NXNE Port Lands is back!

There’s never been a better time to be a music lover in Toronto! NXNE Port Lands music festival is back for its second great year. They’ve added an extra day to pack in as much music as possible. Featuring 30 acts representing the best in indie rock, hip hop and soul, this year’s festival will take place from Friday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 25th at the Port Lands (Pier 35 off of Cherry Street). Get your tickets while you can!

“Since our inception, NXNE has proudly built up the reputation of curating a festival that always includes a strong element of discovery.” says Michael Hollett, President and Managing Director of NXNE. “With this year’s Port Lands lineup, we have brought together some of the biggest performers in the world, as well as a fantastic group of artists who are about to be launched into the musical stratosphere.”

Photo credit: @NXNE

NXNE Portlands features three days of non-stop music on two stages. Headliners include Passion Pit, KAYTRANADA and Post Malone. Some multi-day summer music festivals mean standing out in the blazing sun, paying a steep price for something as basic as water, and having little else to do if you’re not into the band that’s performing. NXNE Port Lands solves all of these problems. The festival goes out of its way to ensure lots of shade and seating, limitless free water, tons of food trucks, stand up comedy, plus a carnival midway with rides and games, art installations and much more!

Photo credit: @NXNE

If you’re looking for a fun way to get out of the sun, visit the Stand Up Comedy Tent. It’s programmed by the pros at Comedy Bar and features some of the best up and coming comedians. When hunger strikes, take a tour of the many food trucks featuring everything from ice cream from Heavenly Dreams, to local and sustainable braised lamb sandwiches at the Heirloom, and everything in between. You may want to check out the midway rides before you eat. Climb atop the twirling Paratrooper ride, check out the music, and snap some great pictures from the top of the ferris wheel or challenge yourself with some carnival games like Long Range Basketball, Tubs of Fun, Dragon Darts, Cover the Spot or Mini B-ball. Whatever you choose to do, boredom is definitely not an option.

Photo credit: @NXNE

Summer always seems to fly by before you know it. Make the most of the sunny weather this year and have as much fun as you can! The NXNE Port Lands music festival is the perfect way to kick off the season. Single day tickets are available, but for the best value opt for weekend-long general admission or VIP passes. This year you also have the option of leaving your wallet at home thanks to their new comfortable-to-wear cloth chipped wristband. The band allows you to get through lines faster while not having to carry any cash. You can enable a credit card when you sign up with your wristband. Up to two wristbands can be added to the same card.

Getting to the Port Lands site is easy. It’s located off Cherry Street at Pier 35,  just south of the Gardiner and the Distillery District. There is regular TTC service and free valet bike parking on site! Two major bike trails meet at the Port Lands — the Lower Don Recreation Trail (North-South) and the Martin Goodman Trail (East-West). If want to drive, there is also plenty of parking.

If you make it out to NXNE Port Lands this year, we hope you have a great festival experience!

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Don’t miss the Toronto Festival of Beer: Spring Sessions!


Attention Toronto beer lovers! The Toronto Festival of Beer is back for it’s Spring Sessions this Victoria Day weekend. Don’t leave town for cottage country because for two glorious days (May 20th and 21st) Fort York will transform into an epic cottage in the city and kick off summer in style!


Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer

Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer


What better way to welcome in summer than with a great selection of cold beer and great food from the finest food trucks in the city! As Les Murray, President of Beerlicious Inc says:


Spring Sessions of Toronto’s Festival of Beer is going to be an incredible time to stay in the city. We have Canadian rockers Elliott Brood and The Trews headlining our festival, along with a fantastic selection of brews to sample and a great roster of local restaurants and food trucks for people to enjoy. We’re also bringing back the cottage in the city theme this year, with fire pits, outdoor games and lawn chairs to tie the theme together – you don’t want to miss it!


Pair your favourite brew with a hot and juicy Mustache Burger or some great Canadian poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. This is no ordinary poutine! Fresh, hand-cut fries are covered in cheese curds and smothered in Smoke’s signature gravy with lots of delicious options to throw in for added flavour. Choose beef, pork, chicken or veggie varieties. Be sure to save room for dessert! Indulge in the big taste of Tiny Tom Donuts or dig into hand-rolled Chimney Stax, baked in custom made rotisserie ovens from Chimney Stax Baking Co.


Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer

Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer


It goes without saying that a big part of the Festival is the the beer. From cutting edge craft breweries (like Barrie’s Flying Monkeys), to Toronto favourites (like Mill Street Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery and Brickworks Ciderhouse), and tried and true classics (like Budweiser) — there is something for everyone at this year’s Festival of Beer. But the real source of the fun is the laid back, cottage vibe and the games like Giant Jenga, Giant Soccer Darts and Bocce! You can kick back and chill by the fire pit, roasting marshmallows, or take in some great live music. This is how long weekends were meant to be spent!


Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer

Photo credit: The Toronto Festival of Beer


When you’re sitting around the campfire, you don’t want just anybody to pick up a guitar and muddle their way through a song or two. The Festival of Beer understands this and they’ve taken care of the music, too!  On Saturday, May 20th, Elliott Broodwill be playing an acoustic Campfire Session, and on Sunday, May 21st, The Trews stoke the party and the fire with the second Campfire Session acoustic set. Choose your ticket for either May 20th or 21st. In addition to admission to the event, and seeing some great live acoustic music, your ticket also gets you 5 sampling tokens and a commemorative sampling mug.


Greenrock Property Management hopes the Toronto Festival of Beer: Spring Sessions will help you have an amazing Victoria Day weekend in the city! Please enjoy yourself responsibly. For information on Greenrock Rental Communities in Toronto, please visit our website.

Cumbrae’s: Great Local Butcher


No matter how much you love meat, it’s hard to love the factory farm system. Growing as many animals as possible, as quickly as possible, for as low a cost as possible, can’t be ideal for the quality of the meat, or the quality of life of the animal. When we buy meat in a supermarket, we don’t like to think of where it comes from. We like to picture the animals being raised naturally on small family farms. The labels on the packaging may even play into this idyllic image of happy animals on sunny farms. The reality is usually much different, unless that label says Cumbrae’s.


Photo credit: Cumbrae’s

Photo credit: Cumbrae’s


Cumbrae’s is a big city butcher that actually sources its meat from small old-fashioned farms. Cumbrae’s tells us:


In an age where local and artisanal are the buzzwords that huge brands are built on, it can be virtually impossible to find the real thing. That’s where Cumbrae’s is completely unique. What Cumbrae’s has done is connect all the farmers who are doing things right – the old-fashioned way – and brought them into the fold and given them a place where they can farm without the enormous pressure, constraints and quotas of the factory system.

Photo credit: Cumbrae’s

Photo credit: Cumbrae’s

The factory farm system is interested in producing maximum product at minimum cost. This puts farmers who sign on with big agriculture companies into what can be a stressful situation for themselves and the animals. In order to meet quotas within the constraints of the factory system, farms and farmers are forced to change they way they operate. Quality must take a back seat to efficiency.


The way the Cumbrae’s operation works means that everyone in the equation needs to be treated well in order for everyone involved to stay involved. It’s simple. Take care of the farmers who want to take care of the animals, and the result is meat that is unsurpassed in quality and taste.


As strange as it may seem, a big city butcher shop with its own farms and a network of small family farms working with them is almost unheard of. Its what sets Cumbrae’s apart. Their animals are raised well, fed well and expertly butchered and processed in small abattoirs. Happy animals lead to high quality meat. But you don’t need to take Cumbrae’s word for it. In addition to their stores, Cumbrae’s also supplies over 50 of the region’s best restaurants. Listen to what the chefs like Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room and Flock have to say:


The beef has a unique smell and flavour that no other beef I’ve tried has. That is, in fact, why I buy Cumbrae’s beef. I like the 45 day aged bone-in ribeye côte de boeuf, for me it is the best example of their beef. I just roast it in a cast iron pan with lots of butter, garlic and salt. Maybe throw in a little thyme and rosemary, then I carve it up tableside. It will change the way you think about beef.

