Top Activities for Families on Family Day

Let’s face it: most of us live hectic, on-the-go lifestyles. Juggling day-to-day responsibilities like important meetings, presentations, sports practices and dance rehearsals can sometimes make it difficult to slow down. Sounds like you? No problem! We’ve put together the top four things to do together this Family Day.




This Family Day, you can feel like you’re on top of the world – or at least the top of Toronto. The CN Tower’s LookOut Level is perched 346 meters (1,136 feet) above the city, and with floor-to-ceiling panoramic window walls, it boasts spectacular views.


One level below is an all-new glass floor, installed directly above the original, which was installed in 1994. This adrenaline-rushing experience offers a vertical view 346 meters straight down!


Did you know you can save 25% by taking advantage of the Family Pass? This consists of two adult general admission tickets and two child general admission tickets. This package offers access two observation levels, including the LookOut Level, Glass Floor and EdgeWalk.


The family pass is only available for purchase online and must be redeemed by March 31, 2019.




If you’re looking for an interactive and educational experience to engage in this weekend, then look no further!


From story time and arts and crafts to Wildzone Workshops and musical performances, The Royal Ontario Museum is inviting you to join in a world of excitement.


Performances range from Renaissance and Baroque to 19th Century Character Dance. This family-friendly program will also include Flamenco dancing and some beautiful songs by Mozart. Opera Atelier’s founding co-artistic Director, Marshall Pynkoski, will provide the educational and entertaining commentary.


While family festivities take place all weekend, these special performances will take place on Monday, February 18 at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. and will run for 40 minutes.




With extended holiday hours and a wide range of activities, Ontario Place is bringing families together this weekend.


Skating is one of the most popular winter activities, so why not join in the skate parties? Skate the night away while live DJs spin tunes for visitors of all ages. Later, cozy up near the bonfire and warm up with a steam cup of hot chocolate.


Despite winter being gloomy and dark, Ontario Place is also bringing some light back to those cold, sunless days with the Winter Light Exhibition. Utilizing creativity, innovation, light and discovery, creators from all artistic streams will showcase their exhibits following the curatorial theme of “Disruptive Engagement.”


Looking for an indoor experience? Hit the world’s first permanent IMAX® theatre! This weekend they are showing:


  1. Inception: The IMAX Experience – Friday, February 15 to Monday, February 18
  2. Iron Giant (Signature Edition) – Saturday, February 16 to Monday, February 18
  3. A Beautiful Planet – Monday, February 18


For show times, please visit:




Are you a family of hockey fans? Then treat your kids to the ultimate VIP status at the Hockey Hall of Fame this Family Day.


Greeted with a free gift, kids will have the opportunity to play within the five interactive zones, where they can try their hand at goaltending, shooting, play-by-play calling and even host their own sports broadcast. Don’t forget to snap a photo with the Hockey Hall of Fame mascot, Slapshot, and the iconic Stanley Cup!


The VIP experience doesn’t end there. Present your Hockey Hall of Fame receipt at The Bottom Line to receive a free kids meal!


Please note: The VIP experience is available on Monday, February 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. only. Rules and restrictions apply.

Moving During the Canadian Winter

Moving has been universally acknowledged as one of the hardest things to do. Moving during the winter is considerably much tougher. With Canadian winters being wildly unpredictable, there are a few things you’ll want to consider long before moving day.


Pack for Extreme Temperatures


Did you know you should pack your possessions differently in the winter months than you would if you were moving in the summer? The reason for this is, of course, temperature. Items such as plates, glasses and even wood furniture are susceptible to breaking when exposed to freezing temperatures. Just as we double up on the layers, be sure to double pack your possessions to keep your belongings protected! Using thick blankets can help ease the transition from the extreme temperatures outdoors to the warmth of your new apartment. Electronics are also sensitive to moisture and extreme temperatures. Be sure to pack these last and transport them in your car.



Hire Professionals


Moving in the winter is no easy chore, but you can make it less stressful. By hiring a moving company to load, transport and unload your possessions, you’ll greatly reduce the hassle and frustration of trying to do it all yourself. Moving companies are trained to handle wintery conditions, they’ll know how best to wrap your items to protect them from the cold and they are equipped to deal with any challenges that may come up.



Weather Conditions


While it may sound like common sense, sometimes when you’re tasked with an all-mighty to-do list, it’s the little things that often get overlooked. Be sure to check the weather network to keep up-to-date regarding any storms or weather conditions. Expect road closures, allow yourself longer travel times and most importantly, be flexible!



Get an Early Start


When the weather is cold and bleak, it can be hard to get motivated. By getting an early start, you can take advantage of the daytime hours, which will reduce the risk of getting hurt when it’s slippery or dark. It also provides more time to iron out any hiccups, should something not go quite as planned. You can also call it an early night before it gets too dark – or too cold!


