TIFF is back!


The Toronto International Film Festival began back in 1976 as the Toronto Festival of Festivals. Today, in it’s 42nd year, TIFF has evolved into one of the most prestigious and most publicly attended film festivals in the world. It attracts almost half a million people annually and has grown to include a year-round hub for film culture at its headquarters at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre.


Photo credit: @tiff_net

Photo credit: @tiff_net



Over the years, cinema has expanded and evolved in countless ways, but there is always one constant. The heart of every film is the story. TIFF provides engaging experiences for our patrons and guests through the diverse films we screen at TIFF Bell Lightbox, 365 days a year. – Piers Handling, Director and Chief Executive Officer of TIFF


About The Festival


The actual film festival portion of TIFF takes place during ten action-packed days from September 7th to September 17th. It’s a whirlwind of world premieres, red carpet star-gazing and lots and lots of movies.

We’re now in our fifth decade and this is our 42nd festival. Each year we challenge ourselves to develop, to adapt, to build on our strengths. In 2017, we bring you a tighter, more focused selection of films and we hope you have the opportunity to experience as many of them as you can.  – Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director TIFF

Get your tickets for the TIFF screenings of your choice while you can — they will sell out fast.

Special Presentations

TIFF now features an intriguing Special Presentation program:

Films billed in our Special Presentation program include highly anticipated features from critically acclaimed, international auteurs. Major statements on how we live now from some of the biggest names in film and includes also, 13 World Premieres.

– Piers Handling

Battle of the Sexes

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, and starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell. Battle of the Sexes is the true story of the historic tennis match in 1973 that pitted the top of the game, number one in the world Billie Jean King against ex-champ Bobby Riggs.

120 Beats Per Minute (120 battements par minute)

Directed by Robin Campillo, starring Nahuel Perez Biscayart and Arnaud Valois. Set in the early 90’s, almost ten years into the AIDS crisis. A group of young activists fight against the lingering indifference they perceive.

The Breadwinner

Starring Saara Chaudry, Laara Sadiq, and Shaista Latif. A strong willed young girl in Afghanistan disguises herself as a boy so that she can provide for her family in this animated feature from director Nora Twomey.


Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig star in Alexander Payne’s latest film about a husband and wife who decide to shrink themselves in order to live their dream life while consuming far fewer resources.

There is so much going on during the ten days of TIFF 2017. To make the most of your festival experience, browse the films and make plans. Ticket packages are on sale now. Don’t miss out on the memorable screenings and events for this year’s edition of the festival.

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Discover the Davisville Village Farmers Market


One of the great things about living in Ontario is the abundance of fresh, local and seasonal produce available in the summertime. The Davisville Village Farmers Market is a great nearby market to visit to pick some up this season. The market is open every Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm, from mid-May to early October. It’s part of the Apple Tree family of markets, run by founders Lesley Stoyan and Chris Trussell. We spoke with Lesley to learn more about how this community market has grown and what’s in store for this season!


Credit: Apple Tree Markets

Credit: Apple Tree Markets


So Lesley, when was the market first opened, and has it grown since?


We started our first market at Yonge and Eglinton 10 years ago. So, we’re actually in our tenth season there now. It started off as literally a one-off project. We were asked to coordinate a community event by (former City Councillor) Karen Stintz. We did a one-off market because local foods were just becoming popular in the Toronto community and public market spaces. It was so successful that we decided to keep it going as a regular, weekly thing. So in 2008, The North Toronto Farmers Market opened. It was dubbed The Apple Tree Market. We’ve opened three markets since then. The next market that we opened was Ryerson University, and the Davisville Village Farmers Market was our third. So it’s grown. Those three are our every season, staple, marketplaces but we’ve got over twenty pop-up markets that go on throughout the city, throughout the year. We also run a fresh food program with the TDSB (Toronto District School Board).


Wow, you’re making the rounds! Who does the fresh food program serve?


(It) predominantly serves Davisville Junior Public School which is at Yonge and Davisville. It’s a farm fresh fare snack program — so that the kids can have fresh fruits and vegetables everyday at school.


What a great initiative! Many of our our residents send their children to that public school. The program is free for the kids?