Photo credit: Cumbrae’s

Photo credit: Cumbrae’s

Chef’s not only serve it in their restaurants, but Cumbrae’s products are also what they serve to their families. Anthony Rose of Wilder & Rose Restaurant Group says;


I bring home the butterflied chicken and brine it for 48 hours, then sear it in a cast iron pan and go low and slow in the oven, skin side down, until it’s done. Then just kiss the perfectly roasted bird with salsa verde. It’s my son’s favourite meal.

In today’s world, where commerce too often comes before quality and common sense, isn’t it nice to know that there’s a local butcher doing it the right way? A business built on local and artisanal food practices.


We bring the country to the city and to do that well we cultivate great relationships on each end – with the farmers and the animals in the country, and the educated and informed customers in the city.

Visit your local Cumbrae’s butcher today for the best meat the city has to offer.

Cumbrae’s, at 481 Church Street, serves the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood including the Greenrock Village Green Community (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street). For more information onGreenrock Property Management and our Communities throughout the city.


Eat Green at Urban Herbivore


Urban Herbivore changed the Toronto landscape for plantbased fast food when it first opened its doors 12 years ago with a tiny café in Kensington Market. The café has since expanded, as has the Urban Herbivore concept. There are now three locations including 64 Oxford Street (Kensington Market), and The Eaton Centre Food Court, with a brand new location opening soon in Union Station. The man behind it all is chef, food pioneer and restaurant veteran, Stephen Gardner. We spoke with Stephen to catch up on where the concept is at today, and where it’s heading.


What was the original concept/inspiration for Urban Herbivore?


I opened the first Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market with the intention of hosting a community space where I would offer cooking classes and seminars. I wanted to play off of the theme of Kensington Market and all that it had to offer. But I quickly learned I couldn’t fit all of my dreams under one roof. I was able to follow through with installing a green roof, produce a plantbased menu, source produce directly from local farmers, use organic ingredients wherever possible, use no refined sugar or processed ingredients, and provide 100% biodegradable take-out packaging.



Has that original concept evolved/grown as the business has grown?


The original UH was a café with limited seating and menu options. Over the last 12 years, we have expanded not only the square footage of the Kensington Market location, but also into new arenas with greater foot traffic. We have had to slightly tailor some of the menu items to be more efficient to serve. With the addition of a few fun rotating menu items, our food and concept is the same as it was from day one: plantbased whole food for herbivores in a hurry.



What is your restaurant’s specialty/best selling item(s)?


These can be grouped into seasonal preferences. Winter: Sweet Potato Club Sandwich with “Cheeze” and a Berry Blue Smoothie (blueberries, banana, apple, oats, lemon, cinnamon). Summer: Possum Bowl (watercress, kale, romaine, marinated mushrooms, broccoli, black beans, “cheeze sauce”, roasted Yukon & sweet potato, red onion, coconut “bacon”, tahini dressing) with a glass of our house made Pineapple Lemonade.


What has the growth process in the city been like? When/How did you know when it was time to expand and how do you choose the next location/neighborhood?


For a plantbased restaurant, foot traffic is important. You need to be accessible, either along the TTC route or at a major destination like Kensington Market. But to be honest, expansion, like any real-estate, is all a gamble. When I find myself with a little more free time on my hands, it’s time to start looking for new projects.



Who is your clientele? (Is it mostly dedicated vegetarians? The veggie curious?)


You know, 12 years ago, we were definitely a gold mine for vegans simply because veggie options weren’t so available. But now, I think the driving force is environmental foodies. Toronto is a food mecca. We love to eat out. And for all of us that participate in this “fast-food” lifestyle, Urban Herbivore lends a quick, whole food option that isn’t destructive to the environment.


What do you enjoy most about what you are doing?


I think my satisfaction comes most from knowing that the food that Urban Herbivore provides is one of the healthiest food options in Toronto. Besides seeing regular guests and the relationships that we have created it is great being able to put legs to my ethics and see them in action. I value a sense of environmental sensibilities and an awareness of social responsibility. We practice stalk to root cooking and are vigilant in our composting efforts. All of our packaging is compostable except for two lids and we don’t sell bottled water for that same reason even though we get many requests for it. We donate some of our baked goods to a local charity organization and try to care for our family of employees as well. We have quite possibly the most liberal food policy in the industry, our employees can enjoy a meal in one of our stores at anytime as long as the store is open regardless if they are working that day. I have deeply held convictions and these guide all of our practices.

