Plan a relaxing Civic Holiday weekend

Plan a relaxing Civic Holiday weekend

Summer is zipping by, and Civic Holiday weekend will be here before you know it. Slow down by planning a relaxing long weekend near Toronto apartments. Use today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management for a few fun ways to relax and enjoy the long weekend.


Plan an all-day hike


Feel your stress slip away as you enjoy a relaxing Civic Holiday weekend in the wilderness. The Greater Toronto Area is full of fantastic hiking options for your long first weekend of August. Check out Webster and Tew Falls, among Hamilton’s most beautiful waterfalls, located along the trails at Dundas Peak (Webster Falls Road). Expect an hour drive from Wingreen Court Apartments (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Wingreen Court) to get to this local scenic destination.


Enjoy a picnic with friends


Grab a frisbee, pack up your picnic basket and head to one of Toronto’s parks for a laid-back Civic Holiday with friends. Among the many options nearby, Trinity Bellwoods Park (790 Queen Street West) is a local favourite. To get here, drive just over 15 minutes from Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue).


Attend a waterfront festival


Let the weekend drift by as you take in the music, food and dance of Island Soul, a Toronto celebration of Caribbean culture. The perfect excuse to hang out by the water over the weekend, this festival is held at the Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West), a 10-minute drive from Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street). Festivities run August 1st through 4th.


The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes you enjoy a truly rejuvenating Civic Holiday long weekend close to home. For more information about Toronto apartments, visit our website today.

Your Civic Holiday menu planner

Your Civic Holiday menu planner

The Civic Holiday long weekend is this July 30th to August 1st. If you’re having friends or family over to your apartment atDavisville Village, the Greenrock Property Management blog has some delicious ideas to feed a hungry crowd, that won’t take the whole weekend to make. Enjoy!


Tuscan pasta salad with grilled vegetables


This hearty appetizer is a the perfect party pasta salad. It’s also great as a vegetarian main course. You can make a massive amount of it in the morning and keep it in the fridge until you’re almost ready to eat, just give it a few minutes to reach room temperature before serving.


Chili for a crowd


A great way to feed a hungry crowd is to put on a big pot of chili. This recipe recognizes that there are many ways to enjoy chili. It’s a personal thing, and since you’re the chili maker, you get to decide how to dish it up. Choose from ground meat, or chuck, or go vegetarian with beans, no beans, or any combination of the ingredients you love in your chili. The choice is your’s!




Cornbread is the perfect compliment to chili. It’s substantial and satisfying and will guarantee none of your guests leave hungry. This recipe makes moist cornbread that can be enjoyed all on it’s own  — it doesn’t even need butter!


Deep dish apple pie


This flaky, classic deep-dish apple pie is a crowd pleaser. Throw on some vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a familiar summer dessert that is tough to beat.

The Civic Holiday long weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with friends or family. Whether you are hosting a get-together at your Davisville Village Apartment, or heading to a potluck, we hope these recipes make your long weekend a little more delicious. For more information on Greenrock rental properties, please visit our website.

Simple summer day trips for the whole family

Simple summer day trips for the whole family

Summer is in full swing and there is a lot to do. It’s easy to let the season pass you by, so make some plans to make the most of it. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management is here to help with some great ideas for family-friendly day trips to take from Toronto. We hope these short getaways make the summer more memorable for you and your loved ones.


Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. It’s only an hour and a half away (by car) from your apartment at 166 Eastbourne Ave., making it easy to see in a day. Despite its close proximity, many people who live in Toronto have never been to this gorgeous spot. If you’re one of them, or you just haven’t visited the falls in years, you owe it to yourself and your kids to go this summer. The power and awe of the falls may have faded in your memory, but it is undeniable. There are also great walks, picnic spots, restaurants and activities to enjoy in the area. The Butterfly Conservatory is located at the Niagara Botanical Gardens and is a lush tropical environment filled with over 2000 free flying butterflies that land on you and the exotic blooms. Kids under 5 are free.




Located in Prince Edward County, about a two and a half hour drive from 166 Eastbourne Apartments is Sandbanks Provincial Park. It is the largest baymouth barrier dune formation (sandbank) in the world. You’ll find some of the best beaches in Canada here, including Outlet Beach with it’s warm shallow water (that makes it ideal for families). Enjoy hiking and biking trails, watch a large population of migrating birds, and get the classic ‘day at the beach’ feeling all in one place.




The city of Stratford is a quaint, very walkable town full of restaurants and shopping. It is also home to the most famous theatre festival in North America. The Stratford Festival has been delighting audiences from around the world for over 60 years. This year’s program includes Macbeth, As You Like It and the family favourite, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It’s less than a 2 hour drive from 166 Eastbourne Ave. If you don’t have a car, there is a direct bus you can take round trip from Toronto for $25.