It’s subsidized by the TDSB and parents have the option to contribute, if they’d like, but every child gets it. Davisville Village has a very significant, low-income community. A lot of new Canadians making under $25, 000 a year reside here, so Davisville qualifies as a high needs school, so they get a subsidized food program. That’s actually why we started the Apple Tree Group. As I said, it started in 2008 as a one-off, fun project and we’re now a fully registered non-profit and our mission is to build community around food initiatives and family-friendly events. The farmers market is just a small amount of the project work that we do per week. We try to have outdoor, free public events predominantly in Davisville Park. We do the “movie night in the park”, which happens every September. It’s a free movie for everybody to attend. We build a skating rink in Davisville Park that everyone is able to come out and enjoy in the winter as well. We also do a Pumpkin Parade. We’re doing something called the Apple Seed and Kernel Festival this year, which is a big apple harvest festival, so kids can come out and have a fun day. There’s farmers and bouncy castles and everything is free to ensure that the neighbourhood, the people that can’t afford it, can take part in it.


Credit: Apple Tree Markets

Credit: Apple Tree Markets


What a wonderful and fun way to reach out and engage with the community! What is your role at Apple Tree?


I’m the co-founder, with my husband (co-founder, Chris Trussell). It’s honestly just the two of us that do 90% of the work. We have a handful of contractors that we bring onboard when it gets to be too much. We hope to be able to grow that number so that we can continue to grow and keep spreading out the volume of work. My focus is mostly on family health education. Around the farmers markets we do a lot of things. We offer free recipes and educational workshops, we teach cooking classes in the public schools. At all of our events, we often have fresh food and food tastings. I curate the menu. I studied holistic nutrition in school, so I do a lot of the programming ideas and my husband, Chris, does most of the executive direction, the planning, the logistics, the operation, that sort of thing.



Credit: Apple Tree Markets

Credit: Apple Tree Markets


Sounds like a small but mighty operation! How many vendors serve the Davisville Village Farmers market?


In the Apple Tree Family of vendors, so that’s anybody who’s part of our organization, I think our membership is at sixty-five vendors this year. That means whenever we do an event, we can pool from our family of vendors. For the Davisville Market I think we’re just shy of 40 vendors this year.


And what types of products do they sell?


The market really represents the complete bounty of the Ontario harvest. In May we have the early spring vegetables. This year it happened quite early, we had asparagus, strawberries pretty much right out of that. We’ve got all the greenhouse, year-round vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers – all the things that you can now have year long. You can actually have strawberries now, year long. There’s something called an ever-bearing strawberry! As the season progresses, you get into the more seasonal stuff. So, rasberry season just ended. Raspberries are pretty well done. Peaches just came out, corn just came out, again, a little bit early because of how much rain we’ve had. We’ve got a full gamut of everything that is Ontario, plus a few unique products that people may not know about. One of our vendors carries more of the exotic Ontario fruits and vegetables – which is really fun to showcase, especially when we get back in the school year. There is something called a northern Kiwi, that is grown in Ontario. We get to showcase that…


Then we’ve got wonderful, ready-made foods. There are a large percentage of shoppers that want grab-and-go, so we’ve got soups and tacos, pre-made salads and bottled juices, hummus, fresh pastas and olive oils, and fresh breads, fresh cheeses. All the things you want to pick up so that you don’t have to make dinner.


What a bounty! What is the season for the Davisville Village Market?


We usually open in the second week in May, and we close right before Thanksgiving.


Do you host any special events that close out the season?


A bunch of things, actually! We’ve got our movie night in the park – that’s always the lead up to the end of the season – which is on September 22nd. The Seed and Kernel Festival is the next day, on September 23rd. Then on the last day of the market we do a couple of things. We have the New Vendor Showcase. There are so many young businesses that want to get into selling food, but they may not have the capacity, they may not have the volume, the stock. We give new chefs and new producers or new farmers a one day time when they can come and introduce themselves to the community. We always do that on the last day. Then we have a big harvest party when it’s all over!


Sounds like a lot of fun! We can’t wait to come by and dig in. Thanks for speaking with us, Lesley!


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The CNE is back!


The end of summer tradition that is the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) returns to Toronto from August 18th to September 4th, for 18 fun-filled days to help say ‘so long’ to summer. The CNE, or “The Ex” as it is affectionately known, attracts more than 1.5 million visitors every year with it’s wide array of live entertainment, rides and games, food and fun, shopping, and of course, exhibits.