Fast-food is not what is used to be. Thanks to Urban Herbivore, it’s possible to get nutritious and delicious food – fast. Health conscious food that is also socially conscious and sustainable. Urban Herbivore and Stephen Gardner are expanding your options for fast, fresh, plantbased food as they evolve and expand their menu and locations. Urban Herbivore made our list of the Best Restaurants with Gluten-Free Options. Look for their new location in Union Station and exercise your option to eat well on the go – it will make your body and mind feel good.


Urban Herbivore and Greenrock are proud to be members of your community. For information on our Village Green Community at 50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street and 55 Maitland Street – please visit our website.

Why You Should Consider Continuing Education


In today’s rapidly changing world, information is everything. Staying up to date and continuing to learn is essential. For most of us, gathering new information is required in order to stay current in our field, to enter a new field, and to simply understand the world around us. That is where continuing education comes in.


The Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson University is Canada’s largest and most flexible program for lifelong learning. We reached out to Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, to learn a little more about the school and the importance of continuing to learn throughout our lives.



What brings students to the Chang School?


Dean Bountrogianni: At The Chang School, we believe that everyone is a lifelong learner. It has been reported that approximately half of the Canadian adult population participates in continuing education at some point in their lives. With over 80 career-related certificate programs, we are Canada’s largest continuing education program and the destination of choice for professionals interested in achieving both their professional and personal goals. Whether our learners are interested in career advancement, pursuing a career change, or simply learning about a new topic, The Chang School offers relevant, high-quality educational programming geared to adult learners.


We are very proud of the accessibility and flexibility of our programming. Our learners are often juggling many other responsibilities such as commitments to work and family; these individuals really appreciate the flexibility we offer. Whether you live in downtown Toronto, Hamilton, or Thunder Bay, our over 400 online course offerings are accessible for anyone with access to the internet.


We are also pleased to offer summer intensive programs and boot camps. These programs present our learners with the opportunity to accelerate their understanding of a new subject and supplement their previous education and experience to help them gain a more competitive edge in their field. This summer, we are proud to offer 14 intensive programs in subject areas such as Business Communication, Fashion, Computer Security, Publishing, Project Management, and Interior Design.


Furthermore, The Chang School’s Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX) program offers participants the unique opportunity to focus on a specific, career-building skill with an emphasis on learning by doing. We call the ELX model ‘curated education’, as it gives participants the opportunity to develop expertise that they can immediately put into practice.



What a robust and flexible education opportunity! Why do you think continuing education is essential in today’s job market?


Dean Bountrogianni: We currently live in a learning-based economy; it is critically important to keep your eyes open and constantly be gathering information. The only way for professionals to stay competitive is to keep their skills relevant and knowledge up-to-date.


There are a lot of qualified professionals in Canada working in positions that do not take full advantage of their skill set. This is called mal-employment, and it is particularly prevalent in new graduates and immigrants. The 2015 Office of the Parliamentary Budget Report estimated that 40 per cent of Canadian university graduates aged 25 to 34 were overqualified for their jobs. It is imperative that individuals have their eye on the labour market and are attentive to the skills that support their long-term development and goals.


The Chang School’s strong partnerships with educational institutions, industry leaders, associations, and the local community help us ensure that our programming is at the forefront of continuing education. Additionally, our instructors are experts in their field and bring the most cutting-edge knowledge and experience to the classroom and online learning environment to share with our learners.


Personally, I think it is important to feel fulfilled in your professional life, and to also try a variety of different things. Through expanding your skill set, you are not only improving your employability, but you are opening opportunities for your future.


Life is all about learning. It never stops. If you choose to stop gathering new information, that does not stop the information from growing, changing and evolving. To stay current and engaged with today’s world means growing, changing and evolving with it. When you remain open to the ever-changing world of information, you remain open to the world itself and your future remains open to you.