The Comfort Hotel Downtown: A suite spot for visiting family and friends


Having friends or family visit from out of town can be a great experience, especially when everyone has their own space. Hosting a friend or family member at your apartment for a day or two is easy enough, but for longer stays and larger groups, a nearby hotel may be a better choice.


The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown (15 Charles Street East) is less than a 10 minute walk from Village Green. That means it’s “located centrally in Toronto and steps away from the Bloor-Yonge subway station”, as Andrea Petrak, Hotel & Sales Executive for Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown, tells us.

Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown

Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown


The subway provides easy access to everything the city has to offer. Catch a game or concert at the Air Canada Centre, or see a show at Ed Mirvish Theatre, The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre or the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown is  also “located close to Yorkville, the best area for shopping, restaurants and entertainment.”


Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown

Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown


Above all, you want your loved ones to be comfortable and well taken care of.


At the Comfort Hotel Toronto the staff is key. Our entire team goes above and beyond during every interaction with our guests to ensure that their stay is a relaxing and refreshing stay. – Andrea Petrak, Hotel & Sales Executive for Comfort Hotel


The hotel’s newly renovated rooms and suites will ensure a pleasant stay for your visitors. All rooms include cable TV, a coffee maker, an iron and ironing board. Wireless high-speed internet and guest laundry facility are also available. Guests can even request valet cleaning service. The Comfort Hotel has the quality, convenience and amenities to make every stay a memorable one. As Ms. Petrak tells us:


Our location is one of our best amenities. We are in the heart of Toronto, surrounded by restaurants, shopping, parks and transit to take our guests anywhere they wish to go. Once our renovations are complete we will also have a fantastic restaurant and lounge to offer our guests a place to congregate and relax.


Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown

Photo credit: The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown


When friends and family come to visit, you can rest easy knowing that they are resting comfortably. Treat your loved ones to the convenience of The Comfort Hotel Toronto Downtown, in the heart of the downtown Toronto community.


Greenrock Property Management is proud to connect you with your community. For information on our Greenrock Rental Communities, including Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street), pleasevisit our website.



Discover the magical Toronto Christmas Market

Discover the magical Toronto Christmas Market

The magical Toronto Christmas Market is one of the city’s most beloved holiday traditions. Held each November and December, the annual holiday themed market is your destination for live entertainment, shopping and tasty holiday fare. In today’s post from Greenrock Property Management, learn more about this year’s market festivities, happening near Toronto apartments.


How It Works


\Head to the Distillery Historic District (55 Mill Street) any day of the week except for Mondays, to experience the magic of the Toronto Christmas Market. From Benlamond Apartments (5 Benlamond Avenue) or Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street), it’s a short 10-minute drive away, depending on when you go. There is a small fee beginning Friday nights through the weekends ($6.00). Proceeds support market upkeep, and local charities.


Market Classics


The 2016 Toronto Christmas Market will feature all the food and fanfare you’ve grown to love. Be sure to try to the tornado potato, as well as some poutine, incredible grilled cheese creations (Christmas Dinner Grilled Cheese?!), wine samples and your choice of beer. In terms of entertainment, expect a daily lineup of Santa’s Elves hosting sing-alongs and a ton of cheerful carolling.


This Year’s Highlights


Hoping to catch a great concert at the market? Join the Market’s closing evening celebration on December 22nd, featuring Canadian tenor Michael Ciufo. In addition to singing the national anthem for the Toronto Raptors, Michael’s first commercial recording earned the number 15 spot on the Canadian Classical charts. A complete listing of each day’s entertainment can be found online.

Don’t miss the magical Toronto Christmas Market, ranked one of the top 10 markets of its kind in the world, and featured today by Greenrock Property Management. For more information about nearby Toronto apartments, pleasevisit our website.

Holiday cookies we love

Holiday cookies we love

The holidays are almost here, you can smell it in the air! We love the holiday season it is a time to spend with those you love, and eat cookies. What would the holidays be without cookies? The blog team at Greenrock Property Management has some recipes for holiday cookies we love.


Sugar Cookies


The classics are classics for a reason. These buttery holiday Sugar Cookies are what we think of when we think of holiday cookies. Crispy, rich and with just the right amount of sweetness. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and this recipe makes almost 100 cookies, so you will have more than enough to share or give as gifts.


Gingerbread Men


It’s tough to beat a good old fashioned Gingerbread Man cookie during the holidays. Not only do they taste good (especially when decorated with icing) they will make your kitchen at 166 Eastbourne smell warm, spicy and simply amazing, with the aromas of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.