Credit: Canadian National Exhibition

Credit: Canadian National Exhibition


The CNE has been entertaining the masses in Toronto since 1879. It’s the largest celebration of its kind in the country, and the fifth largest fair in the world! There is something for everyone at The Ex!


If you go to The Ex this summer, be sure to check out the Unity Pole by Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang. The pole is carved into a 25-ft tall cedar tree and was created to celebrate Canada’s indigenous heritage. There is also a panoramic origami exhibit of the Canadian landscape. Some of the spectacular shows to see include the CNE waterfront show, and the Canadian-themed Acrobatics and Ice-Skating show called “Oh Canada” that stars Elvis Stojko.


If live music is more your cup of tea, there are great concerts every night at the Bandshell. This year you’ll have the chance to see legendary rocker Burton Cummings, blues great Colin James, and indie darlings The Sam Roberts Band. You can even see Kiefer Sutherland perform songs from his debut country album! Yes, you read that correctly.


Try your luck at the CNE Casino with games like Blackjack, Roulette or the private, air-conditioned Texas Hold ‘em room. The casino also boasts a beautiful outdoor patio to catch some rays, raise a glass, and enjoy a bite to eat.


Credit: Canadian National Exhibition

Credit: Canadian National Exhibition


A big part of the CNE is the food, and it’s famous for being completely over the top. Deep fried butter anyone? The Toronto Star Food Buildingdraws about a million hungry people per year to indulge in everything from churro cheeseburgers to halal, vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free delights. There is also the Food Truck Frenzy and the Craft Beer Fest to consider.


In addition to the traditional favourites, there is always something new to see at the CNE! Check out the 8 foot tall CNE sign, complete with illuminated maple leaf to celebrate Canada’s 150th, the Quilt of Belonging features 263 squares that represent 192 nationalities and 71 indigenous groups found in Canada. Gamers will love the Gaming Garage with developers, exhibitors as well as a place to play!


Credit: Canadian National Exhibition

Credit: Canadian National Exhibition


Other fun features to explore include a nightly Laser Illusion Experience, and East Coast Kitchen Party, and the unforgettable Trampo Wall (where performers walk on vertical walls, bounce off roofs and through windows). And of course, the unofficial grand finale comes with the 68th annualCanadian International Air Show. There is so much to see and do at the CNE this season! Let’s go to the Ex!


Greenrock Property Management Limited is excited to fill you in on the ins and outs of the largest community celebration in Canada! Purchase your tickets online at TheEx.com before August 17th at midnight and save!


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Enjoy one of a kind burgers at Holy Chuck!


Have you noticed the gourmet burger trend in Toronto? It could almost be called a movement. Basically it’s a trend of making outstanding burgers readily available and has been pioneered by burger joints that promise unprocessed, real burgers that taste the way a burger should taste. One of the original establishments to lead the charge of burger brigade was Holy Chuck. They opened their first restaurant back in September of 2011 and have since opened two more locations. We spoke with the no-bull founder of Holy Chuck, Johnny Prassoulis, to find out what separates them from the herd.


Photo credit: Holy Chuck

Photo credit: Holy Chuck


So Johnny, what do you enjoy most about being a chef?


Watching other people eat my food and enjoy it. There’s no bigger pleasure than that.


What made you choose to specialize in gourmet burgers after coming up in high end restaurants?


I’ve always loved burgers. They’ve always been one of my favourite foods. And nobody — I shouldn’t say nobody — but almost nobody was doing them properly. Most commercially available burgers have been overcooked, processed and it’s been pretty much cr** for many, many years. And I think a burger is one of the most enjoyable things to eat. It’s also one of the most difficult things to make properly. And that’s why I did it.


So when you started, did you want to ensure your burgers were prepared following certain methods using certain ingredients?


I mean, for personal taste, yeah. I think burgers should be cooked no more than medium – at the most. But I think a good burger should have great flavour, nothing added to it, and be juicy. Definitely juicy. Because I think that’s one thing that lacks in most burgers, because burgers are over processed and there are so many additives, fillers… they’re frozen, not fresh. That whole juicy element and the flavour element has just gone out the window.


There is a lot of competition in the gourmet burger joint field these days. How do you separate yourself from the new brands that keep coming up?


