Picking the best bulb for any room

If you ever find yourself standing in the lighting department of your local big box store, stunned at the selection of light bulbs, you’re not alone. At Greenrock, we don’t want our Wingreen residents to be overwhelmed, which is why today’s post is all about light bulbs and how to pick the best one for any room.


Before selecting the right bulb, you’ll have to know how to choose the correct bulb wattage, which is how much power it uses, not the amount of light it emanates. A majority of lamps and other fixtures indicate the highest wattage yhey can take. Make sure not to go over this number as doing so could produce extra heat or pose a fire hazard.


Incandescent bulbs, the first kind of bulb designed by Thomas Edison, are the ones you may already be familiar with. They are inexpensive and readily available, which is what makes them the most commonly used bulbs. They range from 15 to 150 watts, emit a soft yellow-white light and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes in addition to coloured glass options. Even though they are not as energy efficient as other light bulbs, they work well for standard lighting in lamps.


Halogen bulbs have a distinctive style and produce a bright, white light that more closely mimics the colour spectrum of the midday sun compared to incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs have a longer life and provide more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. Their small size and power make halogens great for pot lights. You can find these bulbs at the local Home Depot (1 Concorde Gate #900).


For an eco-friendly, energy saving option, consider spiral compact fluorescent lights. Their small size allows them to fit in the majority of fixtures and they produce more light than original CFL lamps. They are perfect for track lighting and other overhead fixtures as well as lamps and are suitable for every room. Click here to learn more about energy saving light bulb options.


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