Pecan and Chocolate Shortbreads


Buttery shortbread cookies are taken to another level with these Pecan and Chocolate Shortbreads. A sweet mixture of rum and ground pecans is baked right in and then a rich chocolate syrup is drizzled over top. A word to the wise – make extra, these will go fast.


Holiday Macarons


These light, fluffy and decadent Holiday Macarons are bound to become one of your new favourites. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself making them throughout the year. Don’t be intimidated by these elegant cookies, they can be made by anyone with basic baking skills, with only about 25 minutes of hands on prep time.


Happy Holidays and happy baking from your friends, the Greenrock blog team. We hope this is the happiest and most delicious holiday season yet! For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the charming and elegant 166 Eastbourne, in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood – please visit our website.

Healthy grilling ideas


Healthy grilling ideas

Summertime means long days, sunshine and grilling. When most people think about summer barbecue they probably picture burgers and hot dogs which are far from healthy. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you don’t have to give up the grill. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has some great healthy recipes for you to grill at home, at 166 Eastbourne Avenue in Toronto.

Lemon yogurt chicken

Chicken on the grill is nothing new, but have you ever thought of using yogurt, rather than a sugar-laden BBQ sauce to marinate it? This lemon yogurt marinade for chicken is tangy and  enhances the flavour of the chicken. The yogurt tenderizes the meat and caramelizes as it cooks, adding a hint of smokiness. Try this delicious recipe at home with easy to find ingredients.



Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables make a perfect side dish. They’re also excellent on a grilled  baguette as a main course. However you plan to serve them, thesegrilled vegetables are a great, healthy choice. Try adding a touch of balsamic vinegar and little fresh pepper to bring out the flavour.

Corn with mint butter

Summer just doesn’t feel like summer without some fresh corn on the cob. Perk up your ears (of corn) this year with this grilled corn with mint butter recipe. A brush of a little fresh mint and cilantro butter goes a long way.

Salmon & zucchini with red pepper sauce

Nothing beats the taste of grilled salmon. Light, delicious and full of essential nutrients like Omega fatty acids. This salmon recipe goes perfectly with grilled veggies. Try using some smoked paprika to bring out the smoky flavour from the grill.

Is there anything better than hot-off-the-grill food in the summer? Even if you don’t have access to a BBQ, indoor grills and grill pans are a great alternative. Find them at Canadian Tire, (Yonge St at Church St) — just a 10 minute drive or 15 minutes by TTC from 166 Eastbourne Ave. For more information on Greenrock rental apartments in Toronto, please visit our website.


Transform your balcony into a summer oasis

Transform your balcony into a summer oasis

Hot summer weather is finally here, and we all know it doesn’t last for long. The Greenrock Property Management blog team wants to help you make the most of the great weather from the comfort of your Toronto apartment, at Wingreen Court. Here are a few ideas to help you transform your balcony into a summer oasis.


Pallet Planter


This easy DIY will add some greenery to a bland balcony. Make your own pallet planter to add vertical planting and gardening space to even the smallest balcony. Use it to grow herbs like basil and mint so you can enjoy fresh herbs all summer long.


Self-Irrigating Planters


Never worry about over or under watering your plants again. These self-irrigating planters are made from some re-purposed rubbermaid tubs. An easy and low maintenance way to add some gorgeous greenery to your balcony.


Line it with fabric


Add a pop of colour to your balcony. Simply wrap coloured fabric around your balcony. If you use a colour that is an extension of the indoor palette, it will feel more like an extension of your living space. It can also block some of the wind and make it feel more private.


Peg board and potted plants


Make your balcony feel like a garden with more flowers and plants. You can hang lightweight baskets of flowers and plants from pegboard, which is available at Home Depot (1 Concorde Gate, just a 5 minute drive from Wingreen Court). With a few potted plants and an outdoor chair or two, you will have a beautiful little balcony garden to enjoy.


Make your balcony more livable this summer with these tips.The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post will help you enjoy the beautiful summer weather at Wingreen Court. For more information on our Toronto apartments for rent, please visit our website.

Plan the perfect Canada Day weekend

Plan the perfect Canada Day weekendToday’s blog post features some free and fun things to do near Toronto apartments over the Canada Day long weekend. Read on to find some great suggestions, compliments of the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


Yonge Dundas Square


Where else can you help create a Living Flag than at Yonge Dundas Square (1 Dundas Street East)? The free annual Canada Day celebrations promise to be as fun as always, with a full day of diverse cultural activities on the docket. Experience live performances from around the world, international art, crafts and food on July 1st, from noon until 9:00 p.m. Yonge-Dundas Square is an easy 10-minute drive from Davisville Village Apartments (75 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue).