Yeah, I’d definitely say that we were one of the pioneers in this whole burger trend, that’s for sure. I think one thing that we still do, that nobody else does, is we actually have our grinder right at the front and we grind our beef right in front of the customers pretty much hourly. So, it’s one thing to say that you have fresh beef, and it’s another thing for it to be seen.


Everything is homemade in our restaurant, pretty much — except for our onion rings. We do everything from scratch. And we still maintain the same quality and the same values as when we first started. I know a lot of places — they start of doing something, and then they get recognized and they kind of start changing things. Maybe doing things that are little bit more cost effective, which is not a bad thing but I think it’s a bad thing when it starts interfering with quality. So we’re pretty strict with how we serve our burgers and what goes on them, stuff like that. It’s what we’re proud of and we just don’t want to be like everyone else.


I know a lot of people get upset when they come in and they want to add certain things to certain burgers. Our Holy Duck Burger ($31.99), we don’t even allow it out of the restaurant. Because it will lose its… it will lose its taste. It’s foie gras. There are certain elements to that burger that have to be eaten right there, on the spot. I’ve gotten orders for like 30 foie gras burgers at one time, which is like a $900 order, but I turned it down because they wanted it to go.


Wow, that’s dedication! Is that the only burger on the menu that you can’t get ‘to go’?


Yes. The foie gras burger and the foie gras poutine and the foie gras pancakes are the only items that are not allowed ‘to go’.


Noted! Do you have a favourite burger on your menu?


My foie gras burger. Yeah.


What’s the most popular menu item or combo at Holy Chuck?


My Holy Chuck Burger ($10.49 with caramelized onions and bacon, please don’t ask for toppings) is right now my number one seller, at all three of my restaurants.


Photo Credit: Holy Chuck

Photo Credit: Holy Chuck


If you’re looking for a real burger, ground fresh right before your eyes, you owe it to yourself to give Holy Chuck a try. Taste the difference the uncompromising commitment to quality makes — just don’t ask for the foie gras burger ‘to go’!


Greenrock Property Management loves to help you connect with your community and all that it has to offer. There are Holy Chuck locations near two Greenrock Communities. Their original location is at 1451 Yonge Street, by Greenrock at Davisville Village (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street and 225 Davisville Avenue). The newest location is at 586 Yonge Street, right near Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street). There is also a third Holy Chuck location at 4421 Hwy 7 in Woodbridge. For more information on Greenrock Communities across Toronto, please visit our website.



Taste Toronto at Taste of the Danforth


Taste of the Danforth returns to Toronto’s Greek Town for its 24th year, from August 11th to 13th. The festival is a celebration of the Danforth’s Greek heritage and Toronto’s multicultural population.



Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


It’s a Toronto tradition that has been satisfying those hungry for family-friendly fun and fabulous food from around the world. As spokesperson for the festival tells us:


What keeps people coming back each year is the fact that we offer free family-friendly fun as well as food, food and more food!  The great food remains the same. The low prices for the food in the tasting menus remains the same. The entertainment changes dramatically.


Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


Live Performances


There are so many live performances from such a wide array of performers at this year’s festival that it takes three stages to contain them all. The Greek Stage is the place to find the finest Greek singers, dancers and musicians. The Celebrity Stage features music and dance performances from around the world. This year’s Showcase Stage is being programmed by the North-by-Northeast Festival!


Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


It’s All Greek to Me


The ancient Greek tradition of breaking plates after a meal has been banned in Greece since 1969 but you can feel free to smash away at this year’s festival! Experience the simple, stress-relieving pleasure of plate smashing, in partnership with BattleSports’ Rage Room. Festival attendees can also participate in a dart of war Nerf battle with Ares’ Dart Challenge, in honour of the son of Zeus and the God of War.


Hollywood on the Danforth


Experience the thrills from some Hollywood films. Figure out who done it with the “Murder on the Orient Express” mystery challenge and win tickets to the film! See a professional stunt team on the Celebrity Stage and join them after for a photo!


Canada 150


In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Taste of the Danforth celebrates Canadian Heroes. Take a virtual reality trip to visit some Canadian Heroes and meet the Heroes of the Future with superstar students who may change the world.


Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


Food, Food & More Food!


