea. The Greenrock blog team has put together a roundup of pie recipes to get you started, so you have more time for baking. Enjoy!


Cock-a-Leekie Pie


Not only is this Cock-a-Leekie pie delicious, but it maybe the most fun name of a pie to say. The chicken and leeks meld together beautifully while cooking to create a savoury pie that you will love. We suggest this pie for dinner, followed by a sweet pie for dessert. What’s not to love?


Rosemary Caramel Apple


This Rosemary Caramel Apple pie is a sophisticated take on the classic apple pie. It features a subtle, rosemary-infused caramel sauce that is mixed in with the apple filling and then drizzled on top, for a double dose of gooey caramel. The no-fail crust recipe is flavoured with butter and also uses lard for flakiness. It’s a hard combination to beat


Hazelnut Pie


This super-sweet hazelnut pie is basically a traditional pecan pie using hazelnuts. It’s perfect for anyone who has either an aversion to pecans, or wants to try something a little different – but not too different.


Amaretti Cherry Cheesecake Pie


If you love a creamy cherry cheesecake, this Amaretti Cherry Cheesecake Pie adds a little crunch with it’s three ingredient cookie crust and sliced, toasted almonds. The pie is topped with cherry juice and amaretto drizzle to give it even more of a punch.


Fall is just beginning, that means you have lots of time left for baking pie. Don’t waste a moment of pie season, it always seems to fly by. The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post gets the season rolling for you. For more information on Greenrock Communities for rent, including 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

How to save energy this Fall

How to save energy this Fall

When it comes to saving energy—and money—it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Learn more about how to save energy at Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue) with this helpful checklist from the Greenrock Property Management blog team.


Check your light bulbs


Since heat is included in your rent at Davisville Village Apartments, a bigger concern for your budget than heat might be your electricity bill. As the days get shorter, you’ll depend on your lights more—but that doesn’t need to cost you more money. Make sure that each and every light bulb in your home is an energy-efficient model, such as a compact fluorescent light bulb. You can find these at pretty much any local hardware store. From Davisville Village Apartments, bike less than 10 minutes to Home Hardware (1420 Yonge Street).


Unplug electronics


Between your laptop, desktop, toaster and curling iron, you might be surprised by how many appliances in your house are currently absorbing energy. Cut back today by unplugging these electronics when you are not using them. After all, even in power-saving modes these things still waste small amounts of energy.
Start saving energy today, using today’s blog post from Greenrock Property Management as your guide on how to begin. For more information about eco-conscious Davisville Village Apartments, simply visit our website.

Sample incredible conscious fare at Veg Food Fest!

Sample incredible conscious fare at Veg Food Fest!

It’s a familiar story — you went to a food festival, only to feel guilty about all the fatty, fried food consumed afterwards. At the upcoming Veg Food Fest, happening near Toronto apartments, you can sample fare that is both delicious and eco/health-conscious. Learn more about this end-of-the-summer festival in today’s post from Greenrock Property Management.


Mark your calendar


Veg Food Fest 2016 takes place Friday, September 9th through Sunday, September 11th at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West), a 15-minute drive from Benlamond Apartments (5 Benlamond Avenue) or 25 minutes by public transportation from Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street). The festival is hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, a local nonprofit that aims to promote healthy, green, compassionate lifestyles across the city and beyond.


New in 2016


Festival organizers have been busy planning what’s rumoured to be the biggest Veg Food Fest yet. In addition to expanded programming, the 2016 edition of the event will feature an enlarged map on the East Side of Harbourfront Centre. This area will serve as home to a new stage, more food vendors and the brand-new Veg Out zone — a place for laid-back eating and fellowship.


Make the most of your weekend


While delicious food is of course the centerpiece of Veg Food Fest, you’ll want to save time to catch a few of the great workshops and food demos on the schedule. Start your festival experience with Gourmet Vegan Cooking with Chef Doug McNish, happening on Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakeside Terrace. Craving a healthier, more active lifestyle? Bad Ass Vegan Fitness with John Lewis will help you uncover the secrets of vegan fitness, happening Friday, 4:30 p.m., at the Studio Theatre. On Sunday, Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie, co-authors of Made with Love, will demonstrate how to make mouthwatering vegan treats using supplies available in any standard grocery store.


Sample incredible, conscious fare at the upcoming Veg Food Fest, showcased today by the blog team at Greenrock Property Management. For more information about nearby Toronto apartments, simply visit our website.

Don’t miss In / Future

Don’t miss In / Future

Have you heard about the In/Future Festival? It’s a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary art and music festival, and it’s coming to Ontario Place’s West Island from September 15th to 25th. Enjoy 11 days of art, world music, film and video projects, and so much more at Cinesphere. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management is here to help you get the most out of the experience.


Artists on an Island


The West Island of Ontario place is a scenic 14-acre island oasis within the city. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Village Green Apartments. It’s here that you will find site-specific projects from over 60 visual artists. Come out to see the unveiling of Gareth Lichty’s kinetic installation inspired by the old silos on site. Or watch performance artists in a synchronized and ritualized exercise of flying kites along the island’s break wall. Keep up to date with the growing list of contributing artists here.


Music on the Small World Stage


The Toronto-based music charity Small World Music Society celebrates the cultural diversity of Canada and Toronto through the universal language of music. Over 40 musical artists will take the stage during the run of the festival, including Baba Zula. This legendary band from Istanbul has garnered a global following over the past 20 years with their range of instruments and wide variety of influences.


Film and Video


The Ontario Place Cinesphere and it’s six storey screen will be hosting some unforgettable film and video pieces during the festival. Bear Witness, member of a Tribe Called Red, will be presenting new work, as will internationally renowned musician and visual artist Carsten Nicolai.


In addition to the ever-growing list of artists and their work, there will also be a lecture series, kids programming and activities, an Art Gift Shop and food and beverage vendors. Come out and see what you can see and celebrate the diversity of your city. For more information on the festival, click here. For information about Greenrock rental communities in Toronto, including Village Green Apartments, please visit our website.

The Toronto Urban Film Festival is coming!

The Toronto Urban Film Festival is coming!

September is upon us, which means the Toronto Urban Film Festival is coming! Forget sweaters, pumpkin lattes and Halloween, TUFF is the true highlight of the season. Learn more about this beloved local festival in today’s post from Greenrock Property Management, compiled for residents at Toronto apartments.


TUFF turns 10


New to TUFF? The Toronto Urban Film Festival is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in all of North America. FromSeptember 10th through the 18th, TUFF takes over the city with one-minute silent films submitted by creative minds from across the city and beyond.


Where to see the films


What makes the upcoming festival unique is that you don’t have to go to a theatre to catch a show. If you use public transportation, you automatically have a front row seat to this year’s event. The films are played on Toronto subway platforms all throughout the week of the festival. Regular content is replaced with the flicks all day on Saturday, September 10th, and then in five-minute intervals beginning on the 11th. Over one million daily commuters are expected to take in this year’s selected shorts, including residents fromToronto apartments who live conveniently close to the TTC.


Cast your vote


This year’s selected films will be posted on the TUFF website. This is also the spot to cast your vote for this year’s best submissions. With thousands of dollars up for grabs, every vote counts!


The Toronto Urban Film Festival, showcased today by the Greenrock Property Management blog team, is truly a fun experience found only in Toronto. Joining the festival is free, fun and easy—especially with the TTC located so close to your front door. For more information about Toronto apartments located near public transportation, simply visit our website today.