There are many fun day trips to take this summer from Toronto. Whatever you enjoy, wherever you choose to go, theGreenrock blog team hopes you have a safe and happy day away. For more information on Greenrock rental properties, please visit our website.

Frosty treats for hot summer days

Frosty treats for hot summer days

Summer is in full force. The sun has been blazingly hot and there is hardly any relief in sight — but there is something you can do. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has some fun ideas for frozen treats that are easy to make at home in Wingreen Court (2 – 11 Wingreen Court, Toronto).


Frozen Banana Bites


A winning combination of simple, fun, and delicious — these frozen banana bites are the best.  A snack that combines peanut butter, bananas and chocolate — what could be better? You can substitute the toffee topping for anything you like — cookie crumbs, sprinkles, more chocolate, whatever!


Strawberry-Margarita Sorbet


Light, sweet and perfectly refreshing — this strawberry-margarita sorbet is the perfect summer treat. Skip the alcohol to make this recipe family-friendly. The best part about it is that It involves just a few simple ingredients — it’s also vegan and gluten-free.


Frozen Key Lime Pie


The subtle, sweet and tart taste of a key lime pie is unmistakable. It’s the perfect indulgent summer treat and is easier to make than it looks.  With only about 20 minutes of prep time and 5 minutes of cook time, followed by a few hours in the freezer, this is one simple recipe that we can’t get enough of.


One ingredient “ice cream”


Did you know you can make refreshing, vegan, gluten-free, no-sugar-added ice cream with only one ingredient?! It’s not fairy dust, it’s bananas! Frozen bananas to be exact. Some time in the freezer transforms the consistency and flavour of bananas so that when you whip them up in a food processor (or powerful blender) they become a creamy, gooey, custardy frozen treat. Play around with flavours by adding whatever else you like to the mix — from frozen raspberries to chopped chocolate and peanut butter.

The Greenrock blog team hopes these recipes for frosty treats provide some sweet relief from the summer heat. For information on Greenrock rental properties, please click here.

Check out these local bicycle trails this summer

Check out these local bicycle trails this summer

It’s hard to beat a good bike ride. It’s great exercise, a great way to get around Toronto and a great way to see parts of the city you may have missed. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has put together of list of some of the best bicycle trails near you (plus details on how to get to them from your home at Village Green Apartments, 40-50 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street).


Lower Don Trail


One of the best mixed trails in the city, the Lower Don Recreation Trail follows the Don River,  north or south, giving you the freedom to choose where you want to go. From Village Green Apartments you can hop on your bike and ride about 25 minutes along Gerrard St. to St Matthews and enter from the bridge. If you go north you can go through Taylor Creek Park all the way to Victoria Park or choose go south towards Lakeshore.




From the Lower Don Trail at Lakeshore it’s a quick ride over to Leslie Street and south along the Leslie Street Spit into Tommy Thompson Park. You can also park your car near the entrance to the park (15-20 minute drive from Village Green Apartments) The trail takes you on a beautiful tour around the peninsula that extends 5 km into Lake Ontario with great views of the lake. You will need to circle back once you reach the lighthouse. Your ride will take you through the bird sanctuary and some of the best nature watching in the city.


You can also use the Lakeshore path to ride east through Ashbridges Bay, along Woodbine Beach and Kew/Balmy Beach


Beltline Trail


Take a 15 minute bike ride from Village Green Apartments through Rosedale to the short Milkman’s Lane Trail to hit the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail. This trail is a pleasant, mostly shaded ride through a ravine. You can make a pitstop at The Evergreen Brickworks before finishing at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes this week’s post helps you make the most out of your local trails this summer. There are lots of great trails for you to enjoy nearby. Have fun! For more information on Greenrock property rentals, please visit our website.

Dance the night away at Toronto Caribbean Carnival

Dance the night away at Toronto Caribbean Carnival

Toronto’s largest cultural event and one of the biggest parties of the year is almost here. Toronto Caribbean Carnival, formerly and commonly known as Caribana, runs from July 28th to July 31st. Dance the night away with these event suggestions from the Greenrock Property Management blog team.


Kick off Party


Start your Caribbean Carnival weekend off strong with Carnival Nights kick off party on Thursday July, 28th. The event will take place at the brand new Surrender Nightclub, 108 Peter Street (30 minutes by TTC from Greenrock at Davisville Village(77 Davisville). This is the club’s official launch! This event will feature two rooms with two distinct vibes — each playing different music. One will feature the best in Hip-Hop and Old School, and the other will pump out Reggae and Soca. There will also be a rooftop patio to retreat to when you need some fresh air. Tickets are $25.


Friday Night Lights


The weekend comes alive on Friday July 29th with Turnt Up at Ace Nightclub (425 Adelaide Street West, just a 20 minute cab ride from Greenrock at Davisville Village (225 Davisville). This club cultivates an unpretentious vibe and plays nothing but good music. The space features different ‘salons’ for different sounds including Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, R&B and Old School. Tickets are $20.