There is so much to enjoy at Taste of the Danforth. From classic Greek favourites to Thai, Cuban, Indian and more. This is truly a multicultural festival. Best of all you don’t have to narrow your choices, “the model of the festival is to offer sting menus so that people don’t have to choose one vendor over another. They can taste of variety of items from a variety of vendors.” Try a little from here, a little from there. You can taste the world in one place.


Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


Contests and Prizes


There are also contests and giveaways galore!


Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth

Photo courtesy of Taste of the Danforth


There are trips to be won with Newstalk 1010, Metroland, Toronto Star and CP24. At the Festival this year, if people pick up one of our brochures there is a secret code on the back, or they just need to look at the Jumbo Screen next to the Celebrity Stage for the secret code.  All they have to do is go online and answer some questions for a chance to win a Trip for 2 to Portugal.


Over the years the Taste of the Danforth has grown and evolved. It is now much more than simply a Greek food festival. As their festival representative puts it:


We have changed much like the country, the city and the street to be reflective of Canada’s multicultural mosaic. We still respect the fact that the Festival is in the heart of GreekTown and we have both a Greek stage with continuous performances as well as an “It’s All Greek To Me” experience, which features the ancient tradition of breaking plates as well as an Ares’ God of War experience. While we have many mainstream activities, ranging from a Sports Zone with challenges from the Leafs, the Raptors, the Argos and the Toronto FC, and some amazing Hollywood on the Danforth activations, we also have lots of cultures reflected in the Festival. On our Celebrity Stage you can see everything from the city’s leading Bollywood dancers to the contestants in the Mr. & Miss Asia Toronto pageant. In our “Learn a Little” experience, we’ve got 7 different cultural dance troupes teaching our attendees a fun cultural dance. The list goes on.


The Taste of the Danforth has something to offer everyone. It’s truly multicultural festival for a truly multicultural city. It’s time to experience the diverse flavours of your community.


Greenrock Property Management is proud to fill you in on what’s happening in this great city that we’re proud to call home. For information on Greenrock Rental Communities throughout Toronto, please visit our website.

The best pubs near Church and Wellesley


It’s summer in Toronto and that means it’s a great time to grab a pint at your favourite local pub. Whether you are looking to make the most of patio season, play some pool, or just hang out with friends and enjoy some good food, Greenrock wants to help make things easier. Here are some of the best pubs near Church and Wellesley (in no particular order).


Photo credit: The Artful Dodger Pub

Photo credit: The Artful Dodger Pub


Artful Dodger Pub


If you’re looking for a comfy tavern with a small town feel in the heart of the big city, you have to visit the Artful Dodger Pub (10 Isabella Street). They have a great selection of beer and pub fare. Enjoy your pint with some fried pickles ($5.50), potato skins ($6.00) or a Scotch Egg – a deep fried, hard-boiled egg wrapped in hot Italian sausage($6.50). The Artful Dodger is like two pubs in one. You can raise a glass to summer on the quiet back patio, or people watch on the busy front patio. When winter comes, cozy up inside by either of their 2 fireplaces. The downstairs bar is quiet and relaxing, while the bar upstairs in a little more lively. There are also 2 jukeboxes, 2 pool tables and 2 dartboards. It’s almost too much fun!

Photo credit: TorontoPubs

Photo credit: TorontoPubs


Duke Of Gloucester


Sometimes nothing but a delightful dive-bar will do. The Duke Of Gloucester (649A Yonge Street, between Church and Isabella) has a solid beer selection at reasonable prices — which can be as refreshing as the suds themselves when you’re surrounded by more expensive options. Maybe it’s not the spot to bring your mom for a Sunday brunch, but you can catch a soccer game on TV — from MLS to Premiership. Kick back on the hidden-gem that is The Duke of Gloucester’s rooftop patio. There’s a pool table and dart boards to make it even more fun, plus Pubstumpers trivia on Thursdays, and karaoke nights too!

Photo Credit: The Churchmouse

Photo Credit: The Churchmouse


The Churchmouse: A Firkin Pub


The Churchmouse: A Firkin Pub (475 Church St) is a part of the Firkin chain, but this 2 storey pub feels like a local spot. They’re known for their friendly staff and great service. They have a good selection of local and international beers including their own Butler’s Pale Ale and they always impress in the pub fare department. Try one of their daily specials or go for one of their classic meals like the Chicken Curry (Small $11 / Large $17), Steak and Chips ($22) or their Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Baked Penne ($16). There’s also a great people-watching patio.