We couldn’t agree more! To be successful today you really need to be on top of your game at all stages of your career. We hope this article has inspired you to consider upgrading your skills and education at The Chang School. For more information about Greenrock Property Management  and to learn more about our rental communities across Toronto, including Village Green located minutes from The Chang School and Ryerson Campus, please visit our website.

Hot Docs is back!


The 24th edition of The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival returns for another season from April 24th to May 7th, 2017. Hot Docs is the largest festival of its kind in North America and will screen 230 incredible documentary films from 58 countries in 2017. It all happens right here, at home, in Toronto.


“Now especially, audiences are seeking voices and stories that will help them make sense of a turbulent world,” says Hot Docs executive director, Brett Hendrie. “This year’s festival will bring Toronto’s audiences insights and inspiration from the world’s most talented documentary filmmakers.” The festival is multifaceted and full of special events. Check out what’s in store this year:


Opening Night Gala


The Hot Docs Festival kicks off in style on April 27th. It begins with a VIP cocktail reception at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema (506 Bloor Street West). The reception is followed by the opening night’s selected screening of Bee Nation. In this doc Saskatchewan students compete in the first province-wide First Nations Spelling Bee and try to earn a spot at the national championships. After the screening, the celebration continues at the ROM. If you choose to attend this special event you can expect time to discuss the film over cocktails and canapés. Get your tickets for this special evening now. The evening is in support of Docs for Schools, a province-wide program that provides curriculum materials and free doc screenings for grades 7 to 12.

Food and Film

Hot Docs knows the classic combination of dinner and a movie can’t be beat. On Saturday, April 29th, experience a 5pm screening of City of Ghosts, the story of fearless citizen journalists risking their lives to expose the atrocities committed by ISIS in their home city. After the film enjoy a 3-course, family-style meal at Dish Cooking Studio (587 College Street). Join Academy Award nominee and director of the film, Matthew Heineman at the table, along with women from Newcomer Kitchen (a nonprofit organization supporting Syrian refugee women). Limited tickets are available now.

The Films

With 230 documentary films from across the globe screening in only 11 days, it’s impossible to see them all. It can be hard to know where to start. It will take some careful planning to catch the films that may mean the most to you. You can check out some selected, highlighted films here, download the screening schedule or search by subject, by date or by title.

More Docs

If you can’t get out to this year’s festival, or you just can’t get enough docs. You can subscribe to the Doc Soup series. The series involves a monthly screening of docs, fresh from the festival circuit, throughout the fall and winter. Whenever possible, directors are in attendance live or via Skype for post-screening Q&As. If you need your docs right now, there are hundreds of titles from past Festivals and Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema selections available in the Collection, for on-demand viewing.

Don’t miss out! The Hot Docs Festival is a showcase like no other in North America and you don’t have to travel far from home to take it all in, especially when you live in in one of Greenrock’s premier rental communities in Toronto. For information on how to make a Greenrock Community your home, please visit our website.

The Best Healthy Restaurants in Toronto

The best healthy restaurants in Toronto

Many of us are trying to eat healthier these days. Changing our diet can help us feel better, look better, have more energy, and can even be better for the planet. It’s not always easy to make healthy choices, especially when dining out. When we are at home, in our own kitchen, we can control what goes into every meal, but who wants to eat at home for every meal? If you’re looking for guilt-free, gourmet meals out on the town, the Greenrock blog team has you covered with the best healthy restaurants in Toronto. We connected with the owners of three amazing healthy restaurants to get their recommendations on what to order. Let’s dig in!




Hibiscus Cafe (238 Augusta Avenue) feels right at home in the heart of Toronto’s hip Kensington Market neighbourhood. It was created with the idea of providing a unique menu of gluten-free, vegetarian entrees. Andrey Malkov and his family bought Hibiscus four years ago. They “loved the menu and started to use organic, and, when in season, local ingredients”, expanding and strengthening the cafe’s original mission to provide great tasting, nutritious food.


