Game night essentials

A board game night is the perfect way to engage in some (friendly) competitive action for all ages. It is also an inexpensive yet fun way to entertain guests and family. All you need are a few fun board games, some party food and drinks, and your competitive spirit. Greenrock’s Davisville Village community in Toronto is the perfect place to hold your board game night. Try the following tips for throwing a successful game night at your home.


How to Decorate


While this next step is completely optional, some simple decorating can really add to the atmosphere and ambience of your game night. On the day of the party make sure to tidy up your home as well as clear off any tables that will be used for gaming and serving food. Some fun game night decorating ideas include hanging vintage board games on the wall, using a twister mat as a tablecloth and even making a simple banner out of Monopoly money or playing cards.


What to Play


Give everyone a chance to enjoy the winners’ circle by including a combination of different options including card games, board games, team games and interactive games. Another idea is to encourage guests to bring their favourite games for everyone to enjoy. Some of the most popular and best party games for a crowd include Cranium, Taboo, Pictionary, Clue, Balderdash, Citizens of Humanity, Catchphrase and Werewolf. Many of these games can be played as a team and are sure to bring out your inner competitive side while still being a blast! Take the Yonge line south from Greenrock’s 77 Davisville Avenue apartments to 401 Games near Wellesley Station for a massive selection of board games, card games and more!


What to Serve


Game night food should be easy to prepare, serve and eat. That means lots of simple finger foods that are easy to nibble on between rolls of the die. Try the following fan favourites for delicious appetizers:


–       Veggies and dip

–       Chips and Salsa

–       Mini burger sliders

–       Pizza

–       Fresh baked cookies or cupcakes


For game night recipes and inspiration check out this article from Epicurious on hosting a board game night dinner. Another idea is to have each guest bring one food item, which will turn your party into a potluck. Sobeys grocery store is only a two-minute walk from Greenrock’s 45 Balliol Street community and is a convenient place to pick up food for your game night.


Have Fun


The most important thing when hosting a game night is to enjoy yourself and have a great time! Don’t take the night too seriously and make sure your guests are having fun. Your game night should ultimately be about spending time with friends and family and enjoying each other’s company.


Follow these simple tips and tricks for the best game night ever! Greenrock’s Davisville Village is located in one of Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods close to public transportation, entertainment, shopping, an active nightlife and more.