We hope you make the most of patio season at one of these amazing pubs near Church and Wellesley. Cheers!


Greenrock Property Management is proud to help you connect with your community. For information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including the quiet oasis in the heart of the city at Village Green (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street), please visit our website.

Save big at Hone Fitness!


Fitness is a booming business. There seems to be no limit to what you can spend on workout wear, supplements and expensive gym memberships. Getting fit and staying in shape doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you prefer to keep it simple and affordable, you have to check out Hone Fitness (7 Isabella Street) near our Village Green rental community. The gym chain is a pioneer in the low-cost gym movement that is now gaining momentum in Toronto. We spoke with Jim, the manager of Hone Fitness, to find out how they do it.


Our gym offers memberships for just $10 and $20 per month. We’re able to offer memberships for such a low price point because we keep it simple — our gym has no towels and no classes.


Photo credit: Hone Fitness

Photo credit: Hone Fitness


Hone Fitness already has a few gym locations located across Toronto, with plans to open even more locations as soon as possible.


Hone Fitness already has a few gym locations located across Toronto, with plans to open even more locations as soon as possible.


Photo credit: Hone Fitness

Photo credit: Hone Fitness


Housed in the former home of The Yonge Street Fitness Club, the Isabella location of Hone Fitness is impressive. When you step inside, the first level features a welcoming reception area, massage chairs, tanning beds and a juice bar. On the second level you’ll find clean change rooms with lots of lockers and the gym’s cardio equipment. There are about 170 machines, all in good condition. The space itself is open and welcoming. There’s lots of natural light from the large windows overlooking Yonge Street, and charming exposed brick walls.


All of our equipment is brand new, and our space is gorgeous and remodeled. It’s a $100/month style gym that you can get for just $10 a month. Its not a low end gym, its beautiful.


Photo credit: Hone Fitness

Photo credit: Hone Fitness


The third floor is filled with strength training equipment. There are weight machines, benches, squat racks and plenty of free weights to use. The gym attracts trained athletes and younger people who know what they’re doing, as well as those who are still learning.


We get a very diverse crowd here, but the area is young, our gym reflects the neighbourhood. We offer personal training for an additional cost, but you get a one hour free chat with a trainer when you join.


Photo credit: Hone Fitness

Photo credit: Hone Fitness


That free training session is included in the basic $10/month membership plan (plus an enrollment fee and a yearly maintenance fee). The basic membership gives you access to strength and cardio equipment, and the locker rooms. The $20 premium membership gets you all that plus use of all locations, access to the Functional Training Room, tanning beds and massage chairs. There are also more flexible plans to accommodate those with commitment issues.


If you’re looking for short term membership options we are very flexible. You can buy a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 month package, or a one year membership. We offer very reasonable prices for the shorter stays to accommodate students and travelers.


So if you want to get fit without breaking the bank in downtown Toronto, Hone Fitness is worth every penny.


Greenrock Property Management wants to help connect you with your community. For information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including Village Green (located at 50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street),  please visit our website.



Check out Northern Passages at Harbourfront Centre!


The 2017 summer season at Habourfront Centre is a celebration of Canada’s cultural heritage. Northern Passages (July 21st to 23rd) brings together artists from the 49th parallel and beyond to celebrate the music and culture of the north. Northern Passages is part of Harbourfront’s Sounds of Home series — four distinct weekend festivals that run throughout July at Habourfront Centre.


As one of Canada’s leading international centres for contemporary arts and culture, Harbourfront Centre’s waterfront campus will continue to be a meeting place for artists and cultural enthusiasts seeking relevant artistic, cultural, educational, and recreational experiences. Our summer festivals bring together artists from across Canada reminding us of the multitude of voices that create our Sounds of Home.
Marah Braye, Chief Executive Officer, Harbourfront Centre


Northern Passages serves as a platform for artists to share their stories through a variety of musical genres and dance — from folk to throat singing. Join the journey of this arctic-bound adventure for 3 magical days this July.


Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

Le Vent du Nord


Join Le Vent du Nord on Friday, July 21st from 9:30pm to 11pm. Let this “northern wind” blow your mind with their progressive Québécois folk music revival sound. This award-winning roots band consists of Nicolas Boulerice (vocals, hurdy gurdy, piano, accordion), Olivier Demers (vocals, fiddle, guitar), Simon Beaudry (vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki) and Réjean Brunet (vocals, diatonic button accordion, acoustic bass, piano, jaw harp). They perform traditional Québec folk  music and original compositions. From rousing songs that focus on political issues and satire, to soft acapella melodies and love stories, there is something for everyone to love.

Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

Sarah MacDougall


Yukon-based Sarah MacDougall takes the stage on Saturday, July 22nd from 7:00pm to 8:15pm. Sarah is known for her passionate performance presence, unique voice and honest and poetic folk-roots style. Spend the evening with her on the concert stage at Harbourfront centre and experience it for yourself.

Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

Photo Credit: Harbourfront Centre

The Jerry Cans


It’s hard to describe the unique sound of The Jerry Cans. A blend of Inukitut alt-country mixed with reggae and throat singing. It must be experienced. You can do just that on Saturday, July 22nd from 9:00pm to 10:15pm. The music is infused with the spirit of the contemporary North and the people who call it home. They perform many of their songs in Inukitut, the language they are passionate about preserving as the North and their community of Iqaluit evolve. Come out and feel the energy and don’t miss their interactive, all-ages Inuk language workshop earlier in the day!

Photo credit: Harbourfront Centre

Photo credit: Harbourfront Centre



Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt, known by her stage name Iva, closes out the festival on Sunday July 23rd from 5:45pm to 7:00pm. Iva manages to mix Inuit throat-singing with Celtic-influenced folk music and poetry. How does she do it? Beautifully.


Arctic After Party


If you want the party to continue after the free shows on Saturday, get your tickets for the Arctic After Party and experience the electric, after-hours energy of the North. Featuring performances by Juno-nominated Silla + Rise, who mix throat singing with dance floor beats and DJ Classic Roots. The Thunder Bay native brings his original sound by blending electronica with First Nations songs.


Don’t miss Northern Passages and the Sounds of Home series at Harbourfront Centre. The words of the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, sum up the experience well:


We have a unique opportunity to celebrate our country’s linguistic, cultural and regional diversity. I invite Torontonians and visitors to join family and friends and celebrate in this cosmopolitan city that is open to the world. Let’s all make 2017 a year to remember!

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Learn and Create at Maker Festival

Take part in a month of making, from July 6th to August 6th, at Maker Festival! This incredible festival brings together Toronto’s most creative people and projects to celebrate creativity and inspire people to help shape our world. It features over 100 events across Toronto run by creative organizations, maker spaces and studios! We spoke with Ceda Verbakel, Creative Director of Maker Festival to find out more.


Ceda, we’re really excited for this festival. Please tell us why Maker Festival was established.


Maker Festival, was established due to the growing interest around DIY, especially in the tech world. 3D printers generated a lot of that buzz because they are now  less expensive for people to buy and use, and also some electronics have become more affordable and acceptable for people as well. There’s a trend in that direction in the tech world, as well as a greater uptake of people diverting back to sort of ‘old school’ ways of making too — for example, people who are interested in woodworking and artisan crafts. Things like knitting and crochet, origami – all those kinds of things that we don’t do a lot of these days despite being activities that bring people real joy.


Who do you expect to attend the festival? Is Maker Festival only for adults?


Actually, we usually get a lot of kids. Kids are at the age where lots of making and creativity happens. We do our best to attract adults as well and there is a lot of stuff for adults, the festival is tech focused after all. There are a lot of things there that are interesting to look at and interact with as an adult. Even the drop in workshops or the other kind of things that look like they’re for kids – adults are more than welcome to participate and we encourage them to do so!


Photo credit: Maker Festival

Photo credit: Maker Festival


Sounds like a family friendly experience then! What’s the best thing about Maker Festival?


Our whole event is based around this idea of it being interactive and participatory. We ask that all our exhibitors and makers have some kind of interactive or participatory element to their booth. So it’s not just a market where people are selling, and it’s also not just somewhere where people passively look on at what other people are making or doing. We like people to feel like they too have agency and the ability to be creative — even if it’s in a tech sense. Because even though technology sort of feels a little bit — what’s the word? — intimidating, sometimes, everyone is really capable of taking part and shaking it up.