The Parade


When you’ve caught your breath after Friday’s dance party, head down to Lakeshore Boulevard for the Carnival Parade. It begins at Exhibition Place (35 minutes by TTC from Greenrock at Davisville Village (45 Balliol) at 9:30am and heads to Parkside Drive. The costumes and the fun last all day, wrapping up by 8pm — giving you just enough time to rest before heading out for Saturday night.


Saturday Night Live


On Saturday July 30th, check out the newest nightlife event of Caribana weekend. It’s called I Remember and features DJ’s spinning the best in Old School Hip Hop and R&B. It all happens at Orchid (82 Peter Street, 30 minutes by TTC fromGreenrock at Davisville Village). Tickets are $20.


The Caribbean Carnival, also known as Caribana weekend, attracts over a million visitors to Toronto every year. Local clubs are jam packed with party goers all weekend long. The blog team at Greenrock Property Management hopes this week’s post helps you navigate the party. For more information on Greenrock rental properties in Toronto, please visit our website.

Enjoy great brews and bands at Toronto Festival of Beer

Enjoy great brews and bands at Toronto Festival of Beer

Canada’s biggest summer celebration of beer is back! The Toronto Festival of Beer attracted over 35,000 beer lovers last year and this year is expected to be even bigger. As well as showcasing local and international beer, there will also be lots of great food and live music to enjoy. It all goes down July 22nd to 24th at Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place (45 minutes by TTC from166 Eastbourne Avenue). The blog team at Greenrock Property Management is here to help you make the most of your festival.


The Beer


There will be over 60 breweries featuring 333 different beers from around the globe. No matter what kind of beer you love — from lagers, stouts and ales to fruit beers and even ciders — there is something special for you here! There will also be great food to go with all that great beer. From oysters to poutine, and everything in between. The festival sells out in advance every year, so get your tickets now.


The Bands


You’ve got beer, food and (hopefully) great weather — what’s missing? The music. The Toronto Festival of Beer has you covered there too, with great bands every day of the festival.


Friday Night – House of Pain


It’s been 25 years since Irish American hip-hop hit the scene hard with House of Pain and their huge hit “Jump Around”. They’re still here and headlining the show on Friday night.


Saturday – Big Sugar reggae style


Perhaps the perfect soundtrack to your beer festival Saturday afternoon is Big Sugar reggae style. Discover your next favourite beer while you listen to Gordie Johnson and the reggae rock of Big Sugar.


Sunday – The Temperance Movement


The party at the Toronto Festival of Beer doesn’t stop just because Sunday rolls around. There is more beer to be sampled, food to be savoured and The Temperance Movement takes the mainstage.


There is much to be enjoyed at beer lovers’ paradise, also known as The Toronto Festival of Beer. Please enjoy the event responsibly. For more information on Greenrock Apartments for rent in Toronto, including 166 Eastbourne Avenue, please visit our website.

Listen to incredible bands at Wayhome

Listen to incredible bands at Wayhome

Canada’s latest festival sensation is the WayHome Music and Arts Festival. It’s a pretty epic experience — three days of music, camping and art from July 22nd to 24th, in Oro-Medonte, just north of Toronto. There is so much going on at this year’s festival it might make your head spin, so the Greenrock Property Management blog team is here to help you make the most of it with our guide to the festival.


The Music

There is so much live music from so many great bands at this year’s WayHome Festival. Check out LCD Soundsystem on Friday July, 22nd. Arcade Fire takes the stage on Saturday. The party continues at full strength on Sunday July, 24th with Ray LaMontagneThe Killers and so many more! For a full lineup, click here.

No car? No problem!

There is a simple way to get to and from the WayHome Festival, using Share the Bus. You  can catch the shuttle bus to the festival for $22.12 round trip. It departs from 305 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, near Union Station (plan on about 25 minutes travel time from Village Green, 40,50 Alexander Street).

Passes and Camping

You have a lot of choice when it comes to access passes for WayHome. Choose from VIP passes, single day passes for $109.99 to three day passes. Tier 1 and Tier 2 three-day passes are sold out, but Tier 3 for $249.99 and Tier 4 for $279.99 are still available. Grab tent camping passes for up to six people for $129.99 on a first come, first camp basis. RV passes are also available.

Feast in the Forest

VIP ticket holders can purchase a Charlie’s Burgers ticket which grants you access to the Feast in the Forest. Dine on an intimate six-course, chef-prepared meal in the beautiful, old growth pine forest among the wildflowers and ponds, where the artists of WayHome make their home for the weekend.If you love outdoor music festivals, the WayHome Festival is one of the best. The Greenrock blog team hopes this post helps you plan your festival adventure. For more information on Greenrock Communities for rent in Toronto, including Village Green, please visit our website.