The soup and salad combo is a quick and delicious, nutrient dense meal to try. If you’re coming for brunch, Andrey recommends the vegan mozzarella, mushroom, tomato and basil crepe ($15). Be sure to save room for their coconut sea buckthorn ice cream for dessert.


Andrey and his family are committed to creating healthy and nutritious food “made of sustainably grown ingredients, with attention and love”.

Photo courtesy of Hibiscus Cafe

Live Organic Food Bar


Live Organic Food Bar was created by Jennifer Italiano and her brother Christopher in 2000. It began as an organic juice bar. The siblings “were highly into organic food and supporting local farmers and believed in wholefoods. Nothing from a package or with a label that we could not pronounce”, says Italiano. Jennifer started getting into raw foods around the same time and says “we took our café from only serving cooked vegan foods to specializing in raw foods too. We were the first in the city to offer such cuisine.” Considering how popular raw food is in Toronto today, they sort of started a movement.


If you are new to Live and the raw food experience, Jennifer highly recommends the Raw Combo ($22). It’s been on the menu since day one and it gives you a taste of Live’s manicotti, tostadas, teriyaki noodle stir fry, and pierogis.


Live serves a delicious array of raw and cooked menu items, and even sells their own line of products. They have been committed to working with sustainable organic farmers since 2002. The entire menu is organic, vegan, gluten and wheat free with no refined sugars or GMO’s and is locally sourced whenever possible. There are two Live Organic Food Bars to choose from — the original Annex location at 264 Dupont and 134 Atlantic Avenue in Liberty Village.

Photo courtesy of Live Organic Food Bar



Planta was created by the Chase Hospitality Group. The group partnered with Chef David Lee to fill a void. In the words of Steven Salms, president of CHG, the “inspiration was to provide a full service, experience based restaurant that gave diners an option to dine out that didn’t include the use of animal products”. They are committed to using high quality ingredients from ethical suppliers so that they can be proud of the food they serve.


You can taste the pride and commitment to quality in every dish at Planta. From spectacular salads and impressive pizzas (gluten-free crust available), to Mr. Salms personal favourite menu item, The Planta Burger ($18.75). The burger is loaded with queso, mushroom bacon, pickles, tomatillo mayo and served with spiced fries.


Planta is located in the vibrant Bay and Bloor area of Yorkville, at 1221 Bay Street and fits in perfectly in the neighbourhood. They passionately provide an upscale, plant based dining experience that celebrates innovative cuisine in a beautiful environment.

Photo courtesy of Planta

Living and eating healthy is it’s own reward. We hope that these delicious healthy restaurant suggestions help make sticking to your goals a little easier this year.


For information on Greenrock Property Management and Greenrock Rental Communities in Toronto, please see our website.


Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss Next Stage Theatre Festival!

Don’t miss what’s left of the 2017 Next Stage Theatre Festival. Catch this one-of-a-kind fringe theatre  experience happening near Davisville Village Apartments (77 Davisville Avenue, 45 Balliol Street, 225 Davisville Avenue) before it’s gone. Learn more about the event, celebrating 10 years this winter, in today’s blog post from Greenrock Property Management.


Your spot for emerging stars


Ever wonder where your favourite Toronto performers got their start? The Next Stage Theatre Festival has spent the last 10 years providing the city’s best and brightest up-and-coming performers a place and space to do hone craft. Considered Toronto’s premier winter theatre event, you won’t want to miss the final days of the 10th anniversary festival, ongoing now through January 15th at the Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street).


Coming up next at the festival


With the Factory Theatre only a 20-minute drive from Davisville Village Apartments, it’s easy to catch a few shows before the Next Stage Theatre Festival wraps up. Don’t underestimate the fun of adult puppetry. Get ready to laugh at My Big Fat German Puppet Show, which has multiple showings left between now and closing day. Date Me is a hilarious improvised play inspired by online dating. The show is only 30 minutes long, so you can squeeze it in amidst your busy January schedule. Hear veteran Toronto storytellers do their thing at Two Truths and a Lie. During this show, three storytellers tell three unbelievable stories, one of which is completely made up. Can you spot the lie?