So you’re all about making connections. That’s great! Are there any must-see projects at Maker Festival this year?


There are a bunch of robot makers who make robots as a hobby. They’re going to be coming and building robots and battling them all weekend! So they’ll have tables where they’re making them but then they will also have a round robin battle in a kind of, robot arena. And then we’ve also got some really beautiful and awesome installations and pop-ups. We have a local Toronto artist who’s bringing her giant cardboard whale. It’s kinetic and moves like a whale! There will also be lots of great drop-in workshops that anyone can participate in. You can knit a neuron, you can solder a little raccoon pendant so it lights up with LEDs, or you can take part in a lockpicking workshop!


Thank you for speaking with us Ceda. We can’t wait to attend Maker Festival this month!


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Enjoy the finer things at Smoked and Cracked


If you’re searching for an outstanding meal, you can’t go wrong with Smoked and Cracked (516 Mount Pleasant Rd.) in Toronto! Located minutes away from our Davisville Village rental community, this incredible restaurant is all about the finer things, primarily lobster and other delectable seafood favourites, served in a comfortable and casual setting.


Manhattan Chowder, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked

Manhattan Chowder, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked


The concept for Smoked and Cracked was created in 2012 by Michael Kash and Ron Raymer, a dynamic duo with a huge number of years of experience in the Toronto restaurant and hospitality industry. The restaurant is all about simple yet fabulous food. Their focus is on great ingredients presented in simple and classic preparations. Everything is fresh and delicious, with live lobsters delivered daily to the restaurant from the East Coast. Smoked and Cracked also uses fresh local produce, herbs, local cheeses, and meats whenever possible.


The backstory of Smoked and Cracked is pretty serendipitous. Michael, an actor and chef, had opened his own catering company called Live Edge Catering. He met his business partner Ron Raymer on the job. Ron is a Classical French-trained chef with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He transitioned from working under notable chefs in well known restaurants (like Marie Lacroix from Church Restaurant, now called Revival House, in Stratford, William “Ben” Merritt from the Benmiller Inn in Goderich, and Toronto chef Dinah Koo) to working in catering in 1995. He met and partnered with Kash in 2012. The pair dreamed up the business over drinks after a catering gig. It all started with one deceptively simple question — ‘what do you think about lobsters?’ That night they decided to create Smoked and Cracked and are now aiming to expand the business with new franchise locations for the restaurant in other areas of Toronto.


The restaurant is inviting and features an open kitchen. Despite the fact that a luxurious ingredient like lobster finds its way into almost everything on the menu, the decor is understated with tables from Kash’s home, and furniture and decor pieces that were donated by family, friends and customers.


The restaurant is known for its smoked dishes. ‘We smoke our own foods using both hot and cold smokers, and use a variety of fruit wood chips to create a range of different smoked flavours,” says Chef/Co-owner Ron Raymer. In fact, they smoke everything from rainbow trout and wild sturgeon to duck and ribs at Smoked and Cracked. The locals love it. “When we started, we had seating for eight, but since the place took off, we now have 27 seats,” says Ron. You don’t have to eat in though, Smoked and Cracked caters! They run a successful catering business on the side, serving up everything from clambakes to lobster boils to their happy customers. They also work with customers to create their dream menu.


Lobster Roll, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked

Lobster Roll, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked


If you do decide to pay them a visit at the restaurant, be sure to try one of their classic lobster rolls. Their menu features a cold East Coast-style roll ($13.25), and a hot Newport-style roll ($15.25).


New England Lobster Chowder, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked

New England Lobster Chowder, photo courtesy of Smoked and Cracked


The menu also features seafood soup classics to pair with your roll, like New England Lobster Chowder (bowl $13, cup $9) and Lobster Bisque (bowl $15, cup $10). For a seafood-focused restaurant, the menu also features some fish-hater friendly fare like Caesar Salad ($10.95) and house-smoked Duck Magret ($20). Be sure to wash it all down with a craft beer or a glass of fine wine for the ultimate Smoked and Cracked experience.


Basically you can’t go wrong at Smoked and Cracked! Best of all, the restaurant is located just a 10 minute walk from our Davisville Village rental community.


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