Don’t miss Hillside Festival in Guelph this summer!

 Don't miss Hillside Festival in Guelph this summer!

Hillside Festival in Guelph is returning for its 33rd year from July 22nd to 24th. The Greenrock Property Management blog team wants to help you plan an epic weekend at the festival. Toronto is great, but if you’re looking to get out of town for a little camping and live music, it’s definitely worth a road trip. Plan on approximately an hour and half travel time from Village Green,Davisville Village or any Greenrock Community in Toronto.


The Experience


Hillside has quietly earned its reputation as a world class, unpretentious, environmentally conscious and family-friendly festival. Food vendors supply reusable dishes, patrons bring their own cups and all water is sourced on site. There is no corporate sponsorship. It all feels simple, genuine and authentic. It’s all about having a good time in a naturally beautiful spot, with lots of great music, artisans and food. Tickets are on sale now.


The Music


On Friday, July 22nd at 9:45 pm, The Milk Carton Kids take the mainstage. This band just received their second Grammy nomination for “Best American Roots Performance”. On Saturday, July 23rd at 3pm, witness something a little different withAjinai. A killer combination of traditional Mongolian music (think horse-head fiddle and throat-singing) with rock arrangements and electric guitars. Sunday the 24th of July at 3pm, catch The Lemon Bucket Orkestra and their unique brand of balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk. They began as a quartet of buskers on the streets of Toronto and have grown (both in the size of the Orkestra and in popularity) to become the twice Juno-nominated juggernaut that they are today. A truly intense, yet precise performance that simply must be seen live to be fully appreciated.


There is so much music to experience at Hillside. Check out a full program lineup and schedule here.


The Camping


A big part of the festival is the camping. Hillside takes place at the beautiful Guelph Lake Conservation Area. Festival camp sites go on sale the day the festival begins — Thursday, July 21st at 9 am. The camping permit is good for the whole festival weekend up until Monday, July 25th at noon at a cost of $148. The campsites can fit up to six people and one vehicle. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Food


Just because you are camping in a beautiful spot by the lake doesn’t mean you want to roast hot dogs on a stick all weekend. The Food Bazaar at Hillside takes camp food seriously. From the 50 Pesos Food Truck to Lemongrass Thai Food or Diwa Indian Cuisine there is something for everyone, including vegan, organic and gluten-free options.


The Greenrock blog team hopes this post helps you plan a special out-of-town musical weekend this summer. For more information on our Toronto rental properties, please click here.

Enjoy the best food in Toronto for less at Summerlicious

 Enjoy the best food in Toronto for less at Summerlicious

It’s a great time to live in Toronto if you enjoy dining out (and who doesn’t?). Toronto’s premier prix fixe food event is just around the corner, from July 8th through the 24th. The Greenrock Property Management blog team is here to help you make the most of your Summerlicious experience.


The idea is as simple as it is delicious. More than 220 of the top restaurants in Toronto (with 24 new participants this year) are offering three-course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner. There are three different price categories for lunch and three for dinner. Lunch is $18, $23 or $28. Dinner is $28, $38 or $48. Taxes and gratuities are not included. Make your reservations now to snag a table in this popular event — contact the restaurant you want to dine at directly.  For a full list of participating restaurants, click here.


For those hoping to experience Summerlicious close to home, these delicious participating restaurants are located near your Greenrock community:


Lil’ Baci


Lil’ Baci is about a 5 minute walk from Greenrock at Davisville Village (at 77 Davisville). This homestyle Italian restaurant and pizzeria is offering $18 lunch and $28 dinner menus. Choose from three different appetizers including zucchini puree soup or classic meatballs, choose from five different entrees and three different desserts (an icy sorbetto, a rich sundae or a creamy vanilla panna cotta).


Carmen’s Steak House


Carmen’s is right next door, just a 1 minute walk, from Village Green Apartments (40 Alexander Street). They are offering a $48 three-course dinner menu. Choose from steak tartare, caesar salad or escargot as an appetizer. For your entree, choose from a 6oz. Striploin, black cod or field mushroom risotto. Finish your meal with a coconut creme brulee, chocolate mousse or seasonal sorbet for dessert.


Linda Modern Thai


Linda Modern Thai is just a 10 minute stroll from Wingreen Court Apartments. They offer an $18 lunch or a $28 dinner menu that features vegetable fritters, Thai beef salad or spicy cucumber salad as an appetizer. Main courses include a selection of 3-4 entrees (including pineapple duck curry at dinner). At dessert, choose between deep fried bananas with coconut syrup, cheesecake or a fruit filled Thai layer cake.


There are almost too many great options of delicious places to eat (for less) during this year’s Summerlicious event. The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post has fired up your appetite and piqued your curiosity to try some new restaurants near you! For more information on Greenrock Apartments for rent in Toronto, please visit our website.