Important details


Grab your friends and get ready for some fringe fun! A complete schedule of the remaining days of the event can be found online. You can also get your tickets online, or by phone by calling 416-966-1062. Want to hang out with your friends before or after the show? Check out the heated Steam Whistle Tent for drinks, conveniently located within the theatre courtyard.

Don’t miss the Next Stage Theatre Festival, featured today by the arts and entertainment enthusiasts atGreenrock Property Management. For more information about spacious Davisville Village Apartments, please visit our website.

Improve your fitness this year!

Improve your fitness this year!

Every year, you resolve to get in shape. Make this the year that you actually do it! Making small changes that you can maintain may lead to long lasting results. Start off small, at home at 5 Benlamond, with changes to your diet and then progress toward a more intense exercise program. What matters is that you move towards something. The Greenrock Property Management blog team has a few tips to check out if you are looking to improve your fitness this year.


Cut back on sugar and carbs


If you are looking to lose weight, changing your diet is more effective than exercise. If you are eating too many calories, you’re not going to be able to work them off very effectively. What kind of calories you are consuming is also very important for weight loss. Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates is key. These foods stimulate insulin secretion more than any others and insulin is the body’s main fat storage hormone.


Fill up on protein


Eating plenty of protein is part of an effective weight loss and fitness plan. A higher protein diet boosts your metabolism and can make you feel fuller longer, reducing your desire to over-consume calories. Try to base your meals on a protein source (chicken, fish, tofu), low carb vegetables (kale, chard, broccoli etc) and healthy fats like olive oil, avocado or coconut oil.




It may be hard to believe that something as basic as walking can be so effective and essential to a healthy lifestyle. Walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen your bones and muscles, and manage or prevent various conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It can improve balance and coordination, and your mood. You should try to walk wherever and whenever you can. You’ll feel better, through and through.




To truly experience a fit and healthy lifestyle, you’ll need to exercise. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. If you are able, lifting weights 3 days a week is a great addition to your fitness program. If you are new to the gym, get some advice from the staff on proper technique. If you are lifting in your home at 5 Benlamond, check out some videos on proper form to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness. Exercise and weight training is also a great way to deal with stress and even fight depression.

You deserve to feel good. Make the changes that you are able to make and keep moving forward. This can be the year that you improve your fitness, if you make it happen. The Greenrock blog team hopes this week’s post helps point you in the right direction. For more information on Greenrock Rental Communities, including life in the Upper Beaches at 5 Benlamond Avenue, please visit our website.

Hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights this winter!

Hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights this winter!

It’s a block party…on ice! Ward away the winter blues at DJ Skate Nights, happening Saturday nights near Toronto apartments. Learn more about this limited-time winter celebration in today’s post from the blog team at Greenrock Property Management.


Dance the night away


Come one, come all! DJ Skate Nights at the Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West) welcome skating newbies and showstoppers alike for a free evening of high-energy fun. Every Saturday evening, 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., Natrel Rink at the Centre transforms into a winter dance floor, featuring hot new beats certain to keep away the cold. To get to the Harbourfront Centre, expect less than a 15-minute drive from Benlamond Apartments (5 Benlamond Avenue) or a 20 minute public transportation ride from centrally-located Village Green Apartments (50 Alexander Street, 40 Alexander Street, 55 Maitland Avenue).


Next up


Since December, DJ Skate Nights has brought some of the nation’s best DJ artists to Natrel Rink. Mark your calendar today to catch the last two months of sensational performances. Don’t miss Globetrotter, a mash-up of world music with DJ culture. Headlining the evening is global fusion standout, Richard ‘medicineman’ Martin. He’ll bring the beats all evening long, January 21st. On January 28th, DJ Lissa Monet will spin Beyonce’s best as a part of the one-night-only Bey Skate. In February, don’t miss Soca on Ice, presented by Toronto’s very own Dr. Jay and last, but not least, Gumbo is set for February 11th, providing the best Afrobeat party in town.

Bundle up, grab your skates and hit the ice at DJ Skate Nights, happening this month at the Harbourfront Centre and featured today by the winter enthusiasts at Greenrock Property Management. For more information about our nearby Toronto apartments, visit our website.