Queen’s Park


Queen’s Park (College Street & University Avenue), a 15 to 20-minute drive from Wingreen Court Apartments (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Wingreen Court), is hosting a free family-friendly Canada Day celebration. Complete with live music, dance, foods featuring local ingredients and an exciting lineup of workshops and crafts for kids, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.


Harbourfront Centre


Check out one of the city’s biggest celebrations, happening at Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West) on July 1st. Another free event designed with the family in mind, the highlights of this party are live music and a breathtaking fireworks show over Lake Ontario. To get to this downtown destination, plan on a 20-minute drive from Eastbourne Avenue Apartments (166 Eastbourne Avenue).


Toronto Ribfest


Toronto Ribfest, held at Etobicoke Centennial Park (256 Centennial Park Road), is a charity fundraiser. Its an affordable way to give to a great cause while you enjoy delicious ribs. Scheduled for June 30th through July 3rd, expect each and every day to be full of Canada Day festivities including a fireworks show for the holiday. The park is a 25-minute drive from Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Street).

Happy Canada Day from the Greenrock Property Management blog team! For more information about our Toronto apartments, located across the city,visit our website today.

Don’t miss the TD Toronto Jazz Festival!

Don't miss the TD Toronto Jazz Festival!The TD Toronto Jazz Festival is a wonderful tradition in Toronto. Take part in this year’s 30th anniversary summer event, happening conveniently nearby Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Avenue), using today’s post from the Greenrock Property Management blog team as your personal guide.


Hundreds of performances, thousands of musicians


One of the best parts about the TD Toronto Jazz Festival is the incredible diversity of programming. Boasting 350 performances and over 1,500 musicians at 40 venues, there’s something for everyone at this once-a-year festival. If you are interested in checking out the lineup for yourself, mark your calendar today for June 24th through Canada Day, July 3rd.


Head to the square


Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are ready to share their endless supply of funk and soul with Toronto. Four critically-acclaimed albums and a steadily growing fan base have transformed this group into a global sensation. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings will be playing at Nathan Phillips Square (100 Queen Street West) on June 25th. Tickets are now available online. The Square will serve as a main spot for many of the festival’s concerts. To get here from Village Green Apartments, plan on a five-minute drive or five-minute bike ride.


Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra


Hear your favourite jazz classics at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra performance, June 28th at Koerner Hall TELUS Centre (273 Bloor Street West). Heralded as a main event of the 30th anniversary of the festival, this is a performance not to be missed. To get to the TELUS Centre, bike less than 10 minutes from Village Green Apartments


The blog team at Greenrock Property Management encourages you to check out the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, which promises its biggest and best year yet as a part of its special 30th birthday celebration. For more information about downtown Village Green Apartments, simply visit our websitetoday.

Treat Dad to a fun night out nearby

Treat Dad to a fun night out nearbyFather’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, June 19th. Greenrock Property Management is here to help you make it a special day, no matter what your Dad is into. Here are a few fun ideas near your 77 Davisville apartment that will make Dad’s day.


Take a Hike


If your Dad is the active type, there are some beautiful nature trails near your 77 Davisville apartment. The Moore Park Ravine runs through picturesque Mount Pleasant Cemetery to Moore Ave where the trail takes you down into the ravine. If you’re up to it, you can hike the ravine trail all the way to Evergreen Brickworks where you can stop and have lunch at the casual and comfortable Cafe Belong. Stick around and explore the Brickworks’ lush grounds and beautiful refurbished buildings. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hike all the way back. The #28 bus leaves from the Brickworks every 30 minutes and heads straight to Davisville Station.


Elegant Meal Out


Though you probably can’t whisk Dad off to Paris for Father’s Day, Coquine may be the next best thing. This European Bistro offers an upscale casual experience with a French inspired menu.They have prix fixe dinner options from $45 -$60 per person as well as lunch options for $25 to $40. Getting there is easy as this restaurant is just an 8 minute walk from 77 Davisville, at 2075 Yonge Street. Reservations are recommended.


Shoot Some Pool at the Pub


If you’re looking for a relaxed, casual day with Dad, why not grab a beer and shoot some pool at the Bull and Firkin (1835 Yonge, just a 5 minute walk from 77 Davisville). Pool is free on Sundays! There are dart boards too, if that’s more Dad’s game. Once you’ve worked up an appetite choose some classic pub fare, like wings, burgers or steaks. For something a little different, try Kiri’s Lamb and Kale Curry with basmati rice and naan (Small $13/Large $18).


The Greenrock Property Management blog team wishes you and your Dad a happy Father’s Day. We hope these suggestions will help make it memorable. For more information on our 77 Davisville apartments or any of our Toronto